A new video shows how the US Marshals captured Vicky White (alaska corrections officer) and Casey White (murder suspect), in dramatic moments. Vicky White died later from injuries sustained after hitting her head.

After an 11-day manhunt, the pair was captured on Monday.

They were found at a motel and led authorities on a brief car chase in Evansville that lasted ‘less than a few minutes,’ according to Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding.

They crashed off the roadway after law enforcement placed a spike belt. US Marshals also crashed into the vehicles to force them to stop.

Casey White surrendered after their car was overturned. 

Vicky White (driving) was discovered in her car with a gunshot wound on the head. US Marshal Matt Keely stated to CNN that Vicky White had been found inside.

According to WHNT’s reporter, Vandenburgh County Coroner claimed that she was killed at 7.06 on Monday. Emily Moessner

Assistant director of corrections, Casey could have faced up to 10 year imprisonment for aiding Casey (a confessional killer already serving 75 years) run from prison. 

Video recorded by eyewitnesses and posted on Facebook shows the moment authorities caught up to the runaway lovers. Casey is taken into custody while at least twelve law enforcement officers crowd him.

Both were scheduled to be taken back to Lauderdale County to face different charges in relation to their escape. Casey is also facing capital murder charges for a 2015 crime.

Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County said he feels ‘pretty low’ since his deceased employee died.  

He said that the entire sheriff’s office was like family to him. “When a loved one makes a poor decision, even though you may not like it, you love them nonetheless. We considered her a family member. So yeah. It hurts.

Video of escapee Casey White and ex corrections officer Vicky White chase/arrest *I received the video from someone….

Posted by Joey Medicis on Monday, May 9, 2022

Confessed murderer Casey White

Vicky White

Vicky White, 57, a prison guard, and Casey White, 38, a confessed murderer, were both captured in Evansville. Vicky died later after she shot herself in the head during a car chase.

The pair were caught Monday afternoon after leading US Marshals on a car chase that lasted 'less than a few minutes.' Marshals crashed into them to stop them

They were captured Monday after they led US Marshals on an automobile chase lasting ‘less than five minutes’. To stop the pair, Marshals crashed into their cars.

Their car overturned on this patch of grass as they were tailed by authorities.

As authorities tended to them, their car was thrown onto the patch of grass.

It is still unclear how Vicky and Casey White got the Cadillac they were driving when they were found after 11 days on the run

After 11 days of being on the run, Vicky White’s Cadillac was still missing.

The capture comes after Casey White was spotted at a car wash in Evansville, where they abandoned a Ford F-150, on May 3

Casey White, who was seen at Evansville’s car wash on May 3, 2012, with a Ford F-150 abandoned, led to the capture.

The two were found 219 miles away from the jail they left in Alabama on April 29. The manhunt spanned three different states

Two years later, the couple were located 219 miles distant from Alabama’s jail. Three states were involved in the manhunt.

Speaking after her capture but before Vicky's death, Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton (left) wished her a speedy recovery but reminded the public that, 'You don't know who you can trust. I had every bit of trust in Vicky White'

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton (left), speaking after Vicky’s capture, but before Vicky’s passing, wished Vicky speedy recovery, but reminded people that you don’t know whom to trust. Vicky White was the person I trusted most.

Joey Medicis posted a Facebook video showing Evansville Police Cruisers racing into a business. Then, police SUVs followed closely by pickup trucks equipped with emergency lights and police pickup trucks.

Vicky White’s gray Cadillac was hit by a car and rolled into a ditch. 

Casey White is taken away by handcuffs.  

A voice behind the camera says that he went through the gate at work, where we are usually. They spun him in the grass. 

Vicky is being referred to by another individual as “She’s likely dead.”

A gunshot to the head was discovered in the vehicle by the jail guard. The guard died in hospital just a few hours after she was found.

Sheriff Singleton thinks that Vicky and Casey had a “romantic relationship” and Vicky was as anxious about Vicky’s return and facing her family as she was her charges.

