Wiley, a rapper from Los Angeles is now suspended again by Twitter after he posted a string of anti-Semitic messages to a new Twitter account. This included video about “Satanic Jews” and the control that “Jewish faces” have over music.

  • The social media platform had previously removed the grime singer last July
  • After that, he set up another account where he continued to spew racist hatred towards Jews.
  • Twitter suspended @WileyRecordings’ account. 

After posting more anti-Semitic messages via a different account, Rapper Wiley was once again suspended from Twitter.

The grime star was banned from the social media site last July after being widely condemned for a series of posts, including one which called Jewish people ‘cowards and snakes’.

He caused further controversy when he claimed his Jewish associates in the music and entertainment industry ‘still see us as slaves’ in an interview with The Voice newspaper.   

In subsequent days, Richard Cowie, who is the real-name of the musician, claimed he was not racist and apologized for generalizing.

The Campaign Against Antisemitism claims that he then created a Twitter account with the handle @WileyRecordings to’spread racist hatred towards Jews’.

Rapper Wiley has once again been suspended from Twitter after posting more 'anti-Semitic' messages from a new account

Wiley, a rapper has been removed from Twitter once more after posting another ‘anti-Semitic message’ from a brand new account

On that account, he tweeted a number of posts, including an image of himself in Hasidic garb

There were several tweets from him, one being an image of him wearing Hasidic garb.

Twitter told Jewish News that the account was 'permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct policy'

Twitter informed Jewish News that account had been ‘permanently suspend’ for violating the Twitter hateful conduct policy.

He tweeted a picture of himself dressed in Hasidic attire and a video entitled ‘the Jewish faces that control hiphop and mainstream black music’. 

He uploaded a second video “discussing”.[ing] historical tensions between blacks & Jews’ and, in another tweet, asserted: ‘The more they block me the harder I go and when I get through the door I will stand there and look in their faces with the same look they don’t wanna see….They are just angry they can’t control me…’

Wiley uploaded a screenshot of his Twitter account to his Instagram page. It has since been deleted. The caption was: “No need to shut me down. I got 20 burners accounts to use lol.

He shared another video on that platform which was about ‘Satanic Jews’, before making a mockery of a CAA senior figure by changing his profile photo to one featuring the man, and calling him an ‘insecure’ during an Instagram livestream.

Twitter told Jewish News that the account was ‘permanently suspended for violations of the Twitter rules on hateful conduct policy’.

Last year, when the row broke out, social media giant Facebook apologised that it was too slow to respond to the posts of the musician.

Wiley, known as the Godfather Of Grime was awarded an MBE in 2018 for his services to music. However, the recent controversy has led to renewed calls to have the gong removed and for the Ivors Award to be canceled. 

CAA spokeswoman said, “The antisemite Wiley is able return to Twitter or Instagram to propagate racist hate. He even adopted the profile picture of one of our staff members and began taunting him.” 

“We have been in touch with police, and we are looking at legal options.

Wiley also shared a video titled 'the Jewish Faces that Control Hiphop and Mainstream Black Music'

Wiley also posted a video entitled ‘the Jewish Faces of Control Hiphop and Mainstream Black Music.

The rapper also shared another video which referred to 'Satanic Jews' before his account was suspended

Another video was also posted by the rapper, which refers to ‘Satanic Jews’ before his account got suspended

Wiley’s account was temporarily suspended by Twitter, after we requested it. But, Wiley has continued to join the platform over the past year without being barred from the site, even though Twitter promised to. 

“The company ignores a variety of antisemitic accounts we brought to it’s attention. This is presumably due to the fact that they don’t attract as much public interest or negative publicity than this one.

“We have reached out to Instagram asking that his stream be stopped and his account deleted. We are also in touch with police regarding some of his bizarre output.”