The Queen of Letizia wore today’s Valentino ensemble, which was first worn by Queen Sofia back in 1977. 

The dress that King Felipe VI’s mother-in law, Queen Felipe VI, was wearing 44 years back when she visited Germany together with her husband, King Juan Carlos, has been recycled by Felipe VI, 49. She is now exiled in the Middle East. 

This vintage blouse features a long, floor-length skirt in green and delicate floral sleeves. Letizia updated the gown with a pink belt today for a diplomatic reception. 

Felipe smiled as Sofia’s gown adorned her, while Felipe welcomed ambassadors from Spain to Zarzuela Palace for their annual event.  

Queen Letizia of Spain, King Felipe VI's wife, 49. sported a Valentino number Queen Sofia, 83, wore during a visit to Germany 44 years ago during a ceremony at Zarzuela Palace this morning

Queen Letizia, Queen Felipe VI’s spouse, was 49. She wore a Valentino dress that Queen Sofia (83), wore 44 years ago to Germany during an event at Zarzuela Palace. 

Pictured: Queen Sofia, now 83, donning the same Valentino outfit in 1977 during her visit to Germany

Pictured: Queen Sofia (now 83) in the Valentino dress she wore during 1977’s visit to Germany

Letizia kept Sofia’s look in mind and used minimal accessories. 

She strode along her husband’s side, balancing her green skirt against the concrete floor.

A delicate blouse with matching green leaves was embellished with pink roses. 

A shiny pink ribbon was tied around the wrists of the sleeves that show through. 

Each year, Felipe VI, centre, and Letizia, right, welcome foreign ambassadors to the Palace for a New Year reception

Letizia and Felipe VI welcome foreign ambassadors each year to the Palace. 

Sofia turned heads in 1977 when she wore the outfit in Germany during a visit with her husband King Juan Carlos, now 84, centre

Sofia was the talk of the town in 1977, when she donned this ensemble in Germany with King Juan Carlos (now 84). 

Sofia was 39 years old when the Valentino top was worn by her. She tied a bow at the waist and cinched it with a bow.

Also, the Monarch paired it with matching earrings and bracelets made of sparkling diamonds.  

The fitted belt was designed to match the collar and wrists of her daughter-in law. 

Letizia kept it simple by not wearing either a necklace or bracelet. 

She wore a pair of beautiful drop earrings, made from emerald, and ruby to match her outfit, with brown locks styled in a ponytail. 

King Felipe VI looked dapper in a tailcoat. His wife decided to pay homage to his mother with her colourful outfit

The tailcoat looked great on King Felipe VI. With her colorful outfit, his wife paid tribute to his mother. 

Although she was not wearing a mask on her face, the mother-of-2 was still in fresh makeup with her trademark smoky eyes and sculpted eyebrows. 

King Felipe Vi was stylish in dark trousers and a grey tailcoat. 

This event is held each year and sees the royal couples welcoming Ambassadors to Zarzuela Palace, where they host a reception celebrating the start of a new year. 

The King speaks to his guest after each of the envoys has expressed their best wishes to the Spanish sovereign. 

The delicate blouse was adorned with pink roses and greed leaves, which matched the floor-length skirt

A delicate blouse, adorned with pink roses & greed leaves, was worn to match the skirt.

Letizia kicked off 2022 well, with a very stylish look for her first official appearances. 

She donned a splendid navy dress for her first event of the year on January 6 at the traditional Pascua Militar ceremony in Madrid.

The Spanish monarch, wrapped in a black short coat and enjoying the Christmas holiday with her family, was well rested for today’s event. It also included a reception at Palacio Real to celebrate Epiphany, a Spanish national holiday.

Epiphany, which is considered almost as important than Christmas Day, marks the time when Jesus was first seen by three Kings or the Magi.

The tradition dictates that Queen Elizabeth II must wear a full-length gown to her first engagement. Letizia chose a stunning navy blue gown.