Vicky, a widow, had no children. 

Singleton, who was her employer, said about his colleague, “I hope she survives.” We have some questions for her.

He said, “You don’t always know whom you can trust.” Vicky White is someone that I could trust completely. She is an outstanding employee. She is an outstanding employee. I’m not sure what the universe was thinking. We’ll never know.

Vicky would be transferred to another facility, away from the Lauderdale County jail in which she had worked 17 years for Casey and helped her escape. Casey will be returned to state prison.

Singleton expressed his gratitude to investigators at the national agencies for helping him capture the couple, as well as the media, who helped bring attention to the matter.

“Most escapes, especially from county jails, are not planned. These escapes are just kind of random. On Monday night, he stated that no plans or resources were available.

“This escape was clearly well-planned and planned. It took a lot preparation to make this happen. He said that they had many resources and had money. This was in reference to Vicky’s recent home sale. They had all the resources they required to make this happen. 

‘We were starting from ground zero, and not only that, we started – they got a six-hour head start on us.’

Singleton said, “We removed a dangerous man from the streets today. This man will not see the daylight of day ever again. This is a positive thing.

NewsNation reports that White promised that Casey White would be kept in chains until his return. Brian Entin

‘I’ll probably hear from a civil rights attorney but I don’t care,’ Singleton said. 

Vicky and her boyfriend were found 219 miles from the jail following a tip. Their last six days had seen them in Evansville.

Tuesday afternoon she drove the Cadillac while Casey was sitting in the passenger seat.

In an effort to stop the chase, US Marshals crashed into them. The authorities did not fire any of their guns.

Photos from the scene show a mangled sedan turned upside down on a strip of grass and being loaded onto a tow truck.

The 36-year-old Eyewitness Jordan Bear spoke only to DailyMail.com after they were arrested in Evansville.  

‘I was pulling out onto US 41 which is the main highway here when I looked to my left and saw what I thought was Vicky and Casey in a grey Cadillac just flying – 70 or 80 miles per hour,’ he said.

“There were around 15-20 cars on the pursuit, and the hostage negotiation tank was in pursuit.”

Bear says that the group only made it a couple more blocks before coming off of the road.

‘One whole side of the road was closed off by police and the next thing I saw there was an ambulance leaving with a sheriff’s vehicle following.’

Eyewitness Jordan Baer said he saw about 15 to 20 cars following after the runaway lovers. 'They only made it another couple of blocks before they came off the road,' he told DailyMail.com

Jordan Baer from Eyewitness said there were about fifteen to twenty cars that followed the couple. DailyMail.com’s Jordan Baer stated that they only reached the end of their runaway love story a few blocks later.

Bear stated, “They got off the road while the sheriff’s office was installing a spikebelt across the highway.” They were forced to make a turn and came off the highway and into a ditch.

Vicky, Vicky and Casey were both taken into the hospital for minor injuries. Vicky was then transferred to the hospital where she was in a ‘pretty serious’ condition. A few hours later, she was declared dead.

They are thought to be hiding in Old US 41. Officers found them after receiving a tip about the owners of the carwash.

She was wearing a wig that she had worn earlier Monday when officers saw her leave. Casey followed her and got into a vehicle and headed off. 

The couple emerged from hiding and attempted to elude law enforcement.

Sheriff Singleton, who expressed his relief at the end of Vicky’s 11-day manhunt, spoke before Vicky died.

“This is the end of a stressful, exhausting and difficult week and a half. The way we expected it to end was the right one. Singleton stated that they are currently in custody.

However, it is unknown if any person will be rewarded with the $25,000 bounty for their capture. 

Vicky White has been charged with permitting and facilitating escape in first degree.  New charges of identity theft in the second and third degrees were also added by authorities Monday.

