Check out the strange note left by a man on his vehicle that caused his wife to LEAVE him for one year.

  • By accident, the compromising note was accidentally left on the windscreen of the husband.
  • After he discovered that he had been cheating on his wife, a man he loved left her.
  • Husband went on social media and begged the note author for explanations 

After a strange note left in his car, a man was forced to use social media to save his wife. 

After discovering the compromising letters, the man of Scone (a small regional community three hours north of Sydney) revealed to his wife that he was furious. 

The couple was also surprised to learn that the note, which seemed to have been written by another lover interest, was left in his car at their one-year wedding anniversary. 

It was signed by a love-heart with the following words: “I didn’t/couldn’t get to see you. You had a fantastic day. The kids had enough. You can call me tomorrow. C.’

He took to Facebook to appeal to the author for clarification so that his angry wife could understand the situation. 

A distraught husband has been forced to take to social media to find the author of a compromising note (pictured) that was accidentally left on his car and discovered by his wife

An distraught husband was forced to use social media to locate the writer of a compromising letter (pictured), which was left inadvertently on his vehicle and later discovered by his wife

He revealed she had left him after discovering the inconveniently-placed note.  

“To anyone who left this message on my car at the cone wash pools yesterday afternoon. I hope you can find a place to sleep for me. He said that it was their first marriage anniversary.

My wife was too busy to find this note. If you (sic), are out there, please use ‘C. Tell me. Let’s get this sorted,’ he wrote. 

Locals quickly assured the man’s uneasy partner that it wasn’t a matter of the writer putting the note on the wrong vehicle. 

“Honestly it seems like one woman wrote a note to another.. as if two close friends went to the pool with their children, and one friend got too tired to tell her friend she was going.,” one woman said. 

“So, she wrote a note to her so that she would know where she was and then put the wrong car number on it.

Another twist in the tale of a small town was that the man who wrote the letter revealed his identity and clarified the mystery. 

“The note writer is now available. It’s been a good chat between my wife and the note-writer. He said that he had an issue with a writer who was using the wrong cars. 

“Thank you everyone for the kind words. “My wife isn’t psycho and has not abandoned me.” 

In another twist to the small town saga, the man told locals the author of the letter had come forward and cleared up any confusion, ultimately saving his marriage (stock image)

The man also told the locals that the writer of the letter was forwarding his information, which helped to save his marriage. Stock image

His partner was miffed and couldn’t resist leaving a comment to defend her decision to temporarily leave her husband. 

“Wife here. I don’t have a temper for short-tempered people. “I wasn’t trying to find a way out,” she said.

Husband isn’t a cheater, or an abusive man. He is only guilty of having a bizarre sense of humor. The case was one of misidentification of a car.

Although she said that it was great to see some of the humorous side of this mix-up among residents, the woman had some words of advice for those who weren’t. 

We are sorry for anyone who thought it was too serious. I hope there are some fireworks or dust to grab your attention.