Jen, what about Biden’s “extraordinary success” in Afghanistan? Psaki returns to the question 48 hours later about President Biden’s success in Afghanistan and names leadership, European alliances and AUKUS. He doesn’t mention Kabul

  • Psaki spent 48 hours answering a question on Biden’s greatest foreign policy win
  • She listed his three achievements in the first year of office on Thursday
  • U.S. leadership restored, repairing alliances, and making moves in the Indo-Pacific
  • However, she didn’t mention America’s long-running war.
  • Biden described his exit from Afghanistan as an “extraordinary success” 
  • Psaki was criticized Tuesday by her for saying that she required more time to respond. 

Nearly 48 hours after President Biden was asked about his biggest foreign policy victories, Jen Psaki, the Press Secretary, came up with a response on Thursday. Jen Psaki said that the restoration of American leadership, building alliances, and taking action for the Indo-Pacific.

The president’s most important decision, ending the U.S. military in Afghanistan, deserves no mention. Biden even described Kabul’s resulting evacuation as an “extraordinary success.”

She quickly reacted to criticisms of the administration for its praises on foreign policy.  

“Thanks to Patsy for asking a thoughtful question regarding our single greatest foreign policy success in the year,” tweeted Psaki. This was in reference to Tuesday’s softball query.

You can think of thoughtful questions that deserve thoughtful answers. Here are 3 examples. [the president]This year, our team is proud. We have more.

She listed the Biden administration’s role in international institutions and convening world leaders to make progress on the pandemic, climate change and economic recovery;  restoring our alliances, including with Europe, and ending some significant trade disputes; and in the Indo-Pacific, developing new platforms such as the A.U.K.U.S. Australia and the United Kingdom.

Jen Psaki struggled to find an answer on Tuesday when asked for President Biden's biggest foreign policy achievement, but listed three when she tweeted her answer two days later

Jen Psaki was unable to answer Tuesday’s question regarding President Biden’s largest foreign policy achievement. However, she listed three answers when she posted her response two days later.

Psaki used a Twitter thread to trumpet restoring U.S. leadership to the world, rebuilding alliances and making progress in the Indo-Pacific region as successes

Psaki posted a tweet thread about the U.S.’s successes in rebuilding allies, restoring leadership and progress made in the Indo-Pacific.

Brett Bruen is the director of global engagement for Obama White House.

His statement was not just that the delay was a “missed chance”, but also showed a lack confidence in the achievements of the administration.

“And, if, as an example, we believe that Afghanistan’s withdrawal went as smoothly as they had led us believe it to and was as historically significant as they asserted, why not make that an important achievement for the administration?”

The administration continues to be affected by the hurried withdrawals of U.S. soldiers. 

13 Service personnel lost their lives in the aftermath of an ISIS suicide bomber’s attack at Kabul airport. It was followed by chaotic scenes showing refugees falling from the planes of departing flight.

Biden was able to leave the country as the Taliban captured the capital and took control 20 years later.

He said, “The remarkable success of this mission is due to the extraordinary skill, bravery and selfless courage United States military as well as our diplomats, intelligence professionals,” as he declared the conclusion of America’s twenty-year-old war against the country. 

Allies like the U.K. said that they were blindsided by Washington’s hasty exit, and fear their rivals Russia and China might sense weakness.

Missing from Psaki's answer was any mention of the Afghanistan exit, which will be remembered for the desperate scramble of Afghans to find safety on departing planes

Psaki didn’t mention Afghanistan in his answer. This will forever be associated with the desperate search of Afghans for safety as they board planes departing.

Biden said the evacuation was an 'extraordinary success' despite images of chaos

Biden stated that the evacuation was an “extraordinary success” despite photos of chaos

Widukaswara asked Psaki what lessons were learned in Afghanistan. She was a reporter for Voice of America and also played softball Tuesday.

“What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment in foreign policy this year?” She also asked her what lessons she had learned from Afghanistan’s arguably greatest failure.

Psaki answered: “You know what? This is a fantastic question. 

“I would like to think about this. It is something I would like to discuss with the President. 

“And I’m glad to do that.”

The results were a surprise to some experts in foreign policy, as well as open ridicule from Biden’s enemies. 

Sean Spicer was the President Trump’s spokesman in this role. He tweeted, ‘If one is not listed, you have a problem.