Princess Anne donned a ceremonial Navy uniform as she marched behind the coffin of her mother as it left Buckingham Palace for the final time today.

She joined King Charles, and Princes William and Harry – along with the Duke of York and the Earl of Wessex – following the coffin on foot as it left Buckingham Palace to make its 38-minute journey in front of thousands of mourners lining the streets in central London.  

Her Majesty spent her final night in the Bow Room of her London home, before being conveyed on a gun carriage to Westminster Hall where she will lie in state for four days until her funeral on Monday.

Over 1 million people are expected in London to wait for 35 hours just to pass her casket. Experts believe that only 600,000. 

Princess Anne (centre) joined other members of the royal family as they followed the Queen's coffin as it travelled from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall (pictured L-R: Prince William, King Charles, and Prince Harry)

Prince William (left), Princess Anne (right) and other members of royal families followed Queen Elizabeth’s coffin from Buckingham Palace into Westminster Hall. (pictured L to R: Prince William (right), King Charles (left), and Prince Harry (right).

Procession: members of the royal family, including Princess Anne, left Buckingham Palace to march behind the Queen's coffin today

Procession: Members of the Royal Family, including Princess Anne left Buckingham Palace today to follow the Queen’s coffin.

King Charles marched with his sister the Princess Royal, who has stayed with their mother's coffin since she died

King Charles marched alongside his sister, the Princess Royal. She has been with her mother’s coffin ever since her death.

The royals looked solemn during the procession, perhaps reflecting on the life of Her Majesty

Possibly reflecting on Her Majesty’s life, the royals seemed solemn throughout the procession.

Princess Anne (second left) marches behind the coffin of her mother as it left Buckingham Palace for the final time today

Princess Anne (second left) marches behind the coffin of her mother as it left Buckingham Palace for the final time today

The Princess Royal donned her decorative royal navy uniform for the occasion

To mark the occasion, the Princess Royal was dressed in her navy-colored royal navy outfit

Alongside Anne, King Charles, Prince William, and Prince Edward also donned military garb

Anne was joined by King Charles and Prince William. Prince Edward also donned military attire.

Last night, Queen Elizabeth arrived at Buckingham Palace to cheers and tears of the large crowds that waited in pouring rain to greet her after she died at Balmoral on Thursday. It was jam-packed on the route from RAF Northolt towards Buckingham Palace. As the hearse passed, there was an explosion of light as people raised their phones to capture it.

Charles and Harry were seen bowing their heads as they drove past the gates. Meghan was standing behind them. 

This afternoon at 2.22 pm, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was taken on a gun carriage. She led a procession along a packed Mall and into Parliament Square, before being followed by the King and the children of her grandchildren.

The near 1,000-year-old Westminster Hall is where her father King George VI would lie in state in 1952 and where the public could pass the coffin of her mother, the Queen Mother, in 2002. 

Her Majesty's coffin was adorned with a Royal Standard and the Imperial State Crown and pulled by a Gun Carriage of The King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery during the procession

Her Majesty’s coffin was decorated with the Imperial State Crown as well as a Royal Standard. It was also pulled by The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery Gun Carriage during the procession

The Queen's coffin was adorned with the glittering, priceless Imperial State Crown on a purple velvet cushion

A purple velvet cushion adorned the queen’s coffin with the shimmering and priceless Imperial State Crown.

During the procession, Britain’s King Charles (Britain) and William, Prince Of Wales (Britain), march

Britain's King Charles marches during a procession where the coffin of Britain's Queen Elizabeth is transported from Buckingham Palace to the Houses of Parliament for her lying in state

Britain’s King Charles walks during a procession in which the coffin of Queen Elizabeth of Britain is taken from Buckingham Palace and brought to the Houses of Parliament where she will lie in state.

Thousands of people gathered to watch the Her Majesty leave Buckingham Palace for the final time today

The Her Majesty left Buckingham Palace today after a long and emotional goodbye to her.

Her Majesty's closed coffin was placed on a catafalque - a raised platform, covered in the Royal Standard with the orb and sceptre placed on top

Closed coffin belonging to Her Majesty was placed upon a catafalque (a raised platform covered with Royal Standard, the orb, and sceptre).

