Princess Beatrice is facing calls to quit a scandal-hit tech firm after its multi-millionaire founder was sensationally accused of sexual harassment and assault during a US congressional hearing. 

According to New York’s Afiniti, the vice-president for strategy and partnerships is currently employed by the royal as the Royal. This is in response to allegations that Zia Chishti harmed, threatened, and sexually assaulted one of its female staff members. 

Beatrice was the representative of the company in the 2019 meeting of world leaders at Davos. While on maternity, Beatrice does not work at the firm. She joined the company in 2017 just before the allegations. 

Harriet Wistrich was the original founder of the center for Women’s Justice. 

This comes after David Cameron, former prime minister, resigned from his position as chairman of advisory board for the company. 

Cameron claimed that he was unaware of these claims, and reiterated his belief they took place prior to him becoming the chairperson. 

Ex-employee Tatiana Spottiswoode, 28, has alleged that Mr Chishti, 50, groomed her when she was 21 and then assaulted her after she was hired in 2016. 

According to testimony given to a US Congressional panel, he later allegedly stated to her that he ought to have sex when i was thirteen years old.

Princess Beatrice is facing calls to quit scandal-hit Afiniti software company after its multi-millionaire founder and chief executive was sensationally accused of sexual harassment and assault

Following sensational allegations of sexual harassment, assault and abuse by its founder and chief executive, multi-millionaire Princess Beatrice was asked to quit the scandal-hit Afiniti company.

Former employee Tatiana Spottiswoode, pictured, has alleged that Zia Chishti, 50, groomed her when she was 21 and then assaulted her after she was hired in 2016

Tatiana Spottiswoode (pictured) claims that Zia Chishti 50 groomed and assaulted Tatiana when she was 21, after which she became an employee. 

Mr Chishti allegedly harassed, threatened and sexually assaulted a female staff member

A female member of staff was allegedly sexually assaulted, harassed and threatened by Mr Chishti 

Ms Spottiswoode provided photos showing bruises Mr Chishti had left on her neck

The photos were offered to a House Judiciary Committee panel on forced arbitration

Photos of bruises that Mr Chishti left on Ms Spottiswoode’s neck were provided by Ms Spottiswoode

Ms Spottiswoode claimed that she first met Mr Chishti, who she listed as one of the 50 most successful bachelors in America in 2001 by People Magazine. She also met him when she was 13 or 12 years old. He was also a Columbia Law School student. 

According to her, she told the committee that Chishti invited her on a skiing trip when she was in her senior year at college. She was 43 years old. When I turned 21, it was 21.

Although I initially refused, he made it clear that he would like me to meet his nephew, who was also studying philosophy. I accepted. Later, I learned that my nephew didn’t show up.

“The trip was intended to groom me. Chishti explained to me that he felt for me, and showed me an extravagant lifestyle.

Ms Spottiswoode claimed that she had rejected him but eventually began to date him five times in ten weeks, before finally ending the relationship.

Mr Cameron, 55, joined Afiniti as the chairman of its advisory board in 2019, two years after the incident is alleged to have taken place

The 55-year-old Mr Cameron joined Afiniti in 2019 as its chairman of the advisory board, just two years after the incident. 

Her mother continued, “Months after Chishti encouraged my to join his company. It was an excellent career opportunity that he presented to me. His words were convincing. Chishti stated that he had not expected a relationship with me sexually.

She stated that she signed an arbitration agreement that contained a strong confidentiality clause when she joined Spottiswoode’s company in 2016.

He allegedly manipulated her for sex, and then punished me. She described the toxic environment at work.

“During a Dubai office meeting, he placed his hands underneath my pants and grabbed me in front my coworkers,” she stated.

Ms. Spottiswoode continued to detail another trip she took to Brazil.

‘I tried my best to avoid him, but I was being put under more pressure by him. “I began to be concerned that Chishti was not only interested in sex but also wanted to harm me and punish my rejection of him,” she stated.

“I felt totally trapped and hopeless. I was 23, and far away from my family.

‘I didn’t want my job to be lost, I didn’t want him getting any angrier. I was beaten by him in his bedroom while he had sex.

“I told him that he was hurting my feelings, and he replied, “Good.” When I was thirteen years old, he told me that sex should have been done with him when we first met.

I hid in my hotel bedroom until my next flight. My entire body was covered in cuts and scratches.

“I felt like someone had strangled me, had bruises all over my neck and had a big bump on my forehead. I also had a dark eye. According to a nurse, I suffered from the signs of concussion.

In a statement, Mr Cameron’s spokesman said: ‘Mr Cameron understands that the allegations are disputed, but disagrees with the approach being taken by the company in responding to the matter.

He stated that he made Mr. Chishti aware of this fact yesterday.

“Mr Cameron has resigned with immediate effect as the chairman of company’s advisory boards.

“He regrets it, considering the promise and success of this company and the dedication, loyalty, and hard work of many of his employees, with whom he enjoyed working.

After leaving Downing Street, Cameron’s career as a politician was tarnished in the Greensill case.

Numerous inquiries were initiated after he was heavily criticised for publicly lobbying ministers for access to an urgent coronavirus loan programme for the company. The scheme collapsed in March.      

Afiniti offers artificial intelligence software to manage call centers.

Invisalign was also created by Mr Chishti. Cameron was able to escape punishment earlier this year despite lobbying ministers to obtain emergency access to a Greensill Capital loan program for coronavirus loans.

According to Afiniti, “We take all allegations of this nature very seriously.”

Independent counsel has been retained by Afiniti to investigate Ms Spottiswoode’s claims and conclude that her referenced arbitral decision was invalid. 

“Afiniti chair and CEO Zia Choshiti vigorously refutes all allegations against him.”