This is the worst Secret Santa gift ever! Workers reveal some of the most dubious gifts they received from their colleagues, including 500 elastic band and gin chocolates to a recovering alcoholic.

  • An anonymous British woman asked Mumsnet members about the worst Santa presents
  • After she revealed that she had received gin chocolates during her recovery, the discussion began.
  • Many people admitted that they have been disappointed by joke gifts and had to throw them away. 

These are the stories of people who have revealed their worst Santa presents. This thread will open your eyes and make you question what gifts you give to colleagues.

Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to vent about the disappointing presents that they’ve thrown straight into the bin, including one who said she would rather have received a £1 bar of Dairy Milk than chocolate penises bought for £5. 

Discussion began when a woman shared that she received gin-infused chocolates as a gift despite the fact that everyone knew she is recovering from alcoholism.

Some others complained that colleagues spent less on gifts than they had budgeted and bought items that left them embarrassed. Ann Summers sent one of these bras to one of their respondents. 

Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to vent about disappointing secret Santa gifts (file image)

Mumsnet users across the UK joined the forum in order to complain about their disappointing Santa gifts. (file photo)

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman revealed she had been gifted gin infused chocolates despite being a recovering alcoholic

The woman posted on Mumsnet that she was gifted chocolates with gin in spite of being an alcoholic recovering addict. 

A woman started the discussion by asking, “Worst Santa secret gift you received?” When everyone knows I’m recovering from alcohol, my secret gift to Santa was gin-infused chocolates. 

Please tell me about the most embarrassing Santa gift you received.

A flood of stories were shared about secret Santa swaps, which triggered HR complaints and left staff in tears.

One individual wrote, “I was working my first job as a bank clerk and I was still learning my way.” The company had a meal together and we had to keep an eye on each other as they opened the presents. Ann Summers gave me a bra with nippleless cups. 

“I was embarrassed, blushed red and ran to the ladies. I burst into tears as soon as I got home. It was not mentioned by anyone on Monday. It was lost and never found out by me who it came from. It’s now 60 years old and I wish it had been kept!

“Not me. My old company had secret Santas between 500 employees. A man who the recipient didn’t know well got given a ‘how to not be such a bald c***’ or something equally offensive. He was suffering from alopecia, and was very upset. After this, secret Santa was made by the team,’ wrote a third.

Many responses to the thread admitted they've been visibly upset because of Secret Santa gifts and even complained to HR

Many people who responded to this thread said they were visibly upset by Secret Santa presents and complained to HR.

One resentfully recalled the day they were given a sex position calendar, as the stories kept coming in thick and fast.  

“My boss bought it. She wrote that she was unable to attend the party because they opened all of them. 

‘Chocolate body paint. It was late 20s and I had been there only a short time. The giver could have been my dad. I was unaware that the office manager had taken it from me. He tossed it into the trash when he wasn’t looking.

Another option is a box with 500 elastic bands.

One wrote, “An ashtray that looks like a marijuana leaf.” At the time, the office was aware that I was trying quit smoking. The stupid gift also gave them the idea I was using weed. (I wasn’t). I do remember it makes me laugh though.

The redfaced gift giver confessed that it was them who were offended by the choice of present. The gift made the recipient cry and she told her boss that the gift had made her feel bullied. 

Other responses confessed they've been left disappointed by sexual gifts - including body paint, chocolate penises and a sex position calendar

Some others confessed to being disappointed by the sexual gifts they received, such as body paint or chocolate penises.