Mr Filatiev, 33, dressed in his army uniform, was part of Russia's invading forces on February 24. But now he opposes the 'terrible war' Russia had 'no moral right' to begin

The 33-year old Mr Filatiev was wearing an army uniform as he participated in Russia’s February 24 invasion. However, he now opposed the “terrible war” Russia waged on February 24.

Putin’s troops did not know they invaded Ukraine, until they received return fire from Kyiv soldiers. This is what an ex-paratrooper with the Russian army revealed in his memoirs.

Pavel Filatiev (33) says that his elite unit was sent to Ukraine’s border because he saw talk about an imminent invasion. He also said that they arrived without any warning they would be confronted by enemy forces.

He also recounts that he received a rusty gun and an inept uniform and that his fellow soldiers were killed because they used ‘our grandfathers tactics.

According to him, he heard gunfire from the back of an Army truck as it crossed the border at 2am on February 24, which was the date of the invasion.

Filatiev asked, “Are you firing at the advancing Ukrainians?”

“Where were we going? Why wasn’t it clear?” The war was real. It was clear that a real war had begun. [we had]Orders to Go to Kherson.

Filatiev claimed that when the shelling began and Ukrainian soldiers started firing at Russian vehicles in response, he realized that he had invaded the country.

He added: ‘It became clear that we had attacked Ukraine.’

Filatiev’s explosive book highlights the shocking shortcomings of ill-fitting uniforms and army medics who are unable to use painkillers or syringes in a number of areas.

Filatiev claims 'most of the army is dissatisfied with what is happening' in Ukraine

He said President Putin is holding his nation's soldiers 'hostage' in the 'terrible war'

Filatiev (left, right) says that most of Ukraine’s army are dissatisfied by what’s happening in Ukraine. According to him, President Putin holds his soldiers hostage in the “terrible war”.

Although the paratrooper was a part of the initial botched invasion it soon resigned due to medical reasons.

He said that Russian commanders use ‘the tactics our grandfathers used’.

Pavel stated in devastating passages, highlighted by independent media outlets iStories/Meduza, that he had no moral rights to attack another nation, even those who are closest to him.

“When this all started, there were very few people I knew who believed in Nazis, and more importantly, they didn’t believe that it was possible to have a good time.” [who]to resist Ukraine

“We did not have hatred, and we didn’t see Ukrainians as our enemies.”

“Most of the Army is unhappy with what’s happening there.

‘[They’re]Dissatisfied by the government, their commander and with Putin’s policies [and]With the defense minister [has not served]In the Army

Soldiers became ill during training as they weren't given warm clothes in sub-zero temperatures, Filatiev said. He is pictured in army gear at a Russian military base

Filatiev stated that soldiers became sick during training because they were not provided warm clothing in below-zero temperatures. Filatiev shows him in his army uniform at a Russian military facility.

“We’ve all been taken hostage by many forces, and I think we were carried along.

“We began a horrible war. It is a war that causes destruction of cities, which results in the deaths and sufferings of the children, the women, and the old.

He was given an inept second-hand uniform that was too small and unable to adjust it.

He explained that he wouldn’t accept an unfit uniform, so his relationship with the command started to fall apart.

“After having a heated argument with my company commander, i bought myself a peacoat.”

Servicemen who did not wear the correct uniform while training for war were often sick.

“We went to The [training]Ground for [parachute]Jumping,” he stated.

It was below zero at night and we drove in uncovered KamAZ trucks.

“Many of our servicemen were not dressed in warm clothes. Some didn’t receive them and others rejected them.

Ex-paratrooper Pavel also slammed the Russian army's tactics as 'those of our grandfathers'

Pavel ex-paratrooper also attacked the Russian army’s tactics, calling them ‘those from our grandfathers.

“Within one week, approximately 30 soldiers from my unit were admitted into the infectious disease unit.”

According to him, all the people who became ill after falling off the training jumps were in annexed Crimea.

“In February, my company attended a Staryi Krym training ground. I realised that something was definitely brewing — everyone who had been discharged or fallen ill was rounded up and sent to the training ground.

A wrecked Russian tank sits on display in downtown Kyiv as locals admire their soldiers' effort

The city of Kyiv displays a disused Russian tank as the locals appreciate their soldier’s efforts.

“Over the next few day we went to firing range where I finally got my machine gun.

“It was found that my machine gun’s belt had broken and it was just rusty.

“On the first night of filming, the [cartridge] jammed.’

Even though Putin’s regime claimed it wasn’t going to war, the order was given for everybody to immediately pack up their belongings and get out.

“There was to be an uninvited march.

“At that time, everybody was already tired and dirty.

‘Some had been living at the training ground for almost a month…everyone’s nerves were on edge, and the atmosphere became increasingly serious and incomprehensible.’

