Russian defense firm releases aftershave which ‘captures’ the smell of their fighter jet cockpit.

  • Putin has created a Russian defense company that launches a fresh aftershave.
  • Checkmate is now available alongside the Sukhoi Su-75 stealth fighter plane.
  • Aftershave should smell just like the cockpit. It can be scented with metal, leather, and glass.

Russian President Putin launched a new aftershave that is small enough to fit in a fighter-jet size. It contains essences of metal leather, glass and leather.   

Rostec, which is owned by the Russian government, has collaborated with Perfumers Guild of Russia for the launch of Checkmate, their new fragrance.

It is designed to resemble the smell of an aircraft’s cockpit. 

For the promotion of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-75, fifth-generation warplane, aftershaves have been made.

Russian defence giant Rostec, a state-owned firm set up by President Vladimir Putin, has partnered with the Perfumers Guild of Russia to release a new aftershave called Checkmate

Rostec is a Russian defense giant, which was established by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Perfumers Guild of Russia has joined forces to create a new aftershave, Checkmate.

The company has launched the spray to support the launch of its brand new stealth jet, the Sukhoi Su-75 - and has been designed with scents of leather, metal and glass to give the impression of the jet's cockpit

To support its new stealth plane, the Sukhoi Su-75, the company launched the spray. It contains scents made of metal, leather and glass that give off the feeling of being in the cockpit.

According to reports, the light-weight, single-engine tactical fighter can fly at speeds up to 1.8 times that of sound. It has a range over 3,000 km and can carry a payload weight of 7.400 kg.

The aircraft is expected to take off in 2023.

Aftershave products from Checkmate are based on black chess pieces and feature the slogan ‘turn the board’. This makes it seem like war is a game.

Rostec’s sinister video plugging the scent features also a Sukhoi Su-75-bomber and a narration that sounds something like Squid Game.

Over ominous music, the narration begins: “While most people hesitate, there are some who can change the world.”

In a trailer for the new aftershave, Rostec also included images of their new stealth jet (pictured)

Rostec featured images of its new stealth plane (pictured) in their trailer for the aftershave.

“While most people follow the rules, some may rewrite them to their liking.

“Only exceptional pieces can change the course of the game.

“Checkmate” is the fifth generation fragrance for those who are masters at their game.

The advertisement comes as tensions rise between Russia and NATO allies.

Russia is believed to have begun building military forces at Ukraine’s border. This has raised fears that another invasion might be imminent.

Also, it sent nukes to the sky over Belarus this month. This was in support of Alexander Lukashenko, who has been accused of orchestrating the migrant crisis and pushing people towards the Polish frontier.

Checkmate aftershave bottles are modelled on a black chess piece and it uses the strapline 'turn the chess board'

The Checkmate Aftershave Bottles are made from a black piece of chess and have the tagline “turn the Chess Board”.

Rostec spokeswoman said that a Rostec-made perfume scented with “Checkmate fighter jet” was created in Russia

“The fragrance notes combine the aromas of natural leather, glass and metals that were used to build the fuselage and cockpit.

But some people mocked the product on social media, with one person blasting: ‘Please tell me, what are ‘scents of glass’, adding that it ‘sounds like asbestos.’

One person said, “Awesome. Can’t begin my day without Kerosene.”

Pictured: A prototype for the Su-75 fighter jet which was unveiled at an exhibition of the Dubai Airshow 2021

Pictured: Prototype for Su-75 fighter plane, unveiled during the Dubai Airshow 2021

Another troll said: “The perfume is stealth perfume, so it’s really water.”

Oksana Cherylshova, president of Perfumers Guild of Russia stated that this technogenic chord is permeating everything. This includes the Russian design and engineering of the machine and the plane itself. The aircraft is a living organism made of metal structures.

“And it also breaths when it flys, and it feeds on fuel!

Checkmate fragrance was featured at this week’s Dubai Airshow, UAE. Limited-edition bottles were also available.