Russian Instagram model’s Swarovski-encrusted £270,000 Lamborghini Aventador is SMASHED up in London crash

  • The flash vehicle belongs to Russian Instagram model Daria Radionova, 26
  • It was proudly displayed on her social media pages to her 626 000 fans
  • The car is worth £270,000 but she will have spend more money after a crash
  • In a photo showing the accident, the vehicle’s rear appears to have been crushed 

A Russian model who put two million Swarovski diamonds onto her £270k Lamborghini Aventado has been left with a new car bill – after it was wrecked in a crash.

Daria Radionova (26 years old) had the black motor customized with crystals in order to display her extravagant lifestyle to her 6626,000 Instagram followers.

This motor has a maximum speed of 217mph and a personal numberplate DAR 11A to let people know its identity.

The unusual car was involved in a London crash and is now safe.

It was shown in a picture that shows the vehicle’s rear end completely damaged, as though another car had been inserted into it.

Radionova didn’t post anything about the incident and isn’t sure who was there at the time.

The car had been involved in a crash which looked like another vehicle had hit the rear hard

This car was involved in a collision that looked almost like another vehicle hit its rear.

Ms Radionova, 26, got the black motor customised to show off to her 626,000 Instagram fans

Ms Radionova (26 years old) got the custom black motor to showcase to her 626,000 followers on Instagram

The model regularly poses with the car on her social media profile pages online

On her online social media profiles, the model often poses with the car.

She will be devastated, as this is her most treasured possession.

It’s something she shows off to her followers on social media.

Two photos of the car being filled with petrol at Knightsbridge garage were posted by her just a week earlier.

On Monday, she instragramed another woman wearing a baseball cap and got out of the driver’s seat.

This picture of Ms Radionova appeared to have been taken on the road of the car crash

The picture of Ms Radionova appears to have been taken from the scene of the accident.

A week ago she put up two pictures of it at a garage in Knightsbridge being filled up with petrol

Two photos of the car being filled with petrol at Knightsbridge garage were posted by her a week ago

This location seemed to be on the exact same road that was involved in the accident.

In 2019, Ms. Radionova was the first to be identified as the original owner.

As it was displayed at the Kensington rally, stunned pedestrians in London saw it.

The work to attach the crystals took 700 hours because this is a laborious task that must be performed by hand.

She had been delighted with the end result, telling her followers ‘I have no words to describe how shiny it is –  it was a complete shutdown.”

Serial car customizer Ms Radionova has already done it to one of her cars before.

In 2020 she drove her £150,000 Lamborghini Huracan covered in a million crystals down Oxford Street. 

Six years ago, she had sold her Mercedes CLS 350 (also covered in crystals) on eBay.

Vinceri is the Swarovski artist who does the bespoke work. He has previously worked with Maya Jama, a TV personality.

The two of them teamed up for flash drinks tumblers together with Radio 1’s former DJ.