After gaining four stone in weight, a size 18 Tik Tok celebrity has lost 4 stone. She created low-calorie versions of her favorite meals. 

Rosie Breen, 25, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, went from a size 10 to weighing 17st 3lbs after embarking on student life and living on diet of ‘easy cook’ pasta bakes, crisps and bread.

Rosie was shocked to discover that her size doubled following a 2019 girls’ trip. She began to learn healthy cooking techniques through YouTube tutorials.

By making simple ingredients swaps – such as swapping cream for skimmed milk and getting a meal  of macaroni cheese down to just 490 calories per portion compared to 780 calories – Rosie dropped three dress sizes to a size 12 by 2020 and now weighs 12st 9lbs. 

The recipes have been so successful, she has even released a cook book and she was able to ditch her corporate job and become a full time food influencer with her success story earning her 400,000 followers on TikTok and 80,000 fans on Instagram.

Seen centre left before her weight loss

Pictured right after her weight loss

Rosie Breen (25), from Basingstoke in Hampshire lost 18 inches to 12 after she learned how to make low-calorie versions of some her favorite meals. The Seen Centre was left prior to her weight loss, and the right after.

Revealing that she had struggled with her weight since childhood, she said: ‘When I was younger, I was always one of the tallest girls in my class and always had broad shoulders and wide hips.

‘I always felt uncomfortable and like I was the big girl – and I had an incredibly negative relationship with my body – but I grew out of it by the age of 17 and felt good about my figure.’

Rosie, who went from being a size 10 in her teens to an 18-year-old woman, was a result of a combination of prepared pasta, Doritos and bread.

She said: ‘When I went to university I had recently had the contraceptive injection and I suddenly had this insanely huge appetite – and was in charge of all my meals for the first time.

‘[As I gained weight]It was difficult to feel self-worth, and I felt constantly beaten down.

Pictured: Rosie Breen showing her weightloss. Feb 2019 (L) and June 2020 (R)

Rosie Breen shows her weightloss. February 2019, (L) and June 2020, (R)

“I would re-join the Gym at the beginning of each term, and quit after having gone twice.

“I felt intimidated and disoriented because it seemed like everyone knew their stuff.

“I had also no control over my portion size and, by the end of uni, I was almost twice as big but still had denial.”

‘[It wasn’t until]A girl went on a holiday in Budapest, October 2018. This was my turning point.

Rosie tried to cover herself with a towel while on vacation, but it was too small. The towels fit well on Rosie and the other girls.

She understood how much weight she had gained – with the scale showing 17st 3lbs.

The recipes have been so successful, she has even released a cook book and she was able to ditch her corporate job and become a full time food influencer with her success story earning her 400,000 followers on TikTok and 80,000 fans on Instagram

These recipes were so well-received that she published a book. Her success story earned her over 400,000 TikTok followers and almost 80,000 Instagram fans.

By making simple ingredients swaps - such as swapping cream for skimmed milk and getting a meal of macaroni cheese down to just 490 calories per portion compared to 780 calories - Rosie dropped three dress sizes to a size 12 by 2020 and now weighs 12st 9lbs

Rosie lost 3 dress sizes, to size 12, by 2020. She now weighs 12st 9lb.

By the time she graduated later that same year and secured a corporate job, she was miserable with her appearance so the following year, she made a renewed attempt at losing weight – starting with her diet.

Wanting to take on a body-positive approach to eating, the blogger skipped the fad diets and instead focused on ‘healthifying’ her favourite dishes – such as pasta dishes, tasty breakfasts and Thai food.

It was not sustainable to restrict the foods that she loved.

By making simple ingredients swaps, Rosie recreated dishes including one of her favourites: mac and cheese – a typically calorific meal.

Her recipe is lightened up by using skimmed milk instead of heavy cream, and light breadcrumbs rather than deep-frying. It has just 490 calories and 29g protein, thanks to the bacon, cheese, and egg.

Pictured: Rosie Breen (L) on holiday in Budapest with friends in 2019

Pictured is Rosie Breen (L), on holiday with friends in Budapest in 2019,

Pictured: Rosie Breen showing a weightloss comparison. 2019 (L) to Jan 2021 (R)

Pictured is Rosie Breen doing a comparison of weightloss. 2019 (L) and Jan 2021 (R).

Pictured: Rosie Breen showing a weight loss comparison going from 17 stone in 2018 (left) to 12.5 stone in 2019 (R) in a year

Pictured is Rosie Breen, showing how her weight dropped from 17 stone (left), up to 12.5 stones in 2019, (R) over the course of a year

Traditional recipes for this low-calorie meal have upwards of 780 Calories per Serving. This is due to the high amount of cholesterol and fat-rich ingredients like cream and full-fat cheddar cheeses.

The same principle applied to her other meals, with Rosie creating healthy versions of all of her favourites – tacos, pad Thai, pasta dishes, chicken souvlaki and pancakes.

Also, portion control was a top priority for her and she adhered to a daily calorie limit.

The cookbook author said: ‘With cooking, I found inspiration from restaurant menus – if I liked the look of a dish, I’d try and make a healthier version of it.

Despite my family’s great cooking skills, I was not confident in the kitchen. However, it became clear that I needed to master this skill.

“I asked my 20-year-old cousin for help in making scrambled egg recipes.”

