The ongoing scandal surrounding Princess Charlene, the princess of Monaco’s unwell health has led to her being linked with Naomi Campbell, the ex-billionaire husband of Naomi Campbell. 

According to The Sun, the princess (43 years old) is believed to have contacted Vladimir Doronin during a time of her illness. She was admitted last week to treatment for unknown medical problems. 

Her husband Prince Albert has told People Magazine his wife, who has appeared increasingly frail, acknowledged she needed help after he staged a family intervention with her brothers and sister-in-law.

Albert said earlier in the year that his wife had a sinus infection. He did not give details but exonerated cancer and Covid. Albert suggested that his wife was suffering from mental illness. He said she was unable to face her official duties or life in general and family life and was overwhelmed. 

It is thought that Charlene and Mr Doronin, 59, have 'been in contact and spent time together.'

Charlene Doronin, 59 and Charlene, are thought to have been in contact with each other and shared time.

The princess, 43, is said to be in touch with Vladimir Doronin as she works through a period of ill health

As she goes through an unhealthful period, Princess 43 is believed to have been in touch with Vladimir Doronin

It is rumoured a rift has opened up between the royal couple amid allegations of his infidelity (Pictured Naomi Campbell with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene)

There is speculation that a rift may have opened between the royals due to allegations of their infidelity. Pictured Naomi Campbell, Prince Albert, and Princess Charlene.

Albert stated that a Monaco family reunion last week, after Charlene had spent six months living in South Africa, went initially ‘pretty smoothly’ for the first few hours. However it became clear that Charlene was not well.  

According to him, the ex-Olympian had’realized she needed assistance’ and added: “She couldn’t handle official duties, family or general life. 

Charlene and Mr Doronin (59), are believed to have “been in touch and spent time together.”

According to a source, ‘It seems as though she’s found help recently from him amid her marital problems’. 

It is rumoured a rift has opened up between the royal couple amid allegations of his infidelity. Albert denied that Albert’s wife is having problems with their relationship. 

Albert said, “I am probably going to repeat this many times. But this does not have anything to do with our relationship.” This is what I’m trying to say. These problems aren’t in our marriage; they don’t affect the husband-wife relationship. This is a completely different type of relationship. 

He explained to the magazine that his current state of affairs was caused by’several factors that are private.

Mr Doronin previously dated British supermodel Naomi Campbell

Previous to dating Naomi Campbell (a British supermodel), Mr Doronin also had a relationship with Naomi Campbell.

Former Olympic swimmer Charlene was forced to miss out on the National Day of Monaco celebrations last week because of ill health

Charlene, an ex-Olympic swimmer was forced to miss the National Day of Monaco celebrations because of illness

Albert added, “She had not slept well for several days and wasn’t eating very well. Her weight loss made her more vulnerable to potential illnesses. The flu or a cold. 

Last December, there were rumors that Albert was involved in a third love-child with a Brazilian woman. This would have been his third child, and it could also be a continuation of their relationship.  

Charlene, an Olympic swimming champion, had to cancel her participation in the National Day of Monaco festivities last week due to illness. 

Albert was pictured alongside his siblings, including Princess Caroline of Hannover, as the family enjoyed the extravagant celebrations put on in Monte Carlo for the National Day of Monaco, held annually on November 19 each year.

The family was seen greeting children at Grimaldi Forum and taking pictures, while others were seen celebrating from the balcony of Monaco Palace on Friday.

In interviews published today, Albert, 63, explained his wife, who has appeared increasingly frail, acknowledged she needed help after he staged a family intervention with her brothers and sister-in-law (pictured earlier this month)

Albert, aged 63, spoke out about his wife’s condition. He explained that she appeared frailer and needed assistance after staging a family intervention (pictured earlier in the month).  

After the severity of Princess Charlene’s illness was revealed ‘within hours of her arrival’ from South Africa, Prince Albert has announced that she is currently being treated in an ‘outside Monaco’ facility. The children raised signs that read: “Miss You Mummy” during National Day festivities earlier today (pictured). 

Albert also appeared on the balcony of their palace on the day where their six-year-old twins Gabriella and Jacques appeared holding signs which said: ‘Miss you Mummy’.

Albert was asked if they felt the children had been more protected during their mother’s absence. They had plenty of distractions, and they had a circle of family members that ensured they received affection. 

The palace released the following statement: “Having suffered with low health for several months, Princess Constance is currently convalescing. She will do this for the next few weeks to allow her to recuperate from profound general fatigue.

“A time of rest and calm is essential for the best recovery.”