Wo is our WOOF? Storm Arwen tears through entire roof of kennel, causing 40 rescue dogs to be saved by the Rescue Team

  • Storms tore off the roof at Link Kennels in Trimdon County Durham.
  • Last night’s footage shows the destruction caused by 40 rescue dogs who were uninjured
  • The UK was devastated by Storm Arwen, and Met Office has issued a yellow warning.
  • Following Storm Arwen: Warning that snow and ice are on the horizon  

After Storm Arwen ripped off the roof of their shelter, 40 dogs were saved by a rescue team.

The destruction was captured on video at Link Kennels in Trimdon County Durham.

The kennels are filled with waterlogged floors and litter everywhere greyhounds train for their races. 

As the camera pans inside the kennel, it whips.

After the roof had been torn off by the storm, the inside of the house was gutted.  

Rainwater can cause damage to blankets, dog bowls, and other items of equipment. 

The filmer continues to observe the destruction of the building and roof as he goes out. 

Waterlogged floors are filmed in the aftermath of the roof being ripped off by the storm

The filmer shows the debris scattered around the building

Last night’s footage at Link Kennels in Trimdon County Durham shows the damage caused by Storm Arwen. 

All forty dogs were rescued from the kennel.

Within thirty minutes, the trainers had seen the situation and placed them in temporary housing. 

Workers at the Kennels are working now to repair and replace the roof and clean up the place. 

Storm Arwen has caused havoc in the UK with snowfall, strong winds, and heavy rain.

As the filmer walks outside, more destruction, blankets and debris are seen

The outside of the kennels is covered with debris including the destroyed roof

The quarantel contained forty dogs that were not injured and were all saved. The trainers were able to place them into temporary accommodation in thirty minutes.

Unfortunately, the storm claimed three lives, one of them a headteacher.

Francis Lagan was in his forties, and was father of four. He taught at St Mary’s Primary School, Londonderry.

His memory was deeply loved and many tributes to him were made last night.

Francis Lagan (pictured), a father-of-four in his 40s, was a headteacher at St Mary's Primary School in Londonderry who was killed by a falling tree

Francis Lagan, a father of four in his 40s was the headteacher at St Mary’s Primary school in Londonderry. He was struck by a fallen tree and was tragically killed. 

Another man was almost swept away in the giant waves that enveloped Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 

The path of Storm Arwen has caused train cancellations across the country and severe power outages.  

Strong 100mph winds caused 250,000 homes to lose power overnight.

Storm Arwen's path of destruction has also led to train cancellations and power cuts across the country. Pictured: A van crushed by a fallen tree

Also, the path of storm Arwen caused widespread power outages and train cancellations in this country. Photo: Van crushed by fallen trees 

Hartlepool in County Durham saw dozens of homes destroyed and toppled by the severe storm.

Many areas of the country have seen the effects of storms, including snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Today’s yellow weather alert by the Met Office is for additional snow and ice after Storm Arwen. 

In Hartlepool, County Durham, dozens of holiday homes were trashed and flipped over due to the storm (pictured)

Many holiday homes in Hartlepool County Durham were destroyed and turned over by the severe storm.

Pictured: A huge wave in Hartlepool, County Durham as Storm Arwen batters the North East coast and causes big waves to crash against the Heugh breakwater yesterday

Pictured: A massive wave in Hartlepool County Durham, as Storm Arwen batters North East Coast and creates huge waves that crash into the Heugh breakwater.