Casey White and she had been at the center of a national manhunt ever since April 29th. Vicky White was the assistant director for corrections in Lauderdale County. Vicky helped organize Casey’s escape. White was in prison awaiting trial in capital murder. 

Vicky claimed to co-workers that Vicky was going to take the prisoner for a mental assessment at the courthouse. However, Vicky and the other inmate fled.

Her death and his capture come after US Marshals released surveillance footage from a car wash in Indiana on May 3 that they believe shows Casey White.

One eyewitness said of Monday's chase: 'There were about 15 or 20 cars in pursuit and the hostage negotiation tank in pursuit.' Above, officers at the scene where Casey White and Vicky White were captured on Monday

According to one eyewitness, Monday’s pursuit saw about 20 vehicles following Vicky White and Casey White. The hostage negotiation tank was also being pursued. Above are officers on the spot where Vicky White (Casey White) was captured.

The pair ditched their Ford F-150 at the car wash above on Tuesday, May 3 before getting the Cadillac they were caught in

Before they could get the Cadillac, the pair abandoned their Ford F-150s at the car wash.

Vicky White worked for the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office for 17 years and was named 'employee of the year' four times. She now faces charges of permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree, forgery in the second degree and identity theft

Vicky White was employed by the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office 17 years. She was also named employee of the year four times. She now faces charges of permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree, forgery in the second degree and identity theft

Casey White, who was already serving 75 years in prison for a crime spree during which he shot at an ex-girlfriend, will return to Lauderdale County to face capital murder charges after he admitted to killing a 59-year-old woman in 2015

Casey White was serving 75 years for a crime spree in which he shot at his ex-girlfriend. He will now return to Lauderdale County and face capital murder charges. 

Al.com reported that an investigator received information that indicated that the 2006 Ford F-150 had been abandoned in Evansville.

It is located about 175 miles north of Williamson County in Tennessee. This car wash was where Vicky White, Casey’s jailer, found the SUV orange that they used to escape.

The surveillance cameras captured a male standing in front of the truck wearing a pink shirt and black pants. According to Investigators, the man might be Casey White. 

After Vicky had been spotted at Kohl’s buying men’s clothing in the week prior to Casey’s release, authorities confirmed that Vicky saw Vicky. Also, she was seen at a sex shop.

Manager of car washing told NewsNationAlthough Vicky saw Vicky picking Casey up on surveillance video footage, he retained the information until law enforcement caught up to them.

Following a brief chase they were eventually caught on Monday evening. 

Robert McBay (29), was sentenced to time served with Casey. He claims that Casey White is susceptible to episodes of rage or mania.  

“When he enters these phases, it is not about human life. No man, woman, child, or dog are safe. DailyMail.com’s Casey White stated that he will destroy anything in his path.

The man spotted at the Indiana car wash, who is allegedly Casey White, wore a pink polo shirt, khaki pants and a black baseball cap as he stood behind a Ford F-150 truck

Casey White is the man who was spotted at an Indiana car wash. He was dressed in a pink polo shirt and black pants as he stood beside a Ford F-150 truck.

The car was found abandoned at the car wash on May 3. It was previously reported stolen in Tennessee. The pair was captured in a Cadillac

On May 3, the vehicle was discovered abandoned by its owner at the carwash. The car was reported previously as stolen from Tennessee. It was taken in a Cadillac.

After authorities reported a stolen vehicle in Tennessee, US Marshals sought Vicky White and Casey White out in rural Indiana.

The vehicle was reported missing just hours after they abandoned her SUV in Florence, Tennessee, on April 29.

Investigators located it Monday in Evansville, Indiana, a small city along the Ohio River that borders Kentucky, WAAY reported. 

They ran from the authorities for eleven days, just 11 days before they arrived at an Alabama courthouse to undergo a “mental health evaluation”. Vicky made this up in order to free Casey.

Rick Singleton, Lauderdale County Sheriff said that he had really hoped to have them within a few days or three days.

