Priti Patel, a Priti Patel spokeswoman last night, said that the Liverpool bomber used Britain’s asylum “merry-go round”.

Emad Al Swaalmeen failed to get a visa for Britain in 2014. However, he had a great appeal and blew himself up Sunday.

The Home Office couldn’t deport the appelant in the following seven years because of this appeal. 

Miss Patel pledged to improve the asylum system and stated that the Liverpool case was “a perfect reflection of how dysfunctional, broken, and the system has been over the years.”

It’s all a merry-go around and the whole legal service industry has made it a profit by exploiting the rights of appeal. They go to the courts every day for legal aid at taxpayers expense.

Over 1,000 people are believed to have traveled in small boats to Britain yesterday. Traffickers were seen leading hopefuls carrying dinghies to the water at first light without a French patrol in sight.

From 8am hundreds began to arrive on Kent’s coast, and boatloads kept arriving all day.

The Liverpool hospital bomber exploited the UK's asylum 'merry-go-round', Priti Patel said last night. Emad Al Swealmeen lost his bid to stay in Britain in 2014 but still had an appeal outstanding when he blew himself up on Sunday

Priti Patel, a Priti Patel spokeswoman last night, said that the Liverpool bomber used Britain’s asylum “merry-go round”. Emad Al Swealmeen failed to get permission to remain in Britain, but he had an outstanding appeal for asylum when he killed himself.

The appeal meant the Home Office was unable to deport him in the intervening seven years. Above: The aftermath of the blast outside Liverpool Women's Hospital

The Home Office could not deport him during the seven-year period that followed the appeal. Above: An aftermath of the blast at Liverpool Women’s Hospital

The investigators have yet to uncover any evidence suggesting that terrorist links existed between the Liverpool Women’s Hospital bomber and other suspects.

  • Al Swealmeen’s frustration with his asylum case may be what led to him having a mental illness.
  • However, sources claimed that nobody raised concerns about the 32 year-old’s behavior.
  • The investigation has revealed that the victim did not have triacetone triperoxide. This explosive is known as ‘Mother of Satan.’
  • Friends revealed the would-be pizza chef was so car mad that he nicknamed himself ‘GT’ – for ‘gran turismo’ – and was obsessed with the singer Johnny Cash;
  • Following Sunday’s attacks, four young men were detained under terrorist laws and released by police without any charges.

There are serious concerns about flaws within the asylum process, which can lead to national security breaches.

An ex-minister said that the case supported the argument of the Government for dismantling the Human Rights Act in order to allow deportation easier for failed asylum seekers.

“This seems like an awful illustration of what happens to bogus asylum seeker’s when they aren’t sent back, and their minds turn towards terror,” said Sir John Hayes, Tory MP.

Pledging to overhaul the asylum system, Home Secretary Miss Patel declared: 'The case in Liverpool was a complete reflection of how dysfunctional, how broken, the system has been in the past, and why I want to bring changes forward

Miss Patel pledged to improve the asylum system.

“Who is to say what other evils are we importing into this corrupt system?”

According to him, the Act permitted ‘people, assisted and abetted fat cat legal assistance lawyers and bleeding heart liberals delay proceedings with spurious claim for years.

Migration Watch UK, which advocates for stricter border controls, stated that this case could represent the “tip of an iceberg”. Alp Mehmet (the group’s chair) said that the case shows the dysfunctional depths to which our shattered asylum systems have sunk. 

“Why the person wasn’t removed from their home or held after they were denied asylum?” is an inexplicable question. This is what we need to find out.

David Videcette is a former counter-terrorism detective from Scotland Yard who was involved in 7/7. He said that it was now time to have ‘grown up conversations’ about potential threats from asylum seekers. 

He stated that terrorists have infiltrated migrant streams across Europe numerous times. After exhausting all asylum appeals systems, terrorists infiltrating migrant flows are often discovered. They then resort to typing and attacking their host country.

Terrorist Al Swealmeen pictured on the right being converted to Christianity in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral in 2017. Sources claim he may have found Jesus just to improve his immigration case

Pictured on the right is Al Swealmeen, a terrorist who was converted to Christianity at Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. He did this in 2017. Sources suggest that he could have discovered Jesus to aid his immigrant case. 

Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen, 32, was killed after a homemade ball-bearing device exploded inside a taxi he rode to Liverpool Women's Hospital on Remembrance Sunday just seconds before the 11am minute's silence

Al Swealmeen pictured with Malcolm Hitchcott who took him in after Almeni left the Middle East for the UK several years ago

Emad Jamil, 32 (left), was killed in an explosion of a ball-bearing device made from homemade materials inside the taxi that he took to Liverpool Women’s Hospital. It happened only seconds before the 11am minutes’ silence. He changed his name to Enzo Almeni and was taken in by a British Christian couple left heartbroken by his attack (pictured right with Malcolm Hitchcott)

“There must be better way to deal with undocumented thousands of people claiming to be someone they’re not.”

Al Swealmeen has been reported to have moved legally to the UK after leaving Dubai where he was alleged to have suffered abuse from his Syrian father.

His initial application for asylum was rejected later that year. His claim was not compliant with Home Office regulations, it is believed. 

He appealed against several ministry decisions that denied him refugee status.

In 2015, he was baptized in the Anglican church of Liverpool as a Christian. He is one of about 200 people who adopted Christianity over four years.

Now, counter-terror police consider the cathedral a possible target. Al Swealmeen partially detonated the bomb at Remembrance Day services. He was driving a minicab to the hospital.

When he was killed in the bomb blast, his legal battles were ongoing. Al Swealmeen did not claim asylum because he had converted to Christianity. 

More than 1,000 migrants are thought to have crossed to Britain in small boats yesterday. Traffickers were seen leading hopefuls carrying dinghies to the water at first light without a French patrol in sight

Yesterday, more than 1000 migrants crossed into Britain via small boats. Without a French guard in sight, traffickers led hopefuls with dinghies across the waters at first light.

However, some asylum seekers seek to avoid expulsion by converting to another form of accommodation. Sources confirmed this.

Al Swealmeen was a Christian who had changed his name and become Enzo Almeni. He applied for asylum in 2017, but it was turned down two years later.

Yesterday’s task was to continue the delicate search of the Rutland Avenue bomb factory, Liverpool. Al Swealmeen apparently rented it in preparation for the attack. 

Russ Jackson of the North West Counter-Terror Unit said that his investigation was progressing at “a rapid pace”.

Miss Patel is pledging the most significant overhaul of immigration law in decades. There will be strict restrictions on what types of appeals asylum seekers can make.

Liz Hull, Emine Smaz, and Rebecca Camber provide additional reporting 


Sunday, 14 November 

10.57am: A taxi arrives at Liverpool Women’s Hospital, and it explodes seconds later.

10.59am: It is completely submerged just before Remembrance Day’s National Silence. 

Both the passenger and driver were killed, while the other was seriously injured. According to some reports, the driver was the one who spotted the explosives and jumped from the vehicle. 

The remembrance services, which included scores of veterans and military personnel, were taking place in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. It was less than 1 mile away. Reports state that the taxi stopped at the hospital to get closer to the Cathedral.

11.04am: The scene was quickly attended to by emergency personnel and police. It is believed that the vehicle caught fire from a fuel leak.

1pm: The incident has been deemed terrorist by officers who are said to have talked to David Perry (hero taxi driver).

4.54pm: Rutland avenue is now sealed by the police. About a mile distance from the explosion. According to locals, armed police officers ordered residents to flee the scene and go to a leisure center nearby. They claimed that it was unsafe and they were “pointing guns at a home”. The scene was also attended by counter-terrorism negotiators.

6.59pm: The men – aged 29, 26, and 21 – were detained in the Kensington area of the city and arrested under the Terrorism Act.

Monday, November 15, 

3.30am: Operation at Rutland Avenue appears to be ending.

10am: Footage of the explosion emerges on CCTV from the scene.

Midday: Police confirm it is being treated as a terror attack. A man aged 20 becomes the fourth suspect.

3pm: The Prime Minister raised the UK’s terror threat to “severe” and spoke at Downing Street’s press conference. He said that yesterday’s attack was a stark reminder to people to be vigilant.

“And our freedoms will prevail over all else.”

7pm: MailOnline names the suicide bomber as asylum seeker  Enzo Almeni, 32, a Muslim who converted to Christianity four years ago. He changed his name from Emad Jamil Al Swealmeen.

Tuesday, November 16

7am:Four men who are believed to be Almenia’s friends were taken into custody in raids and released on bail.