Russian stuntman flys through Mercedes minibus speeding at 50mph and crashes to the earth.

  • Evgeny Chebotarev daredevil flies in his minibus, measuring 23 feet long. 
  • The minibus was 23ft long and he sped through it before landing on the road.
  • He accidentally stepped onto the edge of the windscreen, but he was not injured.

Russian stuntman, who broke his spine while flying through a minibus at 50 mph has just returned four months after he attempted a new and extremely dangerous stunt.

Evgeny Chebotarev, a daredevil performer and stuntman, moves like a bullet through a Mercedes Sprinter’s front and back with its rear split open.

The 30-year old was lying on top of a wooden frame, which the minibus hit and sent him flying.

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The jaw-dropping shows daredevil Evgeny Chebotarev move like a bullet through the Mercedes Sprinter with its front and rear cut open

Evgeny Chebotarev, a daredevil performer and stuntman, moves like a bullet through the Mercedes Sprinter’s front and back with its rear open.

Two passengers are seated inside, one is reading a book.

One replied, “I didn’t even notice how fast he flew by.”

Chebotarev, who suffered a broken spine when he leapt in a BMW over the river in September to break his back, said about his most recent adventure that it was “the first time in the world via a minibus”.

The minibus was 23 feet long and he sped through it before reaching the road.

He said that he had accidentally stepped on the windscreen’s rim, but that he was not hurt by his motorbike boots.

He wrote, “I am trying to understand why I was Superman and Spiderman?” He wrote.

Fans gave him rave reviews.

One man said that it was amazing. You are welcome back.

The 30-year-old lay perched on a wooden frame which the minibus rammed - sending him flying through the moving vehicle

The minibus drove the wooden frame, and the 30-year old lay on top of it. This sent him flying along the moving vehicle.

Chebotarev - who broke his spine in September in a 131ft jump in a BMW over a river - said of his latest escapade that it was 'the first flight in the world through a minibus'

Chebotarev — who fractured his spine in September after jumping 131ft from a BMW to cross a river – said about his latest adventure that it was the ‘first flight in the universe through a minibus.

He was afraid he would suffer life-altering injuries after he flew his BMW 5 E34 over a river. However, he made a landing that proved difficult.

He said, “I will struggle for a fulfilled life,” in an email from the hospital.

But the landscaper-turned-stuntman made a miraculous recovery and said: ‘Yes I broke my spine…but I grew only stronger.’

According to him, his first training was in acrobatics and parkour.

“I feel constantly on adrenaline.

“I do a lot of weightlifting and acrobatics in the winter. I was called a psycho by my friends.

“I’ve loved extremes since I can recall.

“My first stunt happened in 2018 and, to be completely honest, I was very scared. My heart literally jumped from my chest.

“But, once I was finished with the stunt, I experienced strong emotions. This feeling makes my pulse race before every trick.