Russia warned that it could destroy the satellites of NATO with its new “Star Warrior” technology. This would render useless the West’s GPS guided missiles. It is the latest provocation in Russia’s standoff with Ukraine.

State TV reported last night that Moscow’s antisatellite (ASAT), missiles could be used to destroy 32 NATO satellites. It also claimed they would ‘blind all their ships, missiles, aircrafts and ground forces’.

NASA and Washington were furious when the ASAT technology, which was being tested last week on a Soviet satellite that is no longer in use, sent shrapnel into orbit towards the International Space Station. According to state TV, this warning shot was sent to the West.

The chilling threat comes as Vladimir Putin has sent more than 94,000 troops to the border with Ukraine, sparking fears of a three-pronged invasion that would dwarf the annexation of Crimea in 2014.  

Monday’s White House Statement stated it was concerned about Moscow’s continued threats to Kiev and its buildup of military equipment along the frontier.

Jen Psaki, Biden’s Press Secretary, stated that “We remain to have grave concerns about Russian military actions and harsh rhetoric towards Ukraine” and called on Moscow to reduce tensions.

However, the Kremlin’s SVR foreign intelligence agent accused Washington of inciting panic and dismissed claims that Washington intended to invade.

Russian state TV last night claimed its new 'Star Warrior' anti-satellite missile technology could be used to render the West's GPS-guided missiles useless. It warned Moscow could destroy 32 Nato satellites and 'blind all their missiles, planes and ships, not to mention the ground forces

Russian state TV last night claimed its new ‘Star Warrior’ anti-satellite missile technology could be used to render the West’s GPS-guided missiles useless. It warned Moscow could destroy 32 Nato satellites and ‘blind all their missiles, planes and ships, not to mention the ground forces

The map, which was shared by Military Times, is reproduced below. It shows that Ukrainian intelligence is preparing for an aggressive invasion. This could lead to large swathes in Ukraine being captured.

Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin in Moscow on Monday

Vladimir Putin in Moscow at Monday’s Kremlin meeting

“The Americans paint a terrifying picture of Russian tanks that will begin to destroy Ukrainian cities. They claim they have some reliable information about such Russian intentions,” said the SVR in rare statements to the Russian media.

Joe Biden last night considered sending Javelin anti-tank rocket launchers and Mi-17 Helicopters to Ukraine. Also, military advisers were being sent to assist the armed forces.

Javelin anti-tank rockets may prove crucial in stopping Russian T-80 tanks, which are part of the Moscow armaments that were sent to forward positions.

A second option is sending Russian-made Mi-17 aircraft to a destination that has not been designated for Afghanistan.

Others fear that the sending of military aid to Moscow could be seen as a provocation.

Russian state television last night threatened to use its ASAT technology in a terrorist attack against 32 satellites belonging to the West, that are being used for military operations by NATO.

Moscow tested its missile last week against a Soviet-era spy satellite. It sent thousands of pieces of debris into orbit, which could have posed a threat to the safety of the ISS.

Sate-controlled Russian Channel One TV host Dmitry Kiselyov – dubbed Putin’s ‘mouthpiece’ and ‘propagandist-in-chief’ – claimed the satellite strike was a deliberate warning to the West not to cross the Kremlin’s red lines on Ukraine.

Russia may wipe 32 GPS satellites that are crucial to NATO’s military operations (including the pinpointing and firing of missiles) if its relations with Russia worsen, he stated.

Russia expresses deep concern over the US-UK military support of Kiev with troops, equipment and warships.

Kiselyov said that he had successfully shot down an old Soviet satellite Tselina D in space orbit.

The completion of anti-satellite tests in Russia was called “jewell-like” by Sergei Shoigu, Defence Minister.

“It signifies that NATO could lose all 32 satellites it has, if they cross our red line.”

This would cause a ‘blinding of all their missiles planes and ship, as well the ground forces.

According to the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategy and Technologies, The Nudol was tested nine times from 2014 to 2020. Its first deployment on 15 November to degrade a satellite had already been made.

Video footage shows tests that could have been conducted with the technology, which was last week launched at Plesetsk’s military cosmodrome. 

A satellite image released by Maxar Technologies and taken on November 1, 2021 shows the presence of a large ground forces deployment on the northern edge of the town of Yelnya, Smolensk Oblast, Russia, near the border with Ukraine

Maxar Technologies released a satellite image on November 1st 2021 that shows large ground forces deployed near the Ukraine border.

