Today, Princess Anne proved that she is the original recycle royal. She stepped out wearing a green coat that she has had since 2015 and showed her thrifty skills. 

The Queen’s only daughter, 71, looked elegant as she attended the Sovereigns Parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst today in Camberley.

The inaugural commissioning parade of RMAS was held 1948 at the Royal Palace in London. His Majesty King George VI was present and decreed that the parade be known as The Sovereigns Parade. 

While Princess Anne attended her sixth commissioning parade, as the Sovereign’s Representative of the Sovereign, the Queen was at Windsor Castle for light duties. She has not been to the event in several years. 

The Queen's only daughter, 71, looked elegant as she attended the Sovereigns Parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst today in Camberley

Her only child, Queen Elizabeth 71, looked stunning as she attended today’s Sovereigns Parade at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Camberley

As she passed officers wearing uniforms, the Queen’s Daughter wore the mint green coat and black nubuck knee high boots. 

Her fingers were kept warm by a pair leather gloves. She was carrying a bag that had a fringed zipper and matched it to her boots. 

The Princess completed the look with a brown fur cap to finish her long hair. 

Anne is well known for choosing discreet accessories. One example of this was a set of elegant drop earrings made from gold that sparkled in cold Camberley sunlight. 

The Monarch's daughter looked relaxed as she passed the officers during the parade this morning

While passing the officers in the morning parade, Monarch’s Daughter looked calm. 

As she was being greeted by officers, she also pin a brooch in the shape of a leaf to her collar. 

The Royal, shown here, received appointments as General and Air Chief Marshall to celebrate her 70th Birthday in August 2020. She also reviewed officers during the visit. 

She is involved with more than 300 charities, organisations and military regiments in the UK and overseas 

Sophie Wessex was the last person to attend the Parade, which is an annual event at Camberley’s Royal Military Academy. 

Each term’s Sovereign’s Parade marks the completion of 44 weeks of training, and the graduation of Officer Cadets having completed the Commissioning Course.

The Princess Royal, pictured, put on a stylish display if Wintery fashion as she stepped out to attend the parade

Pictured: The Princess Royal, as seen in Wintery Fashion, was showcasing her style at the parade 

In July 1948, the first Commissioning Parade of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst took place in His Majesty King George VI’s presence. He decreed that from now on the Parade would be called The Sovereign’s Parade.

For the training of Artillery officers and Engineers, the first Royal Military Academy was founded at Woolwich in 1741.

Royal Military College (RMC), founded in 1802, was home to both Infantry and Cavalry officers. The College moved from Sandhurst in 18.12.

After WW2, the RMA and RMC were merged to form the present Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Princess Anne is involved with more than 300 charities, organisations and military regiments in the UK and overseas

More than 300 charitable organisations, military regiments and charities are involved in Princess Anne’s work.

The royal, pictured, who received the appointments of General and Air Chief Marshal to mark her 70th birthday in August 2020, reviewed the officers

Pictured: The Royal, who was celebrating her 70th Birthday in August 2020 with the appointment of Air Chief Marshal and General, reviewed all officers 

The princess Royal donned a favourite coat she's owned since 2015 for the occasion, and paired with black accessories

A favorite coat worn by the princess Royal since 2015 was chosen for this occasion. It was paired perfectly with black accessories. 

Anne looked in great spirits as she made her way to the parade, which marks the end of training for the recruits

Anne was in good spirits when she marched to the parade which marked the end of the training period for recruits. 

Anne was led to the parade by the most senior officers of the Academy before reviewing the graduating recruits

Anne was led by Academy’s most senior officers to the parade, where they also reviewed the graduate recruits. 

Officers in uniforms stood to attention as the Queen's daughter reviewed them during the parade

During the parade, officers in uniform stood at attention while the Queen’s Daughter reviewed their attire 

Anne, who is a Sovereign's representative, was welcomed to the sound of windpipes as she arrived, pictured

Anne, a Sovereign’s representative was welcomed at the sound of windpipes when she arrived. 

Princess Anne looked stylish in her green coat and black boots, pictured

The first parade, pictured, took place in 1948 in the presence of His Majesty King George VI, who decreed henceforth that the Parade was to be known as The Sovereign's Parade

The parade was first photographed in 1948, in the presence His Majesty King George VII, who declared that The Parade would be called The Sovereign’s Parade.