For $300,000., a quirky and unique eco-home that seems straight from another galaxy sold.

Three-bedroom dome-shaped house in Tonasket mountains in Washington has a striking resemblance of Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine’s sandy Plains.

Three domed areas are covered with mud-like stucco and the home is one storey high. It’s surrounded by 38 acres, including its own solar energy system. 

A quirky eco home that resembles Luke Skywalker's hut on the planet of Tatooine in Star Wars has sold for $300,000

An eco-home that looks like Luke Skywalker’s home on Tatooine, in Star Wars was sold for $300,000.

Mark Hamill, who played Skywalker, is seen alongside Uncle Owen Lars in Star Wars: A New Hope outside the dome shaped home

Mark Hamill (who played Skywalker) is seen with Uncle Owen Lars outside of the dome-shaped home in Star Wars: A New Hope.

The dome-shaped three-bedroom home in the mountains of Tonasket, Washington, has an uncanny resemblance to Skywalker's hut

Three-bedroom, dome-shaped home located in Tonasket Mountains, Washington has a striking resemblance with Skywalker’s hut.

Film bosses gained inspiration for the Tatooine huts while filming in Tunisia, where architects built dome-shaped huts above pits to keep family homes cool

While filming in Tunisia and gaining inspiration from Tatooine, Tatooine’s film directors were inspired by the dome-shaped Tatooine homes. The Tatooine was built above pits for family homes to cool down.

Upper Valley Realty had listed the property for $360,000 back in September, but it eventually went for $292,000.

A vinyl-floored interior is available to the new owner, which includes an open-plan living area with stone features and floral artwork.

The marble-topped sink in one of the bathrooms can be found in the large kitchen, and the dining room has wood furniture.

White is used throughout the roof and wall, which helps bring in light. It also has skylights and heated floors.

The one-storey home has three domed sections covered in mud-like stucco surrounded by 38 acres of land, with its very own solar generator energy system

This one-story home features three domed sections that are covered in stucco-like mud.

The new owner can enjoy a vinyl-floored interior with an open-plan living room complete with a stone feature wall adorned with floral artwork

Enjoy a vinyl-floored, open-plan interior and an ornamental stone feature wall in the living room.

The all-in-one wall and roof is painted white throughout, helping bring light to the property, and it also boasts skylights, heated flooring and a two-car garage

It features a single wall with a roof and is white in color. This helps to bring more light into the home. There are also skylights and heated flooring.

It is unclear what inspired this property's designer when it was originally built in 2000 but sci-fi fans have joked about its resemblance to the home in the Star Wars series

Although it is not clear what motivated the property’s original designer in 2000, sci-fi enthusiasts have made jokes about the similarities to the Star Wars home.

The home is set in the mountains of Tonasket in Washington, with its new owner able to enjoy stunning views over the countryside

It is located in Tonasket, Washington. The new owner can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

One of the two bathrooms is furnished with a marble-topped sink area, while the spacious kitchen and dining area has wooden furniture and fittings

The marble-topped sink in one of the bathrooms can be found in the large bathroom, and the wooden furnishings and fittings are also present in the kitchen and dining room.

The discovery was shared by a sci-fi fan on Facebook. Other users laughed at the uncanny resemblance with Skywalker’s house and appreciated the unique structure. 

Zillow lists this listing as: “Top of the Mountain Views from This Unique Home. Dome home that is energy efficient with radiant floor heating.

The home has a back-up solar/generator system in case of power failure. This unique home is situated on just shy of 40 acres. A county-maintained road leads to your driveway.

The attached garage is for two cars. The open-floor plan includes a fully equipped kitchen, three bedrooms, and an entire bathroom.

From the unusual home, the windows offer unspoiled views over the surrounding mountains

The windows provide unrivalled views of the mountains from this unusual house 

The shape of the home allows for an unusual interior featuring a number of curved walls and furnishings

Because of its unique shape, the interior can feature a lot of unusual furnishings and walls.

The master bedroom features wooden sliding wardrobes and a double bed while the white curved walls provide light

Wooden sliding wardrobes are featured in the master bedroom, as well as a double bed. White curved walls allow for light.

The energy efficient dome home comes with radiant floor heating and has 40 acres of beautiful land surrounding the property

Energy efficient dome homes are equipped with radiant heating, and 40 acres of gorgeous land surround the home.

The property listing reads: 'In the event of a power outage, the home is equipped with a backup solar/generator system'

It is stated in the listing that the home has an emergency generator and backup solar system.

It is not known if the original designer of the home had Tatooine in mind when constructing the dome in 2000

We don’t know if Tatooine was in the mind of the original home designer when the dome was built in 2000.

The Tatooine Huts were created by film bosses who were in Tunisia to shoot. There, architects designed dome-shaped huts that were elevated above the pits so families could stay cool.

The original 2000 construction of this property was not completed by the same designer.

Upper Valley Realty was contacted to provide comment.