It’s a bird thing! Bernard Matthews turkey plant offers jobs to prisoners as part of the Government’s drive to rehab criminals

  • More than 100 ex-inmates or inmates serving time are employed in the hospitality industry and in poultry. 
  • A Government initiative is behind the workforce drive to rehab criminals. 
  • Turkey producer Bernard Matthews is taking part, as well as pub chain Greene King  

Bernard Matthews, a turkey producer has sent in prisoners to fill the vacancies. This will ensure that all birds make it to Christmas tables.

Nearly 100 ex-inmates or currently serving time are employed in the chicken and hospitality sectors as part of an effort by Government to rehabilitate criminals.

Earlier this year it was reported that the meat processing industry had 14,000 vacancies – roughly 15 per cent of the workforce. This means that firms are keen to work with prisoner on-day release in order to fill these vacancies.

Almost 100 serving or former inmates (file photo used) are working across the poultry and hospitality sector as part of a Government drive to rehabilitate criminals

In a government drive to rehab criminals, nearly 100 ex-inmates or inmates currently work across the poultry industry and hospitality sectors.

Bernard Matthews has nine prisoner and six ex-inmates working at his Norwich factory.

Bryan Hurst is a trainer and said, “The HMP Norwich work allows individuals to transform their lives.”

This not only benefits them, it also decreases the likelihood of them reoffending. We also benefit tremendously as a business because they are trustworthy and work hard. They really enjoy the chance.

Dominic Raab, Justice Secretary to the Government, recently released a White Paper on Prison Strategy. It recommitted the government to assist prisoners in obtaining education and other skills that will lower their chances of reoffending.

According to research by the Ministry of Justice, prisoners who are able to find work once released from prison are nine percent less likely to commit a crime again.

Earlier this year it was reported that the meat processing industry (pictured in a file photo) had 14,000 vacancies – roughly 15 per cent of the workforce

Earlier this year it was reported that the meat processing industry (pictured in a file photo) had 14,000 vacancies – roughly 15 per cent of the workforce 

Greene King, a pub chain and brewery, is taking part in this drive to hire offenders.

Since 2019, it has held 79 inmates and released eight more on the same day.

Graham Briggs is the head of apprenticeships. He stated that Greene King believes it’s important to concentrate on an individual’s future and potential, rather than their past.

“We are thrilled to maintain our partnership with Ministry of Justice. This ministry provides job opportunities for people released from prison on temporary licenses.

“These opportunities will allow individuals to move forward, be valued members of teams, and have stability in their income while building a career.

The nationwide pub chain, Greene King, is also taking part in the drive to recruit offenders

Greene King is also participating in the recruitment drive for offenders

This new strategy will see advisers assist offenders in finding employment in jails and outside for temporary day release.

Employers will conduct interviews with prisoners via videolink and prisons will have ‘job centres.

Cells will have more computers to enable vetted inmates to access online training and educational courses as well as to keep in touch their families.

In-cell technology jails will go from being four to eleven by the summer of next year.

Each inmate will be issued a’resettlement passport’ that acts as a resume and records their skills, training, and accommodation.

Raab stated that employers like Greene King or Bernard Matthews lead the charge in training and providing jobs for prisoners to avoid crime upon release. 

“Under our new strategy,” said a spokesperson for the prisons.