Rishi Sunak says he is becoming increasingly disillusioned with Boris Johnson’s maelstrom chaos following PM’s catastrophic Peppa Pig speech.

  • Boris Johnson is reported to have frustrated Chancellor Rishi Sonak over the ‘chaos.
  • Allies stated that he thinks the prime minister needs to show more professionalism 
  • Source claims Mr Sunak is worried because he continues to be ‘hit’, but that the chaos has not subsided. 
  • The MPs revolt after PMs chaotic Peppapig speech, and the bungled railway announcement. 

Rishi Sunak says he is becoming increasingly frustrated by Boris Johnson’s chaotic chaos, which has resulted in the PM’s terrible Peppa Pig speech and a bungled rail announcement. 

Allies of the chancellor told The Times he believes the prime minister must show greater professionalism following a series of damaging crises this week. 

According to an anonymous source, Mr Sunak is concerned that he’s ‘continued being hit by chaos next door’.     

“The short-term can be manageable, but it is more challenging to digest when you don’t see any signs of improvement.” 

An ally claimed that the chancellor was “frustrated” with No.10’s operation, but added that he wasn’t confrontational even though he took things seriously.

The order came as Tory MPs were directed to show support for Johnson yesterday as Johnson defended his record before the Commons amid increasing concern over the PM’s chaotic leadership.

Rishi Sunak has become 'increasingly frustrated with Boris Johnson's maelstrom of chaos after the prime minister's disastrous Peppa Pig speech, bungled rail announcement and MPs' rebellion

Rishi Sunak says he is becoming increasingly frustrated by Boris Johnson’s chaotic chaos, which has resulted in the Prime Minister’s terrible Peppa Pig speech and bungled rail announcement.

Allies of the chancellor said he believes Prime Minister Boris Johnson must show greater professionalism following a series of damaging crises this week

According to allies, the chancellor believes that Prime Minister Boris Johnson needs to show more professionalism after a string of disastrous crises.

Conservative whips forced backbennch MPs to fill the Commons chamber with Prime Minister’s questions and cheer for the PM while Sir Keir starmer turned the knife on a string U-turns, mishaps.

Sunak displayed a pointed act of unity while nodding his head as the PM supported his record.

After revelations yesterday in the Daily Mail, some high ranking Government officials blame the Treasury after a negative briefing on the PM earlier in the week. The appearance of the Chancellor and Mr Johnson was in response to these allegations.  

After Monday’s speech to CBI, Mr Johnson’s place was lost for over 20 seconds by a’senior Downing Street’ source who told BBC that there was “a lot concern” in the building.

This briefing led to Whitehall hunting for the alleged ‘Chatty Pig’.

Multiple sources have pointed fingers at Liam Booth Smith (head of the joint No 10/Treasury financial unit), Mr Sunak’s advisor.

Treasury strongly refuted the claim. Booth-Smith’s friend said that it wasn’t his way to provide damaging briefings.

Many government officials believe that the true source of briefings is No 10, also affected by infighting.

The Chancellor's appearance alongside Mr Johnson followed revelations in the Daily Mail yesterday that some senior figures in Government blame the Treasury for a toxic briefing against the PM earlier this week

After revelations yesterday in the Daily Mail, the Treasury was blamed by some high ranking Government officials for giving a toxic briefing to the PM earlier in the week, Mr Johnson and the Chancellor joined him.

The claim has caused tensions to flare between Johnson and Johnson that have simmered for many weeks.

Yesterday, the press secretary for the PM tried to downplay the dispute by telling reporters that both men are ‘working together well.

She stated that the PM and Chancellor as well as the whole government were focused on meeting people’s needs.   

A poll that suggested Mr Johnson’s Downing Street operations was not popular with the Tory party raised concerns yesterday.

Savanta ComRes surveyed Mr Johnson and found that his net approval rating was minus 14. Labour also had a two-point advantage.

However, Mr Johnson was still rated as ‘best PM’ by 39 per cent – well ahead of Sir Keir on 30 per cent.

Senior Tories denied reports that at least 14 MPs had sent letters of non confidence in Sir Graham Brady’s PM to backbench shop staffer. To trigger a leadership race, 54 letters are required.

The premier suffered another blow as a Savanta ComRes poll suggested the chaos is cutting through to voters, with his net favourability score dropping to minus 14 and Labour in the overall lead

A Savanta ComRes survey suggested that the chaos was reaching voters. The Premier suffered another setback, his net favorability score falling to minus 14, with Labour leading the overall lead.