Discovery of the stolen vehicle followed a declaration from Casey’s former attorney that Vicky was likely the mastermind behind the inmate’s prison break.

Dale Bryant was the defense attorney for Casey when he was sentenced in 2019. He claims that while Casey has a lengthy criminal history and escaped from jail before, his most recent getaway - which took place 11 days ago - was 'far too thorough and too far-thinking'

Dale Bryant served as Casey’s defense attorney when Casey was sentenced. While Casey is a long-standing criminal defendant and has already escaped jail, his 11-day-old escape was “far too thorough” and “far-fetched”. 

Former correctional officer Vicky White (pictured) was seen checking out of the Quality Inn in Florence, Alabama, the morning she was seen helping her convict 'lover' escape jail

Vicky White (pictured), a former correctional officers, checked out the Quality Inn Florence, Alabama the morning after she had helped her convict ‘lover escape prison. 

Timeline for Vicky White’s and Casey White’s disappearance

April 18,Vicky White, a Jail Guard in Lexington, has sold her Lexington Home. Public records revealed she sold the property for $95,550, which was below market value. Following the sale of her property, she began living with her mother.

April 28Vicky presents her retirement paperwork at Lauderdale County Jail. According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, she had been discussing her retirement for many months and ‘talked about going to the beach’.

Pre-prisonbreak: In the week ahead of the escape (specific dates unknown) Vicky purchased men’s clothing at a Kohl’s store and visited a sex shop. She did not purchase anything from the adult toy shop.

Chris Connolly is the Lauderdale County District Attorney. She claims to have also taken $90K from a variety of bank accounts.

April 29th at 5.21Am: Vicky checks out of a Quality Inn Florence, Alabama.

8.47amTwo deputies and seven prisoners escort Transport Van 5 from the Lauderdale County Jail.

8.56amThe Transport Van 2 departs the Jail with five prisoners, escorted also by two deputy officers

9.20amVicky White, Assistant Director tells Vicky White to instruct a deputy to get Casey White ready for transportation to the courthouse. White is removed from his cell and taken to the booking. He is handcuffed and his legs are shackled by the deputy.

9.41amVicky and Casey leave detention center together, and Vicky heads to the courthouse to undergo a “mental health evaluation.” The booking officer informed Vicky that she was the only deputy who can fire a firearm and she would be dropping Casey off at other courthouse deputies. Vicky says Vicky will be going to Med Plus in order for a private appointment.

9.49amSurveillance footage shows Vicky’s police cruiser leaving the jail eight minutes early to park at Florence Square’s parking lot. Sheriff Rick Singleton stated that they were unable to make it to the courthouse in enough time.

11.34amFlorence Police Department Officer spots her cruiser.

3.30pm: Administration is informed by the booking officer that they have been trying to get in touch with Vicky, but her phone has gone straight to voice mail. Another officer stated that Casey had not been returned to the prison with other prisoners.

At 11:15pmJackie Adams from College Grove found Vicky’s abandoned SUV with tinted glass and no tags. She reported the vehicle to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, which had it towed.

Mai 1Casey gets $10,000 bounty from the US Marshals – up to $25,000 now!

May 3Vicky was charged with permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree by US Marshals. She was charged with permitting and facilitating escape in the 1st degree with connection to capital murder

May 4,Vicky and Casey were spotted driving through Florence in a police car on gas station surveillance

May 6,: Tennessee cops discover the impounded SUV belonged to Vicky, spurring a force of US Marshals, Williamson County Sheriff’s Officers, and SWAT members to circle back to Adams’ property. 

Adams’ house was attacked by helicopters and drones. They remained there for several hours.

2.15pmTweet by Williamson County Sheriff’s Office: “There is NO indication that the two are still present in our region.”

May 7,: Connolly reveals investigators’ theory that Vicky is rolling Casey, dressed as a woman, around in a wheelchair. Officials believe Vicky could be disguised as an elderly woman in a grey hairstyle. 

