Jen Psaki White House Press Secretary defended Wednesday President Joe Biden’s comments on the draft Supreme Court opinion leaked that would invalidate. Roe v. Wade – He stated that the White House didn’t hold a “particular viewpoint” on the leak.

Politico published the draft Monday night. Biden’s public comments have focused on privacy rights and the dangers that gay marriage or other rights may be at risk. He also mentioned his clashes decades ago with Robert Bork, a Supreme Court nominee.

Biden, who was on Tuesday in Alabama while making his first remarks, also mentioned the word “child” when describing abortion rights.

‘So I mean, the idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child, based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard,’ Biden said. 

Psaki was questioned about Wednesday’s comment. This went against typical pro-choice word selections.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended President Joe Biden's comments since the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that would strike down Roe v. Wade

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, defended the comments of President Joe Biden following leakage of draft Supreme Court opinions that would invalidate Roe v. Wade

Psaki stated that the President’s views on women’s rights to choose their own healthcare are well-documented, well-stated, and well-documented. Fox News’ Peter Doocy, Fox News’ correspondent for Fox News, pressed Psaki and emphasized Biden’s usage of the term “child.”

“I understand Peter,” she replied. She replied, “But what I am telling you is his position.”

Also, she was asked by Biden why he didn’t speak more about the impact on women, poor, and women of color. What is his comfort level in talking about these topics?

‘He has. Yesterday he did so in both his written statement as well as when addressing the public.

“This calls into question our basic rights and the rights of all Americans, including who we marry and how they choose to pay for their health care. She said that Robert Bork was a victim of his personal struggle against him in the nomination process many years back.

“When he speaks about…his commitment to protect a woman’s right to choose her health care, he is referring to the protection of a woman’s right for an abortion. She said that most people are aware of this.

'This is about a lot more than abortion,' Biden said Wednesday

Biden stated Wednesday that “This is more than just abortion.”

'The idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child, based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard,' Biden said Tuesday

‘The idea that we’re going to make a judgment that is going to say that no one can make the judgment to choose to abort a child, based on a decision by the Supreme Court, I think goes way overboard,’ Biden said Tuesday

'I'm just not going to get into specific outcomes of the primary,' Psaki said, asked about Trump-backed J.D. Vance's win in the Ohio GOP primary

Psaki, when Psaki was asked about Trump-backed J.D., said that he wasn’t going to go into details of the primary. Vance won the Ohio GOP primary

Biden on Wednesday called MAGA 'the most extreme political organization in American history.' Vance's win was another demonstration of Trump's grip on the GOP

On Wednesday, Biden called MAGA “the most extreme organization in American history.” Trump’s hold on the GOP was demonstrated again by Vance’s victory. also asked Psaki about Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). Psaki also responded to a question about Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.)’ fiery comments at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, claiming that she was “angry.” Kamala Harris, Vice President of Kamala Harris made a defiant statement before the Court. She said: “How dare they tell women what her body can do.”   

Psaki answered that Biden might have been angry at the draft opinion.

The pushback on abortion came as Biden tore into MAGA as an ‘extremist’ movement in earlier comments at the White House Wednesday. It was called ‘the most extreme organization of American politics’ by Biden.

Psaki said that Biden would keep drawing contrasts throughout the day.

She told the crowd, “Don’t judge me against the Almighty; compare me with other options,” and then pulled out the Biden campaign slogan.

“And I’d expect you to hear him using that mantra much more in the future months.”

Due to possible Hatch Act restrictions on political comments, she checked her comments at times. However, Biden’s remarks were flagged. 

“He made comments in recent days regarding the direction of certain members of the Republican Party and the MAGA direction by some of them. He’s also been shocked at the grip his predecessor appears to have over far too many of these people.” She said that not all members were affected, but many of them. 

“And we are seeing the latest antics, which are made quite clear that they are at war against Mickey Mouse. They are against women making decisions about their health and against lower prescription drug prices. If that platform is retained, President Trump’s opinion is that it is not in line with the majority of the country.

The new Florida law passed by Governor. Ron DeSantis’s Florida GOP took away Disney’s federal status in tax after it opposed the bill critics call “don’t speak gay”.

Psaki didn’t say, however, that Biden entered MAGA because of Trump-backed candidate J.D. Vance at the Ohio GOP primary Tuesday evening.

When asked her about her reaction, she said that “He was shocked by the hold his predecessor appears to have had on far too many people in the party,”. “But, he’s still planning to call out extremist actions or extremist rhetoric. I won’t get into the specific outcome of this primary.

Biden travels to Cincinnati on Friday – the same city where Vance held his victory party. 

Psaki also avoided questions on the actual leak as well as the leak hunt announced by Chief Justice John Roberts. It was up to Psaki whether or not the Justice Department would provide any assistance. 

Psaki responded to a question about whether Biden “condemned” the leak saying that he didn’t.

She stated that it was up to the Department of Justice, if at all, to decide what action will be taken. 

She stated that “Our emphasis is not on losing sight of what the content in the draft is and what is at stake here,”