Her Majesty’s closed coffin was placed on a catafalque – a raised platform, covered in the Royal Standard with the orb and sceptre placed on top.

Four and a quarter days will see the Queen in state. Officers of the Household Division and the King’s Body Guards of the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms will keep watch over the Queen’s stateroom.

It will remain open 24 hours a day until at 6.30am on Monday. 

Many thousands are expected to gather on the streets in order to pay respects to Queen Elizabeth II.

It is estimated that the queue will stretch five miles and take up to thirty hours to get to the front.

When people cross Albert Embankment, the will direct them across Lambeth Bridge to Victoria Tower Gardens  

Sporadically, additional welfare facilities have been installed along the route, such as toilets or water fountains.  

The Queen's coffin arrived at RAF Northolt in west London yesterday

The coffin of the Queen arrived yesterday at RAF Northolt, west London

The Queen's Colour Squadron carrying Her Majesty the Queen's coffin off the plane at RAF Northolt

Queen’s Colour Squadron carrying Her Majesty Queen’s coffin from the aircraft at RAF Northolt

The state hearse carried the Queen's coffin into Buckingham Palace, where was received by the whole Royal Family

The Queen’s coffin was carried by the state hearse to Buckingham Palace. There, the entire Royal Family received it.

The Queen's coffin arriving at Buckingham Palace as thousands of mourners applauded the late monarch

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin arrived at Buckingham Palace, where thousands of mourners applauded.

The hearse carrying the coffin of Queen Elizabeth arrives at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace receives the hearse that transports Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

The state hearse carries the Queen's coffin through the gates of the palace as the crowd erupted in cheers and applause

As the people cheered and applauded, the state hearse carried the coffin of Queen Elizabeth through the palace’s gates.

Yesterday Her Majesty was at Buckingham Palace last night, where she was accompanied by former chaplains. Then, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of the globe were allowed to come and pay their respects.

The coffin was brought to the Royal Palace by Camilla, William, Kate, and Harry.

Prince Anne was present along with Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence. 

Peter Phillips and Zara Phillips, Mike Tindall and the Duke of York, Beatrice and Eugenie Tindall and their husbands Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Jack Brooksbank, were all present.

Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife and still living with Prince Andrew, was not invited because she had been divorced. 

Ahead of Her Majesty’s arrival at Buckingham Palace yesterday,  Princess Anne released a statement about the death of her mother, which described how she was ‘fortunate to share the last 24 hours of my dearest mother’s life’.

She described the love and respect that she had received on her way from Balmoral, Edinburgh, and London as ‘both humbled and uplifting’.

Anne thanked the nation as well for their’support, understanding and kindness offered to Charles’ while he assumes his duties as King.

Statement: This statement was released by Princess Anne today (pictured). She expressed her gratitude to all those who shared her loss.

Princess Anne's statement was shared to the Royal Family's Instagram account along with the above photograph, which was first released to mark the late monarch's 90th birthday in 2016. The mother and daughter posed on a sofa in the White Drawing Room of Windsor Castle

The statement of Princess Anne was posted to the Royal Family’s Instagram account, along with the photograph above. This was originally released in 2016 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the monarch. Mother and daughter were seen posing on a couch in Windsor Castle’s White Drawing Room.

With the following words, she concluded her speech: “To My Mother, The Queen, Thank You.” 

Her tribute was shared to the Royal Family’s Instagram account.

It was accompanied by a photo of Anne and the Queen, which was first released to mark the late monarch’s 90th birthday in 2016. 

Both the mother and her daughter took a photo in Windsor Castle’s White Drawing Room.

While the Queen was ill in Scotland, the princess stayed with her at Balmoral Castle as other senior royals ran to bid their farewells. 

Anne accepted the responsibility of accompanying her mother back to London as she left Scotland with the Queen on Tuesday.   

Anne, the first female royal to participate in the “Vigil of Princes” earlier this week. She stood vigil beside her mother’s coffin with her brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Charles.