May 9,US Marshals are searching for Vicky and Vicky in Evansville after they find a car that was reported as stolen.

After a short car chase, the couple are finally caught in Evansville. Casey White gives in. Vicky White receives a self-inflicted gunshot injury and is taken to hospital. 

Source: WAAY-TV, Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, NewsNation, TODAY and DailyMail.com

Dale Bryant represented Casey’s defense when Casey was sentenced to 2019 for attempted murder, kidnapping and burglary.

Bryant asserts that Bryant is 6ft 9in tall and has had a history of criminal activity. He also escaped from prison before. However, Bryant’s most recent escape, which occurred 11 days ago was “far too thorough” and “far-too-far-thinking”.

Bryant stated to Newsweek Sunday, “That’s not Casey’s MO.” His crimes weren’t planned. All of them are short-sighted, they’re all in the moment.

He said, “Even his previous escape attempt from that county jail was spontaneous.”

Also, the attorney noted that footage of them escaping suggests Vicky White, a jail guard who had been in a relationship for more than two years with Casey looks even more alarming than Casey.

Bryant stated, “If you look at the video of Casey and Bryant leaving jail, Casey’s body language doesn’t seem like someone hiding something.” “Her body language seems more anxious and hurried.”

Rick Singleton from Lauderdale County, who has been working with Vicky for years, agreed with the lawyer, saying that the escape was well-planned. 

Vicky bought men’s clothes at Kohl’s and went to a sex shop in the weeks leading up the prisonbreak. The extent of her purchases at the adult store is not known.

Singleton stated Monday on the TODAY Show that Singleton had confirmed that it was carefully planned. “Obviously she purchased clothes for him. Is that the adult-store thing? It’s not clear to me what it was.

Bryant indicated that Casey could attempt suicide by cop.

He claimed his former client wanted to die when he was arrested back in 2015 and suggested Casey could likely shoot at police officers to elicit a deadly response.

‘Casey wanted death… He was trying to get the officers to shoot him and that is kind of my fear, how this situation is going to end,’ Bryant told WAFF last week.

“I fear that Casey might try to shoot them,” [police officers]to get him shot. In his interview following his arrest, and during my conversations with him about it, I wanted to tell him that he wanted his death on the same day.

Bryant said that the escapee suspected killer is actually a decent person when he takes the right medication. But he warned that if he doesn’t, s/he will not function in the real-world and may resort to self-medication using dangerous substances.

Casey is suffering from a severe mental illness. He’s an honest person when he is on medication and under supervision. Bryant explained that Bryant used methamphetamines and other illicit substances to self-medicate after his release from prison.

Bryant’s remarks were made after Vicky and Casey left Vicky’s car abandoned at her Tennessee home. 

Jackie Adams from College Grove said Saturday that it’s strange that the couple were found at her home. She discovered the car on April 29, approximately 100 miles from where they had fled.

Adams, 41, was driving a schoolbus in rural Town when she came home from another job and saw the unidentified SUV. The vehicle belonged to Vicky, an ex-corrections officer.

“I called up the sheriff to arrange for it to be towed. All of our neighbors know each other and it was mine.

The car – which contained contained Vicky’s jail radio, handcuffs and keys – was towed later that day, with sheriffs seemingly unaware of the vehicle’s connection to then burgeoning manhunt. 

After the car was left in Tennessee for a whole week, cops discovered that the vehicle impounded belonged to Vicky. This prompted a group of US Marshals and Williamson County Sheriff’s officers to return to Adams’ property on Friday morning, a week after Vicky reported it.

DailyMail.com: “It had been pretty intense yesterday,” recalls the bus driver. 

Police believe the two are romantically connected, she said. She claimed that officers had searched her home and the nearby property for clues.

DailyMail.com interviewed me shortly after the helicopters and drones arrived at my house. Adams stated that Adams witnessed the conversation for many hours. Adams also said the homeowner hoped the pair would soon be gone.

