“Get back to your Country”: A bus driver filmed a racist thug PUNCHING at her window in Leeds.

  • The man snapped after being told the driver could not change his £10 note
  • A video taken by the driver shows the man calling her racist words in a clip.
  • He continues to punch a clear plastic screen, telling her to “get back to your home country”
  • At one point, it appears that he accuses the driver of contributing towards unemployment 
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Is the man you see in this video you recognize? 

The thug attempted to barge his way into the bus driver’s car by smashing it in an argument over change.

The man started hurling abuse after being told by the diver she could not change a £10 note when he got on board in the centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The bus driver recorded the video of the man punching the security shield and subjecting him to racist remarks.

She was hesitant to make a joke with him, who is in his 20s. Then he begins punching the security screen.

Mail Online reached out to West Yorkshire Police for clarification. 

A thug was seen subjecting a bus driver to a racist and sexist rant after the driver told him she could not change his £10 note

A thug was seen subjecting a bus driver to a racist and sexist rant after the driver told him she could not change his £10 note 

He is dressed in a cream jacket with a black sweater, black pants, and a baseball cap. You f****** little p**** hole.’ 

He shouts “Get back in your country!” Return to your country. F*** off.

‘We don’t like you here. We don’t like your here. F*** off.’

He continues his outburst as he jumps on the bus and starts making abusive gestures.

He accuses the inept driver then of contributing to Leeds’ unemployment.

He shouts, “Go back to your country!” and says: “Stop putting people in poverty at Leeds City Centre.

“Get back to wherever you’re going.” You are not invited here, so get off the bus.

The incident, filmed on board a bus in the centre of Leeds, West Yorkshire, shows the man punching a plastic security shield, pressing money up against it and hurling abuse at the driver

On a bus near Leeds in West Yorkshire, the incident is captured by the man punching and pressing money into a safety shield. He also hurls abuse at his driver

He presses down two ten-pound bills against the plastic security screen, shouting “I have money.” He shouts, “I have money.”

Before he walks off, he smacks again the screen and wafts his notes around in the air.

Again, he shouts “I’ve got cash” again and curses the bus driver before walking off. 

West Yorkshire Police were contacted to comment.