As an incentive to good behavior in the Government scheme, prisoners who refrain from using drugs or alcohol will receive televisions and gym access.

  • Prisoners could be given televisions, consoles and gym equipment in scheme
  • Staff will reward inmates who refrain from using drugs or alcohol. 
  • In-cell television, equipment for the gym and private cash are some of the rewards 
  • These news come after the latest crackdown by Government on Narcotics  

As an incentive, prisoners who refrain from using drugs or alcohol will receive televisions and gym access as a reward for their good behavior.

Inmates in England and Wales will receive special rewards in response to a Government crackdown on drug use. 

On December 7, the Ministry of Justice released a prison strategy document that revealed additional amenities like televisions, video games, and cash access for those who are able to quit using drugs.  

Prisoners who abstain from drugs and alcohol will be given televisions and access to gym equipment as an incentive for good behaviour (File image)

As an incentive to good behavior, prisoners who refrain from using drugs or alcohol will receive televisions and gym access as a reward. (File photo)

Prisoners will be ‘assessed on arrival’ for drug and alcohol addictions and subsequently have a comprehensive plan put in place to support their recovery – including ‘abstinence-based treatment’.

The papers outline key measures that will be taken to increase ‘incentivised substances-free living units’, where inmates can live drug-free and receive peer support, as well as complete voluntary testing.

In order to make sure that all prisons are monitored and that inmates receive rehabilitation, league tables have been established. 

The Times reported that the new plans included a strategy to drug-test staff members for the first ever time as part their “zero tolerance” scheme. 

Dominic Raab (Deputy Prime Minister) stated in a statement: “We’re building the prisons that will incarcerate dangerous, prolific offenders.” 

“We are deploying tech to prevent the flow of weapons, drugs and phones into prisons. And we’re re-orienting the regime to get offenders off drugs for good, and into work – to cut crime, and keep the pubic safe. 

The announcement comes after the government yesterday announced that guards in prison could have to pass airport security scanners to prevent them from stealing illegal goods into jails. 

Vulnerable frontline prison staff who may be susceptible to corruption could be forced to use the scanners to stop them bringing in contraband (File image)

Frontline staff members in vulnerable prisons could be subject to corruption and forced to use scanners (File Image)

Under a crackdown on drugs, all new prisons will have X-ray bodies scanners as well as biometric identification.

Scanners could be used to prevent vulnerable frontline staff from bringing contraband into prison.

Boris Johnson stated last night that while the Government was delivering “tougher sentences” and adding 20,000 additional prison cells, he said that prisons would need to be able to cut crime and prevent future victims. 

The Prime Minister added: ‘That is why – with a zero tolerance approach to drugs and more autonomy for governors to maintain good order – our reforms will clamp down on the causes of reoffending and make sure prison pays.’