One professional singer was asked to sing at a wedding for free in return for promotion on social media.

Jamie Mathias, a London resident, shared his experience on TwitterHe was approached by two influential people with large followings to perform for their Ibiza wedding. 

He claimed the couple, which he did not wish to reveal, said that it was an excellent opportunity due to the presence of social media celebrities.

After the viral post, he received almost 4,000 comments. Many people were critical of influencer culture. 

Jamie Mathias (pictured), who lives in London, claims an influencer couple asked him to perform at their wedding for free

Jamie Mathias (pictured), a London resident, claimed that an influencer couple requested him to perform for their wedding. 

Jamie, with more than 14,000 Instagram followers, and another 11,000 Twitter users, shared this exchange via both social media platforms.

It began with the message: “Hey, bro. Me and **** are getting married in Ibiza and we love your personal songs. Fly out if you are free.

Jamie responded: ‘Hey mate, congrats! It’s a miracle that I’m actually free, which will be a blessing for next summer. This sounds wonderful! Please let me know your requirements and I will send you some pricing information.;

The influencer responded, “We’d like one of your songs and possibly an hour set.” However, the influencer said that we are not actually paying suppliers. Promotion posts are possible, and we will charge more for them than other tracks.

Jamie wrote: “I would rather have the money than you.”

Then he pointed out the fact that he has already been successful in advertising himself. He said: “If you needed to promote me, where would you be?”

Determined, the influencer continued: ‘Bro it’s a wedding with s*** loads of other influencers with big money there, think of the reach!’ 

Jamie posted a Twitter message in which he shared messages from influencers promising him a flight to Ibiza for promotion posts. 

Jamie replied: ‘Ah excellent, a wedding full of other people with lots of money that want me to do s*** for them for free promo! I’m signed up! 

The post had been liked by over 51,000 people and was filled with hateful comments.

One writer wrote, “Influencer culture must be the modern-day snake oil phenomenon.” Think about believing that you don’t have to spend money on your life, and your self-worth.

Another stated, “Makes complete sense.” You can play with a lot of freeloaders and in the future you will be asked by more. This one isn’t wealthy, so it’s not about making a good impression in front of wealth friends.

Another added, “I believe the only ones being affected by influencers now are other influencers.  

A stream of responses to the viral post blasted influencers, while arguing others will expect free performances if Jamie agrees to do the gig

The viral posting received a stream of negative responses. Others argued that Jamie will be expected to perform for free if he agrees. 

‘The shiny filters & happy faces are a front for insecurity and desire to be most liked’… the rest of us can see through the b******* at this stage… it worked for a while but the bubble has burst’ 

“It is time to stop calling them influencers. It makes their work sound less unacceptable. Professional scroungers is the right name, another person added. 

Sharing their own experience, one wrote: ‘As a freelancer I have been told this and  fallen for it (in the past). “It’ll be great exposure”, “think of the future work”, “we’ll pay you for any future stuff” blah blah b******. If you are a good neighbor, ask for a free plumber to fix your sink.