Rebekah Vardy has returned to Instagram after her Wagatha Christie libel defeat, exclaiming ‘peace out’ and showing a V-sign towards a camera – as it is revealed she could be offered £250,000 for a documentary on the case.

The 40-year-old’s reputation has been left in tatters after losing her £3million libel case to Coleen Rooney on Friday.

Jamie Vardy’s wife, Mrs Vardy of Leicester City, was informed that her evidence was “evasive” and “implausible.” She was also accused of deliberately deleting WhatsApp conversations central to the case.

She stated that she was “extremely disappointed and depressed” by yesterday’s decision, noting that it wasn’t the outcome that she had anticipated.

Now, she took to Instagram to upload a photo of herself walking away from the camera and captioned it: “Peace out.”

This image depicts Mrs Vardy in a black jacket and blue jeans with black boots. 

The Waitrose grocery bag is in her left hand. She also has a V-sign with her right hand.  

Vardy may use this opportunity to rebuild her image. She could also include a documentary and a biography.

Vardy’s sources claim that five companies are interested in creating a document on the scandalous case.

Bidders are expected to offer between £50,000 and £250,000 for her involvement, The Times reports.

The image shows Mrs Vardy wearing a black jacket with graffitied text reading 'normal is boring'

In the image Mrs Vardy is wearing a black jacket, with graffitied text saying “normality is boring.”

Rebekah Vardy and her Leicester City footballer husband Jamie pictured together outside the High Court on May earlier this year

Rebekah Vardy with her husband Jamie, a Leicester City footballer, pictured outside of the High Court in May.

Coleen Rooney pictured arriving with husband Wayne to the High Court in London in May earlier this year

Coleen Rooney is pictured with Wayne at the High Court in London, May this year.

Rebekah Vardy and footballer husband Jamie (pictured leaving court at an earlier hearing) have been left with a £3m legal bill after Mrs Justice Steyn ruled in favour of Coleen Rooney

Rebekah Vardy and footballer husband Jamie (pictured leaving court at an earlier hearing) have been left with a £3m legal bill after Mrs Justice Steyn ruled in favour of Coleen Rooney

Already, streaming giants Netflix, Amazon, and Disney appear to be fighting it out for Rooney’s side in the legal battle waged by Lorton Entertainment — the company that produced the Wayne feature film.

Coleen could receive a hefty sum for participating, according to a source.   

Vardy’s Instagram post comes amid reports suggesting that Mrs Vardy has not ruled out a possible appeal despite legal experts claiming she has little hope of being successful and would be better off ‘retiring to a Scottish island’. 

Vardy sued Vardy over allegations that she leaked information about her private lives to the media. The lawsuit was brought on by Mrs Rooney’s elaborate sting operation, which sought to uncover who was passing stories about Vardy’s private life to The Sun.

Justice Karen Steyn, the judge, stated in her ruling, that Coleen had proved substantially her claim.

Mrs Vardy will have to pay her rival’s costs as well as her own, which sources in both camps say comes to between £2million and £3million.

Vardys might have to dispose of their Portuguese villa because of the large legal bills.

Nearly three years ago, Coleen Rooney was accused of leakage to The Sun about private conversations between Mrs Vardy and Coleen.

Two months later, the bombshell Court 13 verdict was delivered remotely by Mrs Justice Steyn at noon. It came just two months after May’s hearing. Vardy’s unsuccessful libel case has been termed the most irresponsible in human history.

Mrs Vardy demanded a thorough trial under the scrutiny of the international media. She lost.

Mark Stephens, legal expert and lawyer, dropped any thoughts Mrs Vardy might have about appealing to the courts. She described Vardy’s decision to appeal to court as ill-advised.

MailOnline received this statement from him: “She doesn’t have any hope of appealing.” Although the judge made the findings, the appeals judge must show that she has not erred in law.

“This case was never well-advised. The lawyers will dissect your case if you enter a court of libel. They were successful. They did it to damage both their reputations. 

The Rooneys celebrated the victory last night with a meal at Wayne's favourite restaurant

Last night, the Rooneys celebrated their victory with dinner at Wayne’s favorite restaurant.

Vardy’s stain is likely to last a very long time. It will be better for her to retire on a Scottish island, and stop saying too much.

