Roofer uses a nail gun to puncture his FOOT, before scaling down scaffolding 20ft and removing his boot using a Stanley knife

  • Rob Owen accidentally tapped the tip of a nail gun on his boot, triggering it to fire.
  • Father of two, 36 years old, drove a 2.5-inch nail into his left big toe.
  • After the incident Mr Owen stated that he will be more cautious in the future

After he had shot his nail through the toe of his roofer, he was forced to remove his boot using a Stanley knife.

Rob Owen (36), tripped, and leant forward in an effort to stop his fall. He tapped the gun from his boot to release a 2.5 inch nail at his left big toe.

The dad-of-2 worked two floors above and walked the scaffolding 20ft high. He was taken to hospital but his steel-tipped boots prevented him from undergoing an xray.

Rob Owen, 36, (pictured with daughter Heidi) was forced to cut off his own boot after he accidentally fired a 2.5inch nail through the big toes of his left foot while working on a roof

Rob Owen (pictured here with his daughter Heidi), 36, was forced to remove his boot when a nail he had accidentally driven through his big toes while working on his roof caused him to slip.

Pictured: nail passed through Mr Owen's boot and became lodged in the big toe of his left foot

Pictured: Mr Owen’s left boot was punctured by a nail that got stuck in the big of Owen’s right foot

After waiting five hours Rob finally got the Stanley knife out of his pocket and began to cut the boot. His toe was still pinned to his boot’s sole.

Dr. John couldn’t get it out due to the rivets at the nail. He had to take the head off the nail and PUT it through the foot on September 7.

Rob from Stockport in Greater Manchester said that the nail had penetrated through the bone.

“The adrenaline was truly pumping. The adrenalin was pumping in an instant.

“I did not realize it at first. Then I noticed the nail sticking out of the boot’s top. You are so fortunate.

It was straight through my toe bone so there wasn’t any bleeding.

Rob was working two floors up when the incident happened and he had to climb down 20ft of scaffolding before cutting off his boot with a Stanley knife. Pictured: Rob's foot with the nail

Rob had been working on two floors higher when the incident occurred. He was forced to scale 20ft of scaffolding and then cut his boot off with a Stanley blade. Rob’s boot with the nail

“Otherwise, I would have died in my boot.”

“It was funny to have this boot sole stuck on my foot like some joker.

“It’ll be a great tale to tell, especially if it starts me limping at 50.”

Rob was an 18-year-old roofer who screamed at himself when he shot him. This alerted a colleague, who drove him five kilometres to Wythenshawe, Manchester.

Amelia (15 years old) and Heidi (5 years old) had to be separated for five weeks.

Married Rob said: “I will be more careful when I use a nail gun now. One could hit you on the head and you would die.