It was chaotic when the war began, with his commander not understanding what he should do.

“On February 23, the Division commander arrived at our place and, congratulating on the holiday. [Defender of the Fatherland Day]The Daily Wage will be $69 as from Tomorrow, according to a statement by. [£57].

Filatiev said when war began: 'I couldn't understand: are we firing at advancing Ukrainians?'

Filatiev declared that war had begun when he said: “I didn’t understand why are we shooting at the advancing Ukrainians?”

It was clear that there was something more important in the air.

‘[On February 24]I was up by 2am [in the back of a KamAZ truck].

“The column was positioned somewhere in wilderness and all had stopped their engines and turned off their headlights.

‘Rocket Artillery was operating in the right and left side of our column.

“I didn’t get it: Are we shooting at the advancing Ukrainians?”

“Or perhaps at NATO [forces]? Are we attacking? Or are we attacking?

“The column began slowly to move.

I heard explosions and gunfire coming from where we were headed.

“We had already killed and wounded.” [servicemen].

“The command did not have any communications. The commander did not understand the situation.

He shared the story of how his forces had killed civilians.

I learned that someone shot at a civilian car with a BMD gun. The car contained a mother, several children and a father. The car only managed to save one child.

Putin claimed that his army was still in the past and would not be ready to fight in war.

He stated, “All our training was on paper. Our technique was hopelessly obsolete.”

“We have the same methods as our grandfathers.

“Those who were the first to break through were the ones that fell.”

Kramatorsk resident Luiza, 74, watches on as locals repair their wrecked homes after bombing

Luiza of Kramatorsk, aged 74, observes as residents repair the homes they lost after bombings.

“The men told me there were.” [only]They left 50 soldiers in the brigade.

‘[When]It started to darken, so the whole team settled down.

“It was extremely cold. There were no sleeping bags. The frost had penetrated your bones.

‘We didn’t even need the enemy, the command had put us in such conditions — homeless people live better.

‘[The next day]We arrived at the Kherson port.

“Everyone began to look for water and food in the buildings, as well as a place where they could sleep.

“Some started stealing computers and any other valuable items they could find. My experience was similar: I found a used truck with a hat and grabbed it.

His explanation was that the office had a cafeteria with kitchen facilities and refrigerators.

“We, as savages ate all that was there.”

“During the Night, We Turned Everything On Its Head.”

Filatiev described how, “by mid-April,” I had dirt in both my eyes from artillery fire. Keratitis was also setting in.

“After five consecutive days of suffering, where is the point?” [one]Eye had closed already, so I was evacuated.

“The paramedic sent me to be evacuated and asked me to let the medical detachment know that he doesn’t possess syringes nor painkillers.

He described how “we were taken into one of the barracks, which was reserved for people who had been discharged.

British GMLRS rocket launchers (pictured being tested in the UK) have been sent to Ukraine

British GMLRS rocket-launchers have been dispatched to Ukraine (pictured here being tested in Britain).

“There were 100 people who were returning from war, and they were feeling sane after all that they’d experienced.

One stuttered quite a bit, but I also saw two people suffering from memory loss. [and]Many people in the area drank heavily and ate away their money.

According to the paratrooper, he said that he had to pay for treatment and purchase medicines from his own pocket.

“For the past two months, I have been trying to obtain treatment from the Army: I visited the prosecutor’s Office, went to my command, went to my head at the hospital and wrote to President Obama.

“I chose to pass the military medical board and take my leave. [the army]For health reasons.

The command stated that I was in evasion of service. They sent me documents to help them initiate a criminal trial. To try to get a lot more people back, they’re resorting to this tactic.

He felt compromised in battle by his army leaders.

I can’t drop my gun, run away and be a coward. Or go after everybody. [Ukrainians]’He said.

“Now, I realize that I was being used.”

Putin’s propaganda media and use of draconian law, as well promises of additional cash to fighters and use of medals and honours for soldiers are all locking them into war machines, he stated.

‘I understood that if suddenly from one of the houses… if I see danger, I will shoot without thinking.

Ignorance or delay can lead to the death of myself or my comrades.

“But at the exact same time, I did not want to kill anybody.

“The deaths of innocent civilians in war has been and will continue in every conflict. But it is disgusting to the soul.

“While both our governments try to figure out how they live and have the military as their tools, peaceful people are losing their lives, while their normal world collapses.”

This is what happens when you see this.

‘Drop everything and leave — then you will become a coward and a traitor.

Continue to take part in these activities and you’ll be complicit to many deaths and sufferings.

The Russian title of his book, ‘ZOV’ is the name given to it by Putin after the emblems found on Putin’s military vehicles.