In the most recent Russian missile attack on an Ukrainian civilian building, at least 18 people were killed including two children.

Kyiv reports that an AS-4 antiship missile (the same one used to attack a Kremenchuk mall earlier this week) hit a nine-storey block of apartments in Odesa overnight. It is now almost certain to destroy the building.

According to local officials, the strike left 31 victims, including four infants and a pregnant woman. The video shows rescuers looking for survivors in rubble, while a woman calls for help and a crying child is heard behind.

It is just the latest Russian airstrike to hit a civilian target in Ukraine, after the Kremenchuk shopping centre was struck on Monday  – killing at least 20 – and an apartment block in Mykolaiv was hit Wednesday – killing at least eight.

Ukraine claims Russia deliberately targets civilians in a terror campaign to distract it from the failure of its invasion. Putin refutes this accusation.

At least 18 civilians have been killed, including two children, and 31 wounded after a Russian anti-ship missile struck a civilian apartment building in the city of Odesa overnight

A Russian anti-ship missile launched overnight from Russia struck an Odesa apartment building, killing at least 18 civilians, two of them children. 31 civilians were also injured.

Ukraine said the missile badly damaged an apartment building and two nearby recreational buildings (one pictured)

Ukraine claims that the missile severely damaged an apartment building as well as two other nearby buildings for recreational purposes (one of these is shown).

Part of the destroyed apartment building in Odesa, in southern Ukraine, after it was hit by a Russian missile overnight

After it was struck by a Russian missile overnight, a part of Odesa’s apartment block was destroyed

A car is partially buried under rubble against the back-drop of a destroyed apartment building in the Ukrainian city of Odesa after Russia's latest airstrike on civilians

After Russia’s recent airstrike against civilians, a car has been partially submerged under rubble in Odesa, Ukraine.

A tractor fitted with heavy-lifting equipment takes part in rescue work after a Russia missile hit an apartment block in Odesa

An Odesa tractor with heavy-lifting gear takes part in rescue efforts after Russia’s missile struck an Odesa apartment block.

A pregnant woman and four children are among those wounded after Russia hit an apartment block in Odesa, just the latest in a series of strikes against civilian targets in Ukraine

Russia struck an Odesa apartment block, injuring a pregnant woman and her four children. This is just one of a number of attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine.

A destroyed building is seen after the Russian missile attack where 18 people died in Odesa, southern Ukraine

After the Russian missile strike that killed 18 Ukrainians in Odesa (southern Ukraine), this is a picture of a destroyed building.

Ukraine accuses Russia of deliberately targeting civilians (apartment block in Odesa, pictured) as part of a campaign of 'terror' to distract from its military failings

Ukraine claims Russia intentionally targeted civilians in an effort to distract its military failures

A destroyed car is seen after the Russian missile attack where 18 people died in Odesa, southern Ukraine

After the Russian missile strike that killed 18 Ukrainians in Odesa (southern Ukraine), this car was destroyed.

Firefighters work to extinguish a blaze inside an Odesa apartment block that was struck by a Russian missile overnight, leaving more than a dozen people dead

Odesa firefighters extinguish the flames in an apartment block after it was hit by a Russian ballistic missile overnight. This left more than 12 people dead.

Firefighters search through the rubble of an Odesa apartment block, looking for victims and survivors of Russia's latest airstrike on a civilian target

Firefighters dig through rubble from an Odesa apartment block to find survivors and victims of Russia’s recent airstrike against a civilian target.

Ukrainian firefighters search the rubble of a civilian apartment block after it was blown up by a Russian missile, just the latest in a series of strikes against the innocent

Ukrainian firefighters inspect the rubble left by the destruction of an apartment block for civilians after the building was hit with a Russian ballistic missile.

Russia strikes at civilians in Ukraine 

Ukraine claims Russia has deliberately targeted civilians as part of its campaign of terror to distract it from its military failures. The latest strikes…

Jun 27:Kremenchuk mall was struck by an antiship missile. It left at least twenty people dead, and 21 still missing.

Jun 28:Eight civilians were killed when the Mykolaiv apartment blocks collapsed.

July 1, 2009Odesa apartment block was badly damaged, leaving behind at least 18 children and two adults dead

Odesa attacks – believed to be by Russian Tu-22 bombers – occurred just hours following Putin’s withdrawal from Snake Island. The key port city is about 90 miles away.

Russian forces had to retreat from the area covering 100 acres after being subjected to heavy firing from Ukrainian artillery as well as anti-ship missile battery fire.

Moscow tried to portray the withdrawal of troops as a “goodwill gesture”, the same phrase it used to justify its retreat from Chernihiv and Kyiv earlier during the war.

Although Snake Island is not of practical use, it has strategic significance. It allows the occupier to control Odesa’s waters – which remain a major target for Russia’s invasion.

Russia attempted to repeatedly position anti-missile battery and anti-aircraft missile batteries on the island. However, they were repeatedly destroyed.

Ukraine was also successful in targeting boats and helicopters that attempted to strengthen or resupply its units. 

The possibility of Odesa being attacked by amphibious forces becomes more remote if the territory is lost. This was feared from the beginning of the war.

The incident is embarrassing to Putin’s Black Sea fleet that has had a few of its vessels, including the flagship Moskva, sink by an unknown country without a functioning navy.

