Russia plans to tighten its child sexual laws to this month in order to immediately jail repeat paedophiles to be sent to harsh polar prisons.

According to the speaker of the parliament, monsters that sexually abuse children must be sent to hard labour penal colonies in Arctic where they will then be forced into Siberian mines.

After a horrendous case this week in which a five-year-old girl was kidnapped by a recivedist paedophile, and then his lover, the new legislation is being passed.

Veronika Nikolayeva was playing in the vicinity of her mother’s office in Kostroma. A video shows how she was taken and then abused.

The girl, who was helpless, “struggled and fought for her rights” but the passersby didn’t pay much attention to her distress and took her to their hostel.

Later, her corpse was found in a dufflebag by the suspects Denis Gerasimov (44), and Vadim Belyakov (24) who planned to dispose off her body.

Parliamentary speaker Vyacheslav Volodin (pictured) said child rapists 'cannot be called human' as he called for new law to send repeat offenders to the Arctic for life

Vyacheslav Volodin, the Parliamentary Speaker (pictured), said that child rapists “cannot be described as human” and called for a new law to allow repeat offenders to go to the Arctic to live. 

Distressing footage shows the moment two men in Russia snatched a five-year-old girl and carried her through the snow and past unaware members of the public

The shocking footage captures the moment that two Russian men took a 5-year-old girl, and transported her through the snow past unaware members of the general public.

One of the suspects was named as Denis Gerasimov, 44, earlier jailed for paedophile offences including producing child pornography

The second suspect Vadim Belyakov, 24, reportedly has a conviction for theft

Denis Gerasimov (44), was previously jailed in connection with paedophilic offences, including the production of child pornography. Vadim Belyakov (24), is a suspect in the theft case.

The video shows the men confessing to her murder.

Vyacheslav Volodin (parliamentary speaker), a close ally to Vladimir Putin said that the “terrible tragedy” of Veronika’s abuse and her death demonstrated the need for tougher laws.

He stated that one of his detained male accomplices was a former convicted paedophile.

Let’s get everything done for January’s adoption of the law on life sentences to paedophiles.

He supported the calls for more severe measures and sent all paedophiles in polar areas to finish their sentence.

“Those who are convicted of such offenses should be sentenced to life in harshest conditions, in Russia’s extreme north or in mines.

‘These b******s should undergo the hardest labour, so they remember the crimes they committed every day – and regret them.’

He stated that they “cannot even be called humans”.

Pictured: CCTV footage shows the two men moments before the kidnapped the girl

Photographed: The CCTV footage captures the men just moments before they kidnap the girl

Pictured: A still grab from a video showing the inside of a room searched by police in relation to the case, in which two suspects have been detained over the rape and murder of the girl

Pictured is a still from a video that shows the interior of a room being searched by police. It contains two suspects who were arrested in relation to the rape/murder of the girl.

Alexander Khinstein was a powerful MP within the pro-Putin United Russia main party.

He stated that electronic tags should be worn by all sexual attackers once they are freed from jail.

Maria LvovaBelova (Putin’s Commissioner for Children’s Rights), warned that sexual assaults against children and teenagers have increased by 79% over the last eight years.

Gerasimov was released in this case from March’s sex crimes conviction.

Locals demanded the right to execute the suspects after the body was pulled from the hostel.

Both suspects have been involved in long-term relationships since when the younger man is underage.

Interrogators were told by the men that they had committed a crime and it was accidental. It was then reported.

One of the younger ones suggested to his partner that he catch the girl, and then make fun of her.

One suspect is seen carrying the girl kidnapped down snowy streets while another walks beside.

Pictured: Russian police offers are shown inside a home during a search

Pictured: Russian Police offers were shown in a home during an investigation

Pictured: Officers leave a hostel in Russia carrying the girl's body, after a mob formed upon hearing the news about her death

Pictured: Officers leave a hostel in Russia carrying the girl's body, after a mob formed upon hearing the news about her death

Pictured: After hearing about the death of the girl, officers leave Russia’s hostel carrying her body. 

Sources say that police found the body of the victim in a duffle bag after raiding a room in which the suspects were staying in hostel.

This girl was raped and killed before her death.

Local media reported that a mob formed immediately the information became public. 

“Immediately following the publication of the information regarding the arrest of the suspects, residents assembled at the hostel where the body was discovered,” reported 112 news outlet.

They demanded that the suspect murderers be brought to justice and wanted them executed.

Video shows the body of the little girl being loaded into a vehicle by police officers.

A post on social media stated: “This case again shows that surveillance systems for paedophiles don’t work and allows them to continue their crimes.”