Rosie Breen on a night out in Budapest in 2018 before deciding to lose weight

Rosie Breen in Budapest on a night out before she lost weight

Pictured: Rosie Breen showing her weightloss. August 2019 (L) and August 2020 (R)

Pictured: Rosie Breen showing her weightloss. August 2019 (L) and August 2020 (R)

Rosie Breen displaying her weight loss. August 2019, (L), and August 2020, (R).

Pictured: One of Rosie Breen's delicious but lower calorie recipes. This is Veggie Garlic Noodle Bowl.

Pictured: Rosie Breen’s low-calorie, delicious recipes. This is Veggie Garlic Noodle Bowl.

Rosie also took YouTube lessons and ordered HelloFresh boxed cooking kits to improve her culinary skills.

Although she felt great, it was difficult to tackle the health and fitness aspects of her new lifestyle.

Rosie said: ‘I had to leave 40 minutes into my first class – it was so incredibly hard and I couldn’t catch my breath.

“But my mom pushed me to return to the class the next day, even though I was required to miss a part. So I did and I had an incredible time with ‘boxercise.

I fell in love with classes and felt the endorphins.

“It is so important that you find an exercise program that you love.”

Rosie began to feel more confident and decided to post photos of herself eating on social media. She quickly gained a lot of attention, and people begged her for tips.

She was able quit her job in marketing and become a full-time influencer of food with over 400,000 Instagram followers (@rosiebreenx) and 80,000 Instagram fans. 

Rosie Breen with her boyfriend Henry on their last night out before lockdown in 2020

Rosie Breen and Henry, her boyfriend Henry, on the last night before locking down in 2020

When she first started dating boyfriend Henry, 25, in September 2019, she worried the weight would creep back on due to dinners and nights out

She was 25 when she began dating Henry in September 2019. In that year, she worried about her weight.

Rosie stated: “I knew that if I could help just one person in their journey, it would have been worth my time putting myself out there sharing my story via social media.

“I have just been trying to figure it all out, but watching people make my recipes and feeling like I helped them is incredible.

It is a great feeling to cook as a part of your career.

‘Losing weight has helped me completely change my mindset – I now know I can do anything I set my mind to.’

Rosie has also come out with her own cookbook in partnership with HP Custom Content, dubbed Rosie’s Recipes – where she shares the failsafe meals that helped her shed the extra pounds.

These simple recipes can be used to make vodka pasta, tofu pad thai, stuffed peppers, and one pot cheesy chicken or spinach alfredo.

Pictured: A grab from a video by Rosie Breen showing how to make her healthier version of Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Image: Here’s a grab from Rosie Breen’s video showing how she makes healthier Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Rosie’s Chicken Suvlaki (2 servings) 


  • 2 1/2lb boneless, skinless, organic chicken breasts, fat removed and cut into 1/2 inch pieces
  • Greek pita bread
  • Tzatziki sauce
  • Cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives, and tomato slices
  • 10 Garlic cloves peeled
  • 1tsp dried rosemary
  • 2 tbsp dried oregano
  • 1stp sweet paprika
  • 1tsp of each Kosher Salt and Black Pepper
  • ¼ cup Private Reserve Greek extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 bay leaves
  • ¼ cup dry white wine
  • 1 lemon juice


The marinade should be prepared. Add the garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper to a bowl. Mix until combined.

Put chicken in large bowl. Add bay leaves. Marinate the chicken. Combine all ingredients and toss well. Make sure that the marinade is completely coated. Cover tightly, and let cool in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

Let 10 to 12 wooden Skewers soak in water for between 30-45 minutes. Prepare Tzatz iki sauce. Add Greek salad and any other toppings. Some sides, such as roasted garlic Hummus or kibbe may be more time-consuming. These can be prepared in advance.

Once the chicken is ready to be grilled, place it on the skewers.

Prepare an outdoor grill or griddle. Heat the grates on medium heat by brushing them with oil. Place chicken skewers on grill (or cook in batches on griddle) until well browned and internal temperature registers 155° on instant read thermometer. Turn skewers in a circular motion to ensure even cooking. This should take about five minutes. If necessary, adjust the grill’s temperature. Brush the marinade lightly on your grill, and then discard any marinade leftovers.

Let the chicken rest on a plate for three minutes. Grill pitas briefly and then keep them warm.

Make grilled chicken souvlaki sandwiches. Spread Tzatziki sauce over pita. Next, place chicken pieces on the pita. Then add vegetables and olives.

Influencers are happy, healthy, and have found their love.

Henry was 25, her first date. She worried that she’d gain weight due to all of the nights out.

Rosie wanted to strike a balance between dating and working out.

“It was easy to be consistent with my routine and I felt fine,” she said.

‘The proof is in the pudding – it’s what you do nine out of 10 days that counts, not the one day you have off.’

Rosie now weighs 12st 9lbs and her favourite healthy dish to make is one of her mac and cheese recipes – with prawns and chorizo for an extra kick.

She takes a balanced approach to enjoying treats, indulging cravings without going overboard – and it’s an important part of her message as a body-positive influencer.

Rosie added: ‘It’s got to be sustainable, otherwise you’ll quit – it’s so true that you can enjoy everything as long as it’s in moderation.

‘If you want the chocolate, eat the chocolate – just take a balanced approach to it.’

One of Rosie Breen's delicious but lower calorie recipes. This is a Yoggie Protein Bowl

Rosie Breen’s tasty, but low-calorie recipe. Yoggie Protein Bowl

Rosie was determined to have a good balance between working out and dating and has kept healthy

Rosie has maintained a healthy lifestyle by finding a balance in her work and personal life.