‘Make way!’ Moment Queen’s Guardsman Flattens Child Who Stepped in His Path at The Tower of London

  • A member of Queen’s Guard knocks a young child to the ground 
  • When the child crossed their path, it was patrolled by Guardsmen. 
  • It happened earlier today during a patrol at Tower of London

Unintentionally, a Queen’s Guard soldier threw a young child to the ground after he stepped in his way during routine patrols at Tower of London.

Video footage taken from Tower of London shows tourists taking photos of two Guardsmen wearing ceremonial bearskin caps as they parade across the grounds.

However just seconds later a young child walks into the path of one of the soldier’s who immediately shouts: ‘Make way!’

The Guardsman then knocks the child down and attempts to walk over it.

MailOnline received a statement from the Ministry of Defence confirming that it was aware of an incident at Tower of London yesterday during a routine patrol.

“The guardsmen were on duty and warned the people that there was a patrol approaching, but the boy ran away in front of him.” 

“The soldier tried not to cross the child’s path and carried on with his duty.

“Following an incident, the soldier checked the child on and was reassured all was well. 

Protecting the UK’s official royal residences is the responsibility of the Queen’s Guard.

Although they are famous for their red tunics, bearskin hats, and distinctive look, the long-grain grey coats that they wear in autumn and winter is what makes them stand out.

The Queen's Guardsmen carry out a routine patrol at the Tower of London earlier today

The routine patrol of the Tower of London by Queen’s Guardsmen was conducted earlier today

These soldiers come from five different infantry regiments, and they have protected royal residences for over three centuries. 

These units are manned by serving, fully-trained soldiers who have over 350 years’ experience and have protected monarchs ever since Charles II was elected to the throne in 1660.

According to some reports, there are guidelines that guardsmen use to overcome obstacles. They may shout or stamp their feet.

A rifle raised is considered a final warning, and the guardsmen can then detain any person who raises a weapon. 

The Guardsmen shout “Make way for Queen’s Guard” if someone blocks their route.

A member of Windsor Castle’s Queen’s Guard pushed a tourist who had crossed a rope barrier out of his way in 2018.

The tourist wasn’t hurt and managed to stay on her feet, despite what happened.