Zelensky, in his weekly address on Thursday said that Snake Island’s decision to be abandoned ‘changes significantly the situation in Black Sea’.

It does not guarantee security. However, it does not guarantee the enemy’s absence. However, it has already significantly limited the actions of the occupiers.

A fifth-floor apartment block with five floors was hit by a Russian missile Wednesday. The city is about 70 miles away from Odesa.

Ukraine declared Friday that there were eight deaths from the attack, after a man’s body was discovered in a collapsed staircase.

An earlier attack on the Amstor Shopping Mall in Kremenchuk in central Ukraine killed at least 20.

After the Monday missile strike, around 4 p.m. local time, 21 more people were reported missing and presumed to be dead.

Russia says it conducted two strikes in Moscow on targets that were military. One was a weapons shop in a nearby plant and another train station used to transport arms. After the fire spread, the mall became unintentionally burned.

However, Ukraine released several CCTV footage that challenge these claims. One example is footage of an anti-ship missile hitting the mall directly.

Firefighters rescue a badly wounded man from an apartment block in Mykolaiv, after a Russian missile destroyed the upper floors in a strike on Wednesday

After a Russian missile struck the apartment blocks in Mykolaiv on Wednesday, firefighters rescued a severely injured man.

Rescue crews carry out the body of a civilian found dead inside a Mykolaiv apartment block after a Russian missile strike, as the death toll from the attack rose to eight

As the Russian missile strike claimed eight lives, rescue crews were forced to remove the remains of an unidentified civilian from a Mykolaiv block.

A man retrieves photos of his family from the destroyed apartment block in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, after a Russian missile strike destroyed the upper floors

One man recovers photographs of his family in the Mykolaiv apartment block that was destroyed by a Russian missile.

The smouldering remains of a Ukrainian apartment block are seen in the city of Mykolaiv after the building was hit by Russia in what Kyiv says is a campaign of terror against civilians

In Mykolaiv, you can see the remains of an apartment block from Ukraine. It was destroyed by Russia during what Kyiv calls a terrorist attack on civilians.

The remains of a Mykolaiv apartment block are seen in a photo taken by rescue workers who are still searching the building for survivors and victims after the Wednesday strike

Rescue workers are still trying to find survivors or victims in the Mykolaiv building. This photo shows the remains from an apartment block.

Yesterday’s video shows more people working and shopping in the mall when it was opened.

Another selection of tapes captures a second missile striking a northern factory and raining debris onto civilians living in nearby parks.

Putin denied that his army is deliberately targeting civilians. This would constitute a war crime.

“Our army doesn’t attack civilian infrastructure sites,” Putin said. Putin stated that we have all the information necessary to know where it is located, at a press conference held in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

“No one among us shoots exactly like that randomly. This is usually done with high-precision weapons and intelligence data about targets.

Putin stated, “I’m convinced that everything happened in the exact same way this time.”

Russian autocrat attended the VI Caspian Summit which included leaders from Azerbaijani, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Turkmenistan. They discussed ‘topical matters of cooperation within the Caspian sea’.

There were as high as 1,000 persons who could have been present when the attack occurred.

The Russian forces have abandoned Snake Island in an apparent protest against Putin’s incursion. This was just days after the Ukrainian armed forces had launched a rocket attack that severely damaged the outpost.

Snake Island became a symbol of Ukrainian resistance in the first days of the war, when the rocky outcrop’s defenders told a Russian warship that called on them to surrender to ‘go f*ck yourself,’ an incident that spurred a defiant meme.

The strategic target was located near Odessa port, Ukraine. Russia tried to mount missile- and air defense battery installations while it was under attack from drones.

However, Ukraine is now receiving longer range missiles and other military gear from Western supporters and Russia’s position on Snake Island has become untenable according to officials.

According to the Russian defense ministry, it was a gesture of goodwill to show that Moscow does not oppose UN efforts to organize protected grain exports to Ukraine. However Kyiv claimed victory.

Valeriy Zaluzhny was the commander-in chief of the Ukrainian military. He said, Telegram: “I thank Odessa’s defenders for taking maximum measures to free a strategically important area of our territory,”

This is the moment a Russian missile hit a shopping mall in the city of Kremenchuk, Ukraine, on Monday afternoon - leaving at least 20 dead and another 21 missing, presumed dead

The moment that a Russian missile hit the Kremenchuk Shopping Mall in Ukraine on Monday afternoon, leaving behind at least 20 and 21 presumed dead.

Ukraine says the footage shows a Russian AS-4 anti-ship missile slamming into the mall, disproving Moscow's claims that the building was not directly targeted

Ukraine claims the video shows the Russian AS-4 antiship missile smashing into the mall. This disproves Moscow’s claim that it was not targeted directly.

Onlookers gather as the shopping centre is engulfed by flames shortly after it was struck by two Russian guided missiles on Monday, while an estimated 1,000 people were inside

The sight of the shopping mall in flames after being hit by two Russian missiles Monday morning has drawn many observers. It was home to approximately 1,000 people. 

Rescuers are still searching the remains of the mall for victims, and say there is little chance anyone else will be found alive

Searchers are still looking for the victims in the rubble of the mall and believe there is no chance that anyone will find them alive.