Do not send your mail to Mr Postman. Royal Mail has suspended the postie after it was caught on a family doorbell camera appearing to URINATE close to their front doors

  • Christopher Mears captured a man appearing to pee yards away from his house by looking for him
  • Doorbell footage revealed that the Royal Mail worker seemed to be urinating in a hedge.
  • Before he steps down the driveway, Postman looks directly into the camera.
  • The footage was recorded in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, last month

After being captured on the doorbell camera of a family, a Royal Mail Postman was caught urinating near their front doors after dropping their mail. 

Christopher Mears, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, was left horrified after his doorbell camera appeared to show a postman urinating while staring back at the house.

The Sun shares the footage. The Royal Mail employee is shown walking up the driveway, before sending items to Mr Mears’s mailbox.

Christopher Mears, from Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, was shocked after his doorbell camera appeared to show the postman urinating near his front door

Christopher Mears of Wellingborough (Northamptonshire) was shocked to discover that his doorbell camera showed the postman peeing near his front door

The man then appears to take a step down from their front porch. He seems to pull his fly open and go into the hedge.

It appears that the worker stares directly at the doorbell camera, before moving down the driveway and holding what appears like other letters.

Royal Mail officials are currently investigating the matter, which occurred last month.

Royal Mail spokesperson stated that they expect the best behaviour of their people while collecting and delivering parcels. 

“We are investigating this matter and will get in touch with the complainant.”  

In the footage, shared by The Sun, the Royal Mail worker appears to unzip his fly and urinate into a hedge just yards from the family's front door

In the footage, shared by The Sun, the Royal Mail worker appears to unzip his fly and urinate into a hedge just yards from the family’s front door

It’s understood that the worker has been removed from the delivery line while investigation continues.

A father of two, Mr Mears (25), said he felt ‘horrified” after looking at his doorbell footage.

Mr Mears, who lives at the property with his partner and children Elissa, five, and one-year-old Hunter, told The Sun: ‘My children play outside. Although it would be terrible if the driver was delivery, this Royal Mail is responsible.

He continued, “He didn’t bother to try and find a corner within the garden which would have still been terrible.”

According to the father, he had reported the incident at Royal Mail. He claimed that he received a reply from one manager saying it was disgusting.