According to court records, the Qatari media boss threatened to rape a woman repeatedly while she was sleeping.  

Saleh Al-Mesallam, 32, is accused of repeatedly attacking the woman between January and March this year at his rented £1.5million flat in Peninsula Apartments in Paddington, west London.

Al-Mesallam is a director at a television news channel and sports channel. The woman was also given her phone and wallet. Al-Mesallam changed the passwords of her accounts to prevent her from contacting other people.

The man allegedly said to her that he feels very happy when he hits women. After telling her this, he then allegedly beat her before forcing her to gaze at her wounds in front of the mirror. 

The man also cut her hair, and planned to remove her eyebrows the same day that she reported him. This was disclosed by the court on Tuesday.

On March 6, the woman visited the hospital. She first stated to a doctor that she was injured in a fall. Then, she claimed Al-Mesallam had beat her.

Almesallam is alleged to have repeatedly raped the woman in a £1.5million flat in Peninsula Apartments, Paddington in London (Pictured: Peninsula Apartments)

Almesallam is alleged to have repeatedly raped the woman in a £1.5million flat in Peninsula Apartments, Paddington in London (Pictured: Peninsula Apartments)

A subsequent interview with police revealed that the woman had claimed to have been repeatedly raped.

Jurors saw video of the complainant’s second interview. She broke down during this period and was then questioned.

The interpreter assisted the woman in saying that ‘His personality changes, and he becomes an entirely different person.

She doesn’t remember the details because they have been discussed more than twenty times.

“The first time that he touched her, and then they had sex.

He said that he felt very happy when hitting a woman. Then he had sex by force.

According to her, Al-Mesallam claimed he wanted to also urinate on them.

The interpreter translated another incident and said: “When he hit her, there was a (blot of) blood (on her dress).

He removed any blood (blots), from the area he cut.

“He struck her between the eyebrows. The (gash), then the bleeding, was evident. He took her to the bathroom.

Al-Mesallam, a director of a TV news and sports channel, took the woman's phone and wallet so she could not escape him and changed the passwords to her accounts so she could not contact other people, jurors at Southwark Crown Court (pictured) heard

Al-Mesallam was a director at a television news channel and TV sports channel. He took her phone, wallet, and bank cards so that she couldn’t escape. The passwords for her accounts were also changed so that she couldn’t contact anyone else, Southwark Crown Court jurors (pictured) said. 

“(He instructed her to) stand before the mirror and (and) said: “You can see how you appear?”

“Then, he repeated (insulting?) her the same acts.”

Al-Messallam “cut her hair, and he was just about to remove her eyebrows” on the date she reported the assaults to police.

He claimed that he had told the woman, “If I report you to the British Police in Britain, they will do nothing to me.”

“She thought he was superior to the law.” Then, he told her that in every case he is involved with, he will get out.

“He told her that he had a lot pictures and she was naked in the bathroom, but in bed.”

Translators said that the woman was sleeping on the couch when the noise woke her up.

The translator stated that she heard noises like “crinkling” and found a plastic bag, knife, and tape when she woke up.

The court was then told that he had threatened to “cut her into pieces”.

“She did not reply to him because he hits his victim more every time he replies.” 

Al-Mesallam (of Praed St, Paddington) denies four counts each of rape causing grievous body harm with intent, four counts per se of assault occasioning bodily hurt, and making threats to death.

The trial is continuing.