Chinese national parks: Cheeky monkey steals carton of milk from a tourist’s pocket

  • Monkey was filmed reaching up to a woman’s legs and grasping her.
  • The milk carton is found in her bag, so she opens it and then drinks.
  • Footage recorded in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China’s Hunan Province

Here’s what happened when a monkey ran up to a woman’s legs in China, stealing a carton of milk from her purse.

Footage captures the tourist looking at the scenery from a picturesque spot, when the monkey jumps up on her and grabs her right thigh. 

This clip was captured in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, south-central Hunan province on Tuesday 21st December.

A cheeky monkey was caught on camera running up a woman's leg to steal a milk carton from her pocket in a national park in China

In China, a monkey ran up to a woman’s legs and stole a milk carton.

This video features the clever animal opening the carton of milk from her pocket while it was still inside, and letting it spill onto the floor.

The monkey then glugs the milk from the woman’s pocket as it holds onto her jacket and balances on her leg.

The monkey is allowed to eat by the lady, but the cheeky boy later finds the carton lying on the ground.

The monkey sits on the ground with the empty carton between its legs. 

In the video, the sneaky animal is seen ripping open the carton of milk while it is still inside her pocket, causing it pour out onto the floor

This video features the clever animal opening the carton of milk from her pocket while it’s still in her hand, and pouring the contents onto the floor.

Later she said that although the monkey did initially make her jump, it didn’t hurt her.

Another Forest Park visitor, who was not named, was quoted as saying: “The monkeys are very pushy! They will just grab something if you don’t give it to them.”

Following the viral sharing of this video on social media, park officials reminded tourists to remain alert when they encounter monkeys at scenic locations.

Visitors should refrain from feeding or teasing the animals as they can become aggressive.