A rugby fan of 25 years, with “no known connections” to 65-year-old grandmother is being charged with murder. She was found dismembered at her Welsh village home.

  • According to police, Luke Deeley (25), had “no known connections” with June Fox-Roberts (65)
  • A mother-of-three was discovered dead in South Wales with horrific injuries.
  • Art student Deeley is due before Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates charged with murder

One man was charged in the killing of an elderly, kindhearted woman who was found dead inside her house.

Police said that Luke Deeley had no known connection to June Fox Roberts (65), a retired IT consultant.

Mother-of-three Mrs Fox-Roberts was found dead with ‘horrific’ injuries in her detached home where she lived alone in the village of Llantwit Fardre, near Pontypridd, South Wales.

Deeley, from Pontypridd, is due before Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates later today charged with murder.

Det. Darren George is a senior investigator and stated that “The indictment of a 25 year-old man from the area is quite obviously a significant step in the investigation. This should be reassuring to the surrounding community.

I can confirm, however that no links are known between June and those charged. I’d like to thank the entire community again for their assistance during the investigation. 

Luke Deeley (pictured), 25, had 'no known links' to retired IT consultant June Fox-Roberts, 65, according to police

According to police, Luke Deeley, 25, was not known to have any connections to June Fox-Roberts (65), a retired IT consultant.

After a concern call, police were dispatched to Mrs Fox-Roberts’s three-bedroom home.

After finding the body of her victim inside their property, which is located alongside a river and a public footpath, they launched an investigation into her murder.

The family of Mrs Fox-Roberts released a tribute that described her as “a kind-hearted and generous woman who was always happier when she was with her family and friends.”

After retiring, she continued to run a successful IT consulting firm from her house and spent time baking for the Pontypridd community.

After Ms Fox Roberts’ discovery, police put out an appeal seeking a missing man.  

Police arrested former rugby player Deeley


Deeley was a rugby player who was taken into police custody (pictured). 

Ms Fox-Roberts (pictured) was found with multiple knife injuries at her detached house in the village of Llantwit Fardre, near Pontypridd, south Wales, where she lived alone

Ms Fox-Roberts was found in multiple knives injuries at her detached home, Llantwit Fardre near Pontypridd. She lived there alone.

Neighbours were in shock after police discovered retired company director Ms Roberts dead at around 2.45pm on Sunday (pictured: The scene in Llantwit Fardre)

Neighbours were in shock after police discovered retired company director Ms Roberts dead at around 2.45pm on Sunday (pictured: The scene in Llantwit Fardre) 

Her death, along with Sebastian, Abigail, Tristan and Tristan Fox-Roberts are the second tragic event to strike their grown children. 

Martin Fox-Roberts was Martin’s divorcee. He committed suicide riding his bicycle across Cornwall cliffs.

A suicide verdict was recorded by an inquest after the elderly man, 58, told his friends he wanted ‘fly away’.

Her family released the following statement: “We are shocked at the loss of our mother. We will never understand her murder.

“She was kind-hearted and generous, always happier when she was with her family and friends.

“She loved her family deeply and we will never see them again.” We are devastated.

As part of their investigation, police sealed the woodland surrounding her house. The arrest took place later.

The grandmother had lived in the property for more than 40 years and was well liked and respected in the community

She had been living on the same property for over 40 years, and she was well-liked and respected by the local community.

Police said the killing had 'shocked' everyone in the village and patrols have been increased to reassure the public (pictured: Forensics at the scene)

The killing of the victim had shocked the police and the patrols were increased in order to calm the people (pictured: Police at the scene). 

Locals said Mrs Fox-Roberts had lived at the £200,000 home, one of only three detached houses on a large estate, for more than 40 years.

A neighbor said that she knew her well and was very dedicated to her family.

“We were told that she suffered terrible injuries. It’s terrible. Everyone’s in shock. 

Sam Trask (Conservative councillor) said, ‘I spoke to the police commander. I heard the injuries were terrible. Everyone loved her as a kind and generous lady. This is quite shocking.

She was an exceptional baker who made incredible cakes. She loved tradition and wouldn’t use the microwave. Everybody loved her.