Best friends! Puppy copies six-month-old baby girl when she plays with her toys in adorable footage

  • Footage shows 11-week-old pooch Mabel playing with baby mobile and bouncer
  • Filmed by baby’s mother Jennifer Moore at home in Swandlincote, Derbyshire
  • Puppy is ‘best friends’ with six-month-old Elsie and they often play together 

Here’s the cute moment when a puppy mimicked a baby girl while she was playing with her toys. 

Eleven-week-old pooch Mabel was filmed pawing stuffed animals hanging from a baby activity centre alongside six-month-old Elsie.

Elsie Moore (32), shot this footage at home in Swadlincote.  

She shared that the puppy and her dog are best friends and play as twins. 

Eleven-week-old puppy Mabel was filmed playing with a baby mobile by Jennifer Moore, 32, at home in Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Mabel, an eleven-week-old pup, was photographed playing with a mobile baby by Jennifer Moore (32) at her Swadlincote home, Derbyshire

Mrs Moore's  says the puppy copies six-month-old daughter Elsie. Pictured Elsie and Mabel

Mrs Moore’s  says the puppy copies six-month-old daughter Elsie. Mabel and Elsie

Mabel can also be seen sitting in Elsie’s baby bouncer and playing with Elsie’s mobiles. 

Mabel Moore was just eight weeks old when Mrs Moore became a stay at home mother and began to take an interest in Elsie’s toys.

Her explanation was that it all began the day Mabel was born. After exploring her house, she found her feet. She then jumped in the baby bouncer to get comfortable and fell asleep.

“Since that time, Elsie has been watching Elsie play with her toys and copying what she does.

Although Elsie is sometimes confused by the actions of her puppy, she will still giggle from time to time.

“Both Mabel, Elsie, melt my heart. Their relationship is going to amaze me. They are actually growing up together, and I know that they’ll be great friends.

The pooch and baby have an adorable friendship and like playing together like twins

Pooch and baby are best friends and play together as twins.

Mabel, Elsie and other pooch best friends aren’t the only ones.

Baby monitors captured Doberman Pinscher Tommy putting a tennis ball in one-month-old Macie Elliott’s rocker at their home in Crawley, West Sussex.

The gentle, two-year old dog brings Macie her favorite cuddly pet while Hayley, her 30-year-old mother, is in the kitchen filling her bottle.

The gentle two-year-old dog was filmed bringing Macie his favourite cuddly teddy while the baby's mother Hayley, 30, was in the kitchen making her a bottle

A gentle, two-year old dog named Macie brought Macie his favorite cuddly pet while Hayley (30), was busy making Macie a bottle.