A psychology student has been arrested for a hate crime after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs at three Jewish children before spitting on one in Brooklyn last week. 

Christina Darling (21 years old) was taken into custody Friday. She has been charged in connection with aggravated harassment, a hate crime and endangering a child’s welfare. tweeted.  

The disturbing video captures the horrible incident last Friday at 12:30pm on a Marine Park street that is lined with private residences. 

The video shows a St Francis College student stomping on an 8-year-old boy who is playing with his two younger siblings, aged 7 and 2. He then launches into an anti-Semitic tirade and then spitting on him. 

“Hitler should’ve killed all of you.” She yelled, “I’ll kill You and Know Where You Live,” according to NYPD. 

Police reported no injuries.

Christina Darling is in custody after allegedly hurling anti-Semitic slurs at three Jewish children before spitting on them in a disturbing incident that took place on a Brooklyn Street last week

Christina Darling has been taken into custody following a slur directed at three Jewish kids and then spitting on them. This was in the context of a worrying incident on Brooklyn Street last Wednesday.

The woman was caught on camera as she approached the children in Marine Park

This was the moment that she approached Marine Park’s children.

A petition on Change.org identified Christina Darling as a St. Francis College student, where she is listed as studying psychology as well as education and English. The petition is calling for her expulsion

Change.org’s petition identified Christina Darling to be a St. Francis College student. There, she was listed as both studying English and psychology. Her expulsion is being demanded by the petition.

“This woman passed them and yelled at us,” he said. Aryah Fried explained that Hitler-like things should have been done to you, and he spoke on CBS2.

Fried stated that Fried’s son responded to the suspect by saying he would save his little sibling.  

“I need to tell him not to engage. However, he was engaged. She ran back. Spat in his faces. I told him that we would kill all of you. You know exactly where you are. Fried added, “And we’ll make certain to get you all the next time.” 

Change.org petitioned Darling for identification as a student at St. Francis College, where she was listed as studying English as well as psychology. This petition calls for Darling’s expulsion. 

The petition states that it urges President Miguel Martinez-Saenz “to stand by his promises” and to denounce the cruel act of racism and bigotry against the Jewish community. If appropriate discipline is not taken, an alarming precedent will be created.

After approaching the kids, aged seven and two and spitting on them, she turned back and walked off

After spitting on her two children aged seven and two, she turned and walked away

The woman was seen standing over the children for several seconds while she insulted them

While insulting the children, she was observed standing for several seconds over them

The woman continues to spew insults at the children as she walked down the street in Marine Park, Brooklyn

While walking along the streets of Marine Park in Brooklyn, she continued to make insulting remarks at the children.

Fried added that Fried would like Fried to understand the seriousness of what Fried did. Fried said, “To do this to anyone is clearly problematic. But to do it for a child by an adult is insane.”   

“We encourage our children to pay attention when their mothers look unsafe. This woman seems like someone who might be a good fit for their children. What can we say to them? One person spoke to CBS.  

The NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force is investigating the incident. 

The woman turned around and walked off as if nothing had happened after her verbal assault

Following her verbal abuse, she turned around and continued walking as if nothing had changed.

The suspect was completely unawares her actions were all caught on crystal clear video

It was obvious that the suspect did not know her actions had been captured on clear video 

This attack is just the latest in a series of violent incidents that have been increasing throughout New York City, which is frustrating residents and police.

This year’s violent crime rate is up in Big Apple. The murder rate has increased by 33% compared to last year. Eight murders were reported in the week ending January 9.

According to police, overall crimes have also increased by 30% through January 9. 

There has been an increase in robberies, assaults and rapes.

Combination of poor bail reforms, and a dearth of police are the reasons for this increase.  

Alvin Bragg has pledged to be a more gentle prosecutor in Manhattan.

His office assured that they won’t seek jail or prison time for suspected offenders or suspects unless the law allows.

A few felonies such as armed robbery will be reduced to little larceny.

Since 2020, crime in New York has soared thanks to a combination of lax bail reforms and lack of police

New York’s crime rate has increased by 6% since 2020 due to lax bail reforms, as well as a shortage of police officers