ROLAND WHITES reviews the TV last night: What’s the point of the Bake Off? It’s a little… woody, sorry.

Handmade: Britain’s Most Remarkable Woodworker.




Mel Giedroyc, the last offenders in Mel’s final of The Best British Woodworker: Handmade (C4). Bake Off can be removed from Bake Off’s presenter, but it can’t completely remove Bake Off from its presenter. The bottom didn’t get soggy.

Misti was able to fix the base of her garden lounge which looked like an Apollo moon module made of wood, and she reclaimed the title from Charlie and Radha.

Helen Welch, furniture designer, and Alex De Rijke (architect) had requested a large, outdoor structure. Radha created a meditation house. Charlie made a Tepee. She had some difficulties with her hexagonal beam (the part at the top).

Mel Giedroyc hosted the final of Handmade: Britain's Best Woodworker

Mel Giedroyc was the host of Handmade: Britain’s Best Woodworker

Handmade is at its core. You can’t get too excited over someone else’s hexagonal beam ring beam.

Handmade lacks many of the same elements as Bake Off and is therefore less appealing. Bake Off is always bright and cheerful. Handmade was not always like this.

Halfway through their main challenge, contestants were brought to an open-sided tent where they needed to create a marquetry picture of a bridge. Radha was so cold that she brought along a blanket and a thermos. As they cut small pieces of wood using a scalpel, it was steady rain outside.

A viewer may not know anything about cookery but can easily swoon over several dozen muffins and a chocolate gateau. You should seek medical attention if you are drooling on a mortice-tenon joint, a piece of well-turned dowelling or another mortice-tenon joint.


Britbox has now made the sitcom 1970’s Some Mothers do ‘Ave Em available. While fans will love Frank Spencer’s adventures, the rest of the world can still puzzle over the following question: “What on Earth does Betty see?” 

Giuseppe, the winner of Bake Off got misty-eyed over his Italian family. Charlie declared in Handmade: “I love my digital anglefinder.”

We are sorry, but I will take overcooked Belgian Buns everytime and the Hollywood Handshake.

This week was a hectic one for finals. Handmade and Bake off are not the only things that have been happening, but so is our latest offering. Taskmaster (C4). Morgana Robinson was the winner of the series title. She also won the prize, which included a golden bust by Greg Davies. Two golden busests were awarded second prize.

Taskmaster is one those shows that makes you feel like you are being held captive. You sit there thinking it is just silly, and then — without warning — the laughter of the contestants becomes infectious.

For some of their final challenges, the contestants were asked to make birdsong noises, and — not at the same time — to drink a large glass of Ribena while keeping their mouths open. You’d be surprised at how difficult this proved to be. Victoria Coren Mitchell was able to finish the task in eight minutes, 30 seconds. However, comedian Desiree Burgch managed to drink her wine in seven seconds.

Alex Horne is the one who creates the challenges. The round saw contestants propose to Alex Horne and it was one of the most emotional Taskmaster moments. Perhaps the most heart-tugging Taskmaster moment.

Victoria Mitchell is a comedian and Victoria couldn’t bear to propose to him. Later, she explained that she was happy to be married. She continued, “I am so infatuated with my husband, that even though it was a joke, I really worried about proposing.”

‘Pretty damn sweet if you ask me,’ said Greg Davies.

Although it was, I am curious if Victoria had ever heard of the practice where people make up things they do not mean. No, not politics — acting.