Following a dispute with her husband, the doctor obtained a restraining injunction against her. He was angry at her for letting her dog in the yard and giving her sirloin beef.

When Alex Shoretire (59), a wealthy accountant, began to scuffle with Sarah Shoretire in front their daughter, Dr Sarah Shoretire (44) and had her glasses knocked off of her head. 

During the argument Dr Shoretire said her husband flew into a rage after he returned to the large £2.8m detached house they shared with three children in Knutsford, Cheshire to find her giving the expensive red meat to their two Alsatians.

Shoretire reported that the sunglasses were broken during the fight.

Shola Shoretire’s son, Mr Shoretire played for Manchester United. The couple later moved into a hotel. They are now seeking legal advice about divorcing. 

In a statement, Dr Shoretire stated that he felt “trapped” in his own house. 

Alex Shoretire , 59, (pictured outside Stockport magistrates' court) admitted criminal damage and was slapped with a restraining order

Alex Shoretire , 59, (pictured outside Stockport magistrates’ court) admitted criminal damage and was slapped with a restraining order

Sarah Shoretire, pictured, said her estranged husband made her feel 'trapped' in her £2.8m home in Cheshire

Sarah Shoretire, pictured, said her estranged husband made her feel ‘trapped’ in her £2.8m home in Cheshire

The court heard Shoretire returned home and 'stood over' his wife, 'shouting about her giving the dogs (pictured) some steak'

Shoretire, according to court records, returned home with his wife.

Alex Shoretire said he was angry that the Alsatians (pictured) were in the garden of the rented property

Alex Shoretire claimed that he was furious at the Alsatians who (pictured above) were living in the yard of his rented home

Shoretire was arrested at Stockport Magistrates Court and he admitted to criminal damage. He was also banned from speaking with his ex-wife for twelve months.

The argument ended because she didn’t stop the Alsatians from causing “mayhem” in the garden.

An earlier prosecutor, Miss Tina Cunnane stated that Sarah Shoretire was the complainant in this instance. Their children include several grandchildren. On the date in question, June 20,21 Sarah and her nine-year old daughter were at Sarah’s home.

“The defendant came back to her home and shouted at her about giving steak to her dogs. She then knocked her sunglasses off her top and threw them to the ground.

Sarah said that she feels trapped in her home. She also mentioned the possibility of divorce. According to police, a restraining orders is required to prevent any contact between the two of them directly or indirectly. This would be for child contact only and one time to retrieve belongings. There may have been some history between them.

Alex Shoretire was told at Stockport magistrates court that he will not be able to make contact with his wife for the next 12 months

Alex Shoretire is the father of Shola Shoretire, 18, who has made two appearances for Manchester United this season

Pictured left, Mr Shoretire is outside the court. He’s also the father to Shola Shoretire (right), a Manchester United forward aged 18.

Alex Shoretire said the dogs were in the garden and causing mayhem when he arrived at the home. Pictured, one of the couple's dogs

Alex Shoretire stated that dogs were running wild in the backyard and creating havoc when he first arrived at his home. One of their dogs is shown here. 

Sarah and Alex in happier times on a family holiday in Lanzarote with their three children

Sarah and Alex enjoying happier times while on holiday with their children in Lanzarote

Trevor Feehily is a defense attorney who stated that in mitigation, the client did dispute that there had been an argument about their dog’s food. The issue was really about what and where the dogs were going.

He was greeted by their Alsatian dogs when he arrived home. They are renting the property. In the past, their dogs had caused extensive damage to gardens in previous homes they lived in.

“He had difficulty getting deposit back to previous addresses due to the dogs so he bought a retractable barrier that would keep them out of his garden.

The argument started over the dogs, which were said to cause 'mayhem' at the property

It was over the dog, who were said to be causing’mayhem at the property’.  

“His wife, who was at the patio unaware that her husband had brought the dogs to the backyard and caused chaos when he returned home from work, did not know the reason. His wife did not respond to his attempts to explain why the dogs were there.

“He then overreacted in heat and frustration and took his wife’s sunglasses from her and dropped them on the ground. These sunglasses weren’t designer, but they were supermarket-brand.

“This was a domestic offense, but the relationship is ended in terms of marriage. This is the beginning of divorce proceedings. There are no signs that things will change in the future.

“There will be an end to the conflict and there is no chance of it happening again.” The damage was of low value.

“He’s a competent man, a certified accountant and is certain he will be able to repay all financial penalties within seven days. His income is between £60-80,000 per year.’

Shoretire was also fined £768 and ordered to pay £162 in costs.