Morrison’s Car Park Brawl is a showdown between road-rage pensioners. Afterwards, stunned shoppers broke it apart

  • OAP punchup explosion in Waterglade Retail Park in Clacton
  • In the parking lot of Morrisons supermarket, we witnessed a wrinkly rowdy scene
  • The elderly were initially aggressive by just pushing but they soon became more violent and began to punch.
  • Witness: The wife of one fighter calmly spoke out to diffuse the situation
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Two elderly men, who were shopping in Morrisons supermarket, got into an argument that spilled out onto their car bonnets.

Outside a popular grocery store branch, the OAPs began throwing punches.

The men, both in their 60s, were described as ‘quite agile’ by the Waterglade Retail Park in Clacton.

The sparing sexagenarians’ blows were so rapid and animated people nearby started filming them on their mobile phones.

The exact time of the wrinkled rampage is unknown, but video footage has been published in local newspapers.

According to reports, the older combatant’s spouse broke up the carpark pasting just before things became too vicious.

Lewis Goldsmith (31 years old) was only there to purchase baby formula and so was shocked to see the old-age chaos.

There was little hint of what was to come before the fight suddenly started in the car park

It was hard to imagine what would happen before the brawl broke out at the car park.

But shouting started between the two elderly gentlemen and fists were suddenly flying

The shouting began between two old gentlemen, and suddenly fists flew.

He told the Clacton Gazette:  ‘I was behind the older guy waiting for him to move as he had just stopped and seemed to not notice he was stationed across a junction.

“The other man approached the block junction and began to make hand gestures suggesting he could no longer get out.

‘He then stepped out of the car to show the elderly fellow the road markings and that he needed to move – but then he got out and started shouting.

‘I never expected the shove and punches but given their age I thought I had to get out and prevent one of them falling or hitting their heads – turns out one was quite agile.’

The fight spiralled into car bonnet territory as the punching started in the car park

As the fight escalated into car bonnet territory, the punching began in the carpark.

A lady - believed to be one of their wives - chastised one of the men and the fight was ended

One of their wives was believed to have chastised one man and it ended with a fight

The initial fight was a push and shove, which quickly escalated to something more violent within a matter of minutes.

After pushing the beige-dressed male onto the bonnet, he began punching.

Goldsmith stated that they both will regret the decision, although no one was hurt.

“Boys will always be boys, regardless of their age.”