Adams added that although Adams expressed hope that no one is there yet, he hopes that someone will soon find them so everyone can fall asleep peacefully. The car arriving in this otherwise peaceful neighborhood made her feel anxious, as did others. 

“We all know each other and look out for the others.”

She continued, “We are parents and like to feel safe. However, we have lost the trust in our children’s safety. 

Police say Vicky was a prison guard at Lauderdale County Jail, Alabama, aged 57, who helped Casey White, the confessed killer, escape custody on April 29th, the day that she was due to retire.   

Vicky, who was an assistant director of corrections at the facility, used a police vehicle to ferry Casey out of the maximum-security jail, under the guise that she was taking the con to a scheduled mental health evaluation. 

After that, the pair switched to Vicky’s orange Ford Edge. Adams would find it on Adams’ property just hours later. 

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton stated Friday at a press conference that the escape vehicle of the couple was left approximately two hours from the jail.

Singleton stated that he thought this plan was very well-thought out. “We are sort of at loss.

Singleton noticed that Vicky divorced and continued living with her husband, who later died from Parkinson’s disease. Singleton wonders if her grief over the death of her ex-partner may have been the trigger for her latest actions.

In a tweet, the Williamson County sheriff stated that the SUV had been found in the area. 

Jackie Adams - who discovered the abandoned getaway car of fugitive prison guard Vicky White and convicted killer Casey White last Friday - says she felt unease after finding the vehicle outside her Tennessee home, just hours after the duo had escaped an Alabama prison

Jackie Adams, who found Vicky White’s getaway car in Tennessee last Friday while searching for her husband and killer Casey White, says that she was uneasy after discovering the vehicle just hours after they had escaped from an Alabama prison.

Vicky, who was an assistant director of corrections at Lauderdale County, used a police vehicle to ferry Casey out of the maximum-security facility, under the guise that she was taking the con to a scheduled mental health evaluation. The pair then switched to Vicky's orange Ford Edge (pictured), which was found in Tennessee

Vicky, an assistant director for corrections in Lauderdale County used a police car to take Casey to the maximum-security facility. Vicky claimed she was taking Casey to a scheduled psychological evaluation. Vicky and Casey then moved to Vicky’s Ford Edge orange (pictured), which they found in Tennessee


Adams was coming home from one of her other jobs when she saw the then unidentified SUV parked outside the house. The car - which contained Vicky's jail radio, handcuffs and keys - had no tags, so cops had it towed, not knowing it belonged to the at-large corrections officer

Adams had just returned from another job when Adams saw the unidentified SUV left outside her home. Vicky’s handcuffs, keys, and jail radio were all in the car. The vehicle was untagged so police had it tow it.

The Marshals have released various photos of the couple, showing off Casey's tattoos - many which have references to white supremacy

They have published a variety of photographs showing Casey and the Marshals, including photos that show Casey’s tattoos. Many have reference to white supremacy.

New video released Wednesday shows Vicky and Casey driving to the Florence Square shopping center on Friday where they abandoned the sheriff's car used during the escape

Vicky and Casey are seen driving from Florence Square to abandon the Sheriff’s car they used in the escape.

Singleton also revealed that Vicky had also sold her home weeks before the escape. She had taken $90,000 from various banks around the region.

Also, he noted Vicky’s use of an alias for the purchase of the SUV. He was probably going to attempt to repeat that.

In a Friday report, the US Marshals Service, which is a federal agency that specializes in fugitive hunts, suggested Vicky may have dyed her hair.

Composite images were released by the agency showing what Casey White would look like. Also, photos of Casey White’s tattoos (including one that is associated with a white supremacist prison band).

They also reported on Casey’s height difference with Casey being a full-foot taller than former corrections officers.

Singleton stated that the reward for information leading towards their arrest has been increased to $25,000 After the couple was captured Monday night, it is not clear if they won it.