“Leave Now”: An urgent warning to hundreds of Australians about a bushfire that threatens their homes. Owners are asked to prepare for the fire and evacuate.

  • An alarming fire is raging in the bush just 10km west from Perth.
  • The local authorities have instructed residents to either evacuate as soon as possible or to prepare for the fight against the fire.
  • It’s burning in Floreat’s dense, dry bushland, Bold Park.  

Residents in Perth’s leafy west suburbs were urged not to stay if a bushfire is raging.

Bold Park, Floreat is 10km west from Perth and near City Beach.

A Monday emergency warning said that there was a potential threat to the lives and properties of people and animals because of a nearby fire and changing conditions.

“If you’re not ready or don’t plan to leave, you should leave immediately if you have the option.

The fire is burning in dense and dry bushland at Bold Park in Floreat about 10km west of Perth, near City Beach (pictured)

Bold Park, Floreat is 10km west from Perth. It’s near City Beach. 

The bushfire is heading northward towards the Town of Cambridge, where it will eventually reach its destination: council buildings.

It started at the intersection of Perry Lakes Drive in Floreat and Oceanc Road.

This area of Perth is located in the affluent west suburbs. It has many golf courses as well as natural bush parkslands like Bold Park (437 hectares).

Perth was at 32.4C by 2.54pm. The south-west winds gusted to 30km/h.

'There is a possible threat to lives and homes as a fire is approaching in the area and conditions are changing,' an emergency warning issued about 4.10pm (local time) on Monday said (pictured, fire teams trying to put out the blaze)

“There’s a potential threat to homes and lives as a fire approaches in the area, and conditions are changing,” an emergency alert was issued Monday at 4.10pm local time. (pictured: fire crews trying to extinguish the fire).