Raymond Blanc says Delia Smith is his idol and insists that he was “absolutely right” to encourage people to prepare tinned or frozen food. Blanc also commends her ability to simplify food.

Raymond Blanc claims that Delia Smith, Raymond Blanc’s idol, was “absolutely right” to urge people to make frozen meals.  

Delia, 80 is loved by the 72-year-old Michelin-starred chef for simplifying food and her ability for beginners to cook.

The French-born native pays tribute to Delia on his ITV program Simply Raymond Blanc, along with his mother Maman Blanc.

Speaking out: Raymond Blanc, 72, says his idol Delia Smith, 80, was 'absolutely right' to encourage people to cook using frozen foods

Speaking out: Raymond Blanc, 72, says his idol Delia Smith, 80, was ‘absolutely right’ to encourage people to cook using frozen foods

He told the Radio Times: ‘Delia Smith was the first TV chef to really simplify food.  

She was criticised heavily for including frozen and canned food in her recipe, but she is absolutely correct.

“Take the frozen pea. First, it’s delicious – all the nutrients are trapped in.

Talented: The Michelin starred chef is a fan of Delia for her ability to 'really simplify food' for more novice cooks

Talented: Delia, a Michelin star chef, is a big fan of Delia’s ability to “really simplify” food for beginners.

Although it is not as delicious as fresh, nobody likes to pick pod peas. If it takes two hours, you’re not going to want to eat it.’

The television actor said that his fight against coronavirus almost ended differently. This gave him an important wake up call about life’s value.

After being admitted in December 2020 with high fever, he spent the next four months fighting this virus. He was then transferred to hospital where he remained for another four weeks.

Tribute: The French native even pays tribute to Delia in his ITV show Simply Raymond Blanc along with his other favourite chef - his late mother, known as Maman Blanc

Tribute to Delia: In his ITV program Simply Raymond Blanc, the French native pays tribute not only to Delia but also his mother Maman Blanc (his late mother).

Raymond said that he was ‘close-to terminal’ because of the disease. He wanted to make a difference in his life and spend more time doing what he enjoys after his recovery.

Every day, the media personality wakes up to do 30 minutes of stretching and some meditation.

Raymond claimed in March 2013 that the moment he was ‘panicked by his caretakers and they wanted to give him a respirator, was his lowest point.

Raymond was interviewed for the 29 January - 4 February edition of the Radio Times

Raymond was interviewed on the Radio Times’ 29 January-4 February issue

ITV interviewed him: “I begged them three days more to allow me to fight alone, because I knew that if I was on the respirator, you don’t have control over your destiny. And I want to be in control of my destiny.

“So I fought, and I won through meditation.  

“I tried to meditate for over 40 years and couldn’t…but there, on that hospital bed…

“I focused on living and my friends. I won the fight.”

He said, “Three Days later my oxygen levels had improved. I was feeling good.”

“It was scary, but it made me realize that I have a lot of luck. I believe I’ll be able to appreciate my life more and perhaps do less. 

Fright: The television star said his battle against coronavirus nearly ended very differently, giving him a stark wake-up call about the value of life

Fright: Television star, who was nearly killed by coronavirus in his struggle against it, gave a powerful wakeup call to the importance of living.