An appeal would be to throw good money after bad. This is an already-advanced goal. You don’t need an appeal that creates a catastrophe out of a crisis.

Matthew Dando is Wiggin’s Media Litigator. He told MailOnline, “It’s a devastating judgment for Rebekah Varidy, that destroys her credibility. You can’t imagine her testimony being condemned by a more harsh judicial panel.

Rebekah Vardy will be really hurt by it as Coleen Rooney will also have to cover her legal fees.

Rebekah Vardy is a fatal blow to her reputation and character that it’s difficult to see.

High Court found Mrs Rooney’s accusation of her rival on social media was “substantially true” and Mrs Vardy knew, condoned, and actively participated in the leaks by Caroline Watt to the media. 

Rebekah Vardy (pictured on May 13) said she was 'devastated' and surprised by the verdict

Rebekah Varidy (pictured May 13th) stated that she was stunned and “devastated” at the verdict.

And in a damning assessment of Mrs Vardy’s evidence, the judge said ‘significant parts were not credible’ and at times her ‘evidence was manifestly inconsistent with the contemporaneous documentary evidence, evasive or implausible’. Judge ruled that Coleen and Wayne were honest witnesses.

Mrs Justice Steyn also ruled that loss of WhatsApp messages between Mrs Vardy and Ms Watt was ‘deliberate rather than accidental’ – dismissing her agent’s claim that a phone fell into the North Sea when a ship hit a big wave.

The judge stated that Caroline Watt, Mrs Vardy’s agent at that time, “likely” passed the information on The Sun.

However, she said: “Nevertheless, evidence… clearly demonstrates, in my opinion, that Mrs Vardy was aware of and condoned the behavior. She directed Ms Watt towards the private Instagram account, sent Ms Watt screenshots from Mrs Rooney’s posts and drew attention to possible items of interest to the media. Ms Watt also answered any additional press inquiries.

The judge stated that the only meaning of the judgment regarding the disclosure to The Sun by the claimant, which was limited to her access as a permissible follower on an Instagram account she knew and which Mrs Rooney repeated repeatedly, is substantial true.

Millions were captivated for a week by the case, which included explosive and exaggerated Whatsapp messages from Ms Vardy and Coleen’s evidence that she leaked false stories about her private lives to uncover who was giving them the tabloids. Coleen also revealed how Coleen almost lost her marriage after Wayne was found drunk driving with a girl at a party.

Coleen Rooney (pictured at court on May 17) is mulling a new TV series about the court case

Coleen Rooney is currently working on a television series that will focus on the court case. Coleen was pictured with Coleen at court, May 17.

Mrs Rooney explained that it was not something she ever wanted or sought. In times of hardship, it was not right that the case should have ended up in court. It could have been spent better helping people.

“Both before my October 2019 social media posts and afterwards, I tried to prevent the need for such a long and expensive public court case. My attempts at doing so were rebuffed by Mrs. Rebeccah Vardy.

“This forced me to make the final decision to pursue the case in order to protect myself from further leakage to The Sun.

These leaks started in 2017, from my private Instagram. They were persistent for nearly two years, intruding upon my privacy and the lives of my family. While I don’t hold Mrs Vardy responsible for my actions in October 2019, today’s verdict shows that it was correct.

“Finally, thank you to my legal team and my family and friends for supporting me during this challenging and stressful time.”

Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy together in 2016. The WAGs have ended up in court in the libel trial of the year and Mrs Vardy's reputation is in tatters after bringing the case and losing

Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney together in 2016. They are now in court for the libel prosecution of 2016 and Mrs Vardy is in serious trouble after losing her case.

Meanwhile, Rebekah Vardy may be forced to sell her family’s beloved Portuguese villa as the couple are facing a multi-million-pound legal bill.

A source close to the mother-of-5, aged 40, said that she had no regrets taking her case to court despite the huge legal bill.

Mrs Vardy will have to pay her rival’s costs as well as her own, which sources in both camps say comes to between £2million and £3million.

According to friends, this led to the suggestion of the couple selling their luxury villa in Quinta do Lago (Portugal), which they refer as their’sanctuary.

The property, which has three pools, a gym, steam room and six bedrooms, is thought to be worth in the region of £2million and is available for rent for up to £30,000 per week.