Q&A: Everything you need to know about getting your third jab

Why has the booster rollout been accelerated

The Covid vaccine is being offered in a third dose. This was planned long ago because immunity to the virus decreases with time. The original booster was only available to over-40s. However, the Omicron variant has rapidly spread and the program is now being speeded up. The online booking system for those over 30 was opened yesterday. Those aged between 18-29 can book their appointment starting tomorrow.

Is there any way to book your hotel?

Today’s website saw over 110,000 visitors before the 9am deadline to obtain a booster injection. The website crashed, leaving some waiting in line for hours. NHS Digital had to add capacity in order to accommodate more customers. According to a spokesperson, the vaccine booking service was experiencing high demand. To manage this, they have established a queueing system. People who are currently not able to book should try to do so again tomorrow or later.

A third dose of the Covid vaccine has been long planned because the immunity vaccines offer against the virus wanes over time

The Covid vaccine is being offered in a third dose. This was long anticipated because immunity to the virus is decreasing over time.

How are walk-in centers doing?

Numerous people have flocked to walk-in clinics across the country. People waited for their vaccines in line, and there were long queues outside of many. Many people waited for over four hours in the queue outside Hungerford, Berkshire’s centre. A few people have reported that they were refused in certain areas of the country due to huge demand.

How soon will the third round of chemotherapy be finished?

Boris Johnson has set a new deadline for all adults who want to receive a jab this year. However NHS England and the Department of Health say the target is that everyone should be offered the chance to book a jab by then – meaning some people may not receive them until January. Downing Street says the Prime Minister did mean what he stated. The target will mean a million jabs will have to be given every day – many more than the previous daily record of around 850,000.

It is important to understand what this means for vaccination passports.

To gain entry to large venues or nightclubs, people must show their NHS Covid card. Sajid Javid yesterday stated that the passports will require three jabs for entry.

Thousands have turned up at walk-in vaccine centres up and down the country

Walk-in vaccination centres have seen thousands of people from all walks of the country.