A furious recruiter revealed that a boss at a property company made some shocking remarks about the weight of a 16-year old candidate, saying she was ‘not the thinmest’.  

Faye Angeletta 32 from London, is the director of TDM Recruitment, which specializes in property and house building recruitment. She put forward a candidate to a new role at an undisclosed company. 

She asked her employer for feedback. The employer sent her a text saying that although the candidate is 16 inches tall, he had a good understanding of the surrounding area. But that he was bothered by her looks, and might not offer the full package.

When a recruiter asked an employer for feedback on an interview, he text to say the candidate had 'good grasp on the local area' but that he was 'bothered' by her weight

A recruiter asked for employer feedback after a job interview. He texted to tell the employer that the candidate was “good at the area” but was “bothered” by her weight.

Faye Angeletta, pictured, director of specialist house building and property recruitment company TDM Recruitment, put a candidate forward for a role at an unnamed firm

Faye Angeletta (pictured), director at TDM Recruitment, specialist in property and housebuilding recruitment, submitted a candidate for an open position at an undisclosed company

He stated that she wasn’t slimmest of all girls. Although I don’t mean to be sizeist, it does seem a little offputting. Our staff has a set standard in presentation. We don’t say no to this, but we believe that the whole package — experience as well as appearance – is important. [sic].’ 

After speaking with Ms Angeletta, the employment seeker decided to remove her from their list. The message was also shared by Angeletta on LinkedIn. 

She stated, “I have worked in recruitment for seven year.” That was amazing. It was amazing. [about her ‘not being the slimmest’]He reached me by text message. It was unbelievable to me that he had written it down.

He said on the phone, “Well, you know. I’m worried about the stairs in her show room. Or for her having a cardiac arrest.” It was an ugly, slimy man. He laughed at the telephone.

“This is the UK’s average size for women, a 16-year-old woman. This is just unreal. 

Ms Angeletta later spoke to the jobseeker and they made the decision to pull her from the list of potential candidates. She also shared the employer's message on LinkedIn, pictured

After speaking with Ms Angeletta, the employment seeker decided to take her off the short-list of candidates. The message was also shared by Angeletta on LinkedIn.

Angeletta shared her regret with the job-seeker. It is common for recruiters to share this information to assist candidates in future interviews. 

Angeletta wanted to assist the job seeker in avoiding future employment with the company.  

She said, “People must know the reasons they failed to get a job and how they can make it better.”

“You may say that you just need to make sure you look good in the mirror before you go for an interview.

“But this person was overweight. It is my duty to ensure that this candidate does not try to engage with the person again.

Horrified LinkedIn users were quick to comment, saying they were shocked at the boss

LinkedIn users who were horrified by the boss’s behavior were quick to respond.

“He actually said no to her. He basically stated that he still was interested in her but she was just too fat.

“If I placed that person.” [the jobseeker]In that position, I could feel guilty for any bullying that might occur. She would not be accepted in any job that were based on her appearance.

She said, “I would like to hear honest feedback.” She laughed at me when I explained my situation and replied, “Are you kidding?”

Additionally, the recruiter told the employer that he wasn’t right to comment on the weight of the candidate. 

Ms Angeletta posted her conversation with the employer via LinkedIn. She also shared a post in which she explained that candidates had been rejected for other positions due to reasons not related to their job performance.

LinkedIn users expressed horror at the employer’s remarks.  

Rosie Christie said, “I’d love to see this man.” He would be an ideal candidate to cover Men’s Health. These kind of remarks are often made by those who can’t give a 10/10.

Caroline Fertnig stated that it was a shame they couldn’t name the culprits. It seems that there is a shortage in sales people for new homes. This would make it shameful for any person to work for such an instrument.

Catherine Marshall said, “It’s more than just the size of people who get turned down. There are people out there that will not take people simply because they don’t fit into their mold. And then there is the ageist.

“I heard someone tell me the other day that you are too old for this job. This kind of person doesn’t belong in these jobs.

Jamie G. said, “Wow! I have heard many unsavory reasons not hiring but this is up there in the worst ….how are you going to provide feedback?

Rog Farr said: ‘Wow **. that’s horrendous!!’

Samantha Marlor stated: “This is disgusting, and it happens way too often. Despite it not being mentioned it is the real reason.”