An office worker faces off against a tradie on the roads with a road rage dispute. A RM Williams SHOE is spectacularly thrown in the air.

  • This week, two men met on a busy Woolloomooloo street.
  • A businessman tried to punch the Tradie in the Head who evaded his attack.
  • Although the men split up, they continued shouting at one another.

An office worker and tradesman fighting on the streets has erupted into a wild exchange of rage.

The footage showed them confronting one another in the middle a Woolloomooloo road, inner-city Sydney.

One time, the businessman attempted kick the tradesman’s forehead but failed to make contact. In the end, he lost his shoe – believed be a RM Williams boot – and it flew off into the sky.

A businessman is seen trying to kick a tradesman in the head during a wild road rage brawl in Sydney this week

In a wild Sydney road rage brawl, a businessman was seen trying to punch a tradesman in his head.

Although the strike was being delivered at him, the tradie managed to avoid it and stepped backwards with his fists facing his face.

After the pair parted ways, they continued shouting abuse at each others while passing motorists watched in horror.

This footage circulated online and many people poke fun at it. The men seem to have been unharmed.

One commentator said, “That shoe hit me all of the way in New Zealand!”

“Oh no, not the RM Williams!” One joked.

“That shoe still exists.”

Some others suggested that the tradie could have sustained serious injury if there had been a kick.

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to NSW Police in order for them to comment. 

The pair confronted each other in the middle of a road in Woolloomooloo but appeared to come off unharmed after the incident

They confronted one another in Woolloomooloo’s middle of the road, but the pair appeared to be unharmed.