Javelin anti-tank missiles - seen hearing being used by Australian Army soldiers - could prove effective in stopping Russia's T-80 tanks which have been sent close to the Ukrainian border

Australian Army soldiers have heard that Javelin anti-tank weapons are being used. They could be effective against Russia’s T-80 tanks, which were near the Ukrainian border.

Massive Russian-Belarusian joint drill were held in September, further increasing anxieties of an imminent invasion (pictured: Tanks and missile batteries taking part in the exercises last month)

In September, a massive Russian-Belarusian joint drill was held. This increased fears of an invasion. (pictured: Last month’s exercises included tanks and missile batteries).

One was a Sary-Shagan launch site test in Kazakhstan, while the other one was in September.

Shogun, the defense minister, confirmed that the new system had passed a successful test and hit an older satellite with great precision. Space activities are unaffected by the fragments.

Kiselyov stated to his viewers that Russia does not require conflicts.

“Russia requires security guarantees, so we’ll continue to define our red lines and keep them clear and consistent in order to avoid any provocation that could escalate into an actual military conflict.

He said that the Nudol satellite strike occurred after Russia completed its test of its hypersonic missile Tsirkon Zircon (6,670mph). 

On Monday, warnings were intensified when it was revealed that the U.S. shared maps with European allies which showed how an increase in Russian troops and artillery could enable Putin to call for a quick invasion.

According to Bloomberg, which cited people familiar with the conversations, the intelligence lays out a scenario for a three-pronged attack.

Troops would cross into Ukraine from Crimea, the Russian border and Belarus, with about 100 battalion tactical groups – up to 100,000 soldiers in all.

Two sources said half the tactical groups was already in position and that any invasion would be backed by air support.  

Such an action would eclipse the 2014 annexation in Crimea.

Two sources claimed that Moscow had summoned tens to thousands of reservists for the largest mobilization in Soviet history. They would protect territory that was taken by tactical battalions. 

A plane performs a flight during military drills of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces in Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine November 21, 2021

A plane takes off during the military drills by the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces (Zhytomyr Region), Ukraine, November 21st 2021

Tanks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are seen during drills at an unknown location near the border of Russian-annexed Crimea

Tanks belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces can be seen at drills near the Russian-annexed Crimea border.

Moscow dismissed these reports as propaganda to hide Ukraine’s aggressive intentions.

Dmitry Peskov, spokesperson for the Kremlin, said that movements of Russian troops should not be a concern. 

Instead, he reversed the roles and painted Ukraine the aggressor. 

According to the Associated Press, he stated that the number of provocations has increased and they were conducted with the weapons NATO sent to Ukraine. 

“We are concerned about it.”

However, U.S. officials claim they have a similar playbook. 

We are concerned that Russia could make a grave mistake in trying to review what it did back in 2014 when it assembled forces along the border, crossed into sovereign Ukrainian land and claimed falsely it was provoked. 

Ukraine’s defense minister announced, for its part that they had conducted a drill with airborne troops near Kiev. 

'We continue to have serious concerns about Russian military activities and harsh rhetoric toward Ukraine and call on Moscow to deescalate tensions,' said Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki stated that he continues to be concerned about Russian military actions and its harsh rhetoric towards Ukraine. He called on Moscow to reduce tensions.

According to the ministry, drills were used for the simulation of landing airborne troops or armoured personnel carriers in order to attack an enemy target. The ministry released video footage of the troops landing, supported by helicopters and aircraft.

The Ukrainian navy conducted drills last week near Russian-annexed Crimea.

Ukraine’s new defence minister, Oleksii Reznikov, said during a trip to Washington last week that Putin was ‘playing chess’ with the West but it remained unclear what his intentions were. 

Lloyd Austin, US Defense Secretary, stated Wednesday, “We don’t know exactly what Mr Putin’s up to,”

Meanwhile Democratic and Republican lawmakers have added amendments to the draft 2022 National Defense Authorization Act that would address Russia’s latest provocations 

A Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Menendez’s amendment was seen by CNN and called for “substantial” new sanctions against senior Kremlin officials (including Putin) in case of Russian aggression towards Ukraine.