After ditching gender-specific airmen’ and airwomen’ for ‘aviators, the RAF was accused of ‘needless wokery’

  • Chiefs of the RAF made this move in an effort to make their organisation’more modern, appropriate and relevant’
  • But former Tory MP and ex-Armer colonel Patrick Mercer called it ‘woke b*******’
  • Air Clues, the official RAF magazine published new guidance.

The Mail on Saturday can confirm that RAF chiefs have been accused of ‘needless wokery,’ having dropped the terms airmen’ or ‘airwomen’.

To be more modern and appropriate, the team has decided to change gender-specific titles to ‘aviators.

But former Tory MP and ex-Army colonel Patrick Mercer last night blasted the plans as ‘woke b*******’.

RAF chiefs are facing accusations of 'needless wokery' after ditching the terms 'airmen' and 'airwomen'

After dropping the terms airmen’s’ and airwomen’, RAF chiefs face accusations of ‘needless wokery’.

He stated, “For years I had aircraftmen and women under my command,”

“You are blessed with two well-respected, historical, and tested terms, which have not caused any difficulty or problems.” It’s unnecessary wakery.

Although there was no formal announcement, the updated guidance was published in Air Clues, the official magazine of the RAF.

The article stated that “aviator” no longer refers to just aircrew. It has been replaced by the generic term of “airman” to make it more current.

The MoS disclosed last month that defense chiefs told their staff “not all women biologically are female.”