Ryan Giggs was in love with his ex and he sent her this message.

Today, 48 year old ex-footballer and lover Ms Greville read in court a string of online love letters that he compared to his girlfriend.

In addition, the court heard that the ex-Wales star, referred to himself as “Giggsy” during a text message to Ms Greville. He also said that he had reiterated to her “reiterate” in an early morning texting session.

‘I’m thinking of all the ways I’m going to make that gorgeous c*** of yours raise’: The toe-curling exchanges between Ryan Giggs and ex-girlfriend Kate Greville

Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville

‘I’m counting down the daze

‘I’m thinking of all the ways

‘I’m going to make that gorgeous c*** of yours raise.’

Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville

“You’re the jam in my doughnut.”

“The truffle in my pasta.

“The salt in my Tequila.

Ryan Giggs’s acrostic poem for Kate Greville

Gorgeous is G

Radiant is R

Extraordinary is E.

For vivacious, V stands for

You are to idolize me

L stands for legs

L stands for legs

E stands for Everything I Have Ever Wanted


Giggs told Ms Greville that he made scrambled eggs ala chef Giggsy for breakfast in another savage exchange. He also messaged her, saying, ‘I think your fandabidozi. 

Giggs wrote an acrostic poem that used the first letters Ms. Greville’s last name, which included ‘Gorgeous’ for G’, & ‘Vivacious’ for?V’ and —Everything I’ve ever Wanted’ for –

Numerous messages had a series of kisses at their end. The lawyers involved in the case initially read the text by saying “kiss, kiss” at the bottom of each message. 

Judge Hilary Manley intervened to tell the barristers that they didn’t have to repeat the endings of every message. Both the barristers (who are reading out the exchanges as Ms Greville and Giggs) agreed to this.

On day 9 of the trial, the lawyers shared a cringeworthy poem with Ms Greville. They also exchanged messages, in which he exclaimed his affection for her throughout their turbulent relationship. 

One particularly explicit poem was read in court during the ex-footballer’s domestic abuse trial. Giggs’s mother Lynn, 66, was also present. The former Wales midfielder then wrote this to the PR executive. “My darling Kate. Unequivocally our love is fate. 

“I found you a true love from the first moment. It was because I could fly as high as a kite that I can remember. I was shivered by those beautiful eyes. It’s not a lie that I often think about you and dream of you. It was my most memorable coup.

“That stomach, those abs and those photos you send me so that I can keep track of them.  It makes me laugh down there. You make me smile, especially when you’re up there looking up and staring.

“I think I am starting to think that you are always right. This will make us stay close. Ending, I want to say that you are my love and friend. You believe in me, which is what makes me even harder than a totem pole.

Manchester Crown Court heard the father of two sent the poem on August 31, 2017 – the day the coercive control is alleged to have started. 

This was in response to Ms Greville’s poem, in which she said: “You make my heart beat because you are an idiot.” You make me proud every day, not because you’re well-endowed.

Also, the court heard that Giggs had written several strong declarations in love texts during their six-year-long ‘toxic’ relationship.

In one, the ex-football star, who made 632 appearances in England’s top division, wrote: ‘I love you to the next planet those clever f****** at Nasa finds. It also includes all of my Premier League appearances which is quite a bit. I love you, baby.

Ex-Premier League star Ms Greville (right) was accused of attacking her during an incident at his house in November 2020. Greville claims that Giggs deliberately headbutted Greville. 

Ryan Giggs's ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, who accuses him of assault and controlling and coercive behaviour. Giggs denies the allegations

Ryan Giggs (pictured arriving in court on Thursday morning) wrote a series of cringeworthy poems to his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville and shared messages in which he made grandiose proclamations of his love during the course of their rocky relationship

Ryan Giggs was an ex-Manchester United football star. He wrote some cringeworthy words to Kate Greville, his ex-girlfriend (pictured left), and also shared messages with her in which he professed his love. 

Loved-up Ryan Giggs messaged his ex-girlfriend: 'You are the jam in my doughnut, the truffle in my pasta and the salt in my tequila,' his domestic assault trial today heard

Ryan Giggs was in love with his ex and he sent her this message: ‘You’re the jam in mine doughnut, my truffle in pasta, and salt in me tequila.’ He is currently being tried for domestic assault.

Giggs also wrote an acrostic poem using the first letters of Ms Greville's surname, including 'Gorgeous' for 'G', 'Vivacious' for 'V' and 'Everything I've Ever Wanted' for 'E'

Giggs wrote an acrostic poem that used the first letters Ms Greville’s surname. It included ‘Gorgeous’ for G’, & ‘Vivacious’ for?V’, and ‘Everything That I’ve Ever Wanted’ for —

Ex-footballer and ex-footballer (pictured in court sketch) 48 admitted that he is a flirty by nature who has not been faithful to his ex, or any of his previous girlfriends, when he appeared in the witness box.

Court listens to Ryan Giggs’s love poem sent to Kate Greville  

‘My darling Kate,

“Unequivocally, our love was destiny,”

“I found myself in love with your at the first sight”

“I can remember because I was high like a kite,”

“Those gorgeous eyes made me shiver,”

“I don’t lie, I think about you, and I often dream of you.

“Can’t help but think pulling you was my greatest coup ever.

The stomach is the abs

‘Those pictures you send so I can keep tabs,

“You make me laugh down there,”

“Especially when you are there and you stare up at the sky,

“I think I am starting to believe that you are always correct,”

“That’s OK, that will keep us close.

I’m going to say goodbye and that you’re my love, my friend and my soul.

“And you most of all believe in me, which makes me almost as difficult as a totem stick.”

Giggs also described Ms Greville, in toned-down text, as her “sun, wish, soulmate”, strength, one and only”.

WhatsApp messages revealed that Miss Greville called the former Wales manager “Giggsy baby”, while Giggs called it “baby cakes”.

Giggs – who earlier this week told the jury he and his girlfriend had even rowed about how to stack their dishwasher – added: ‘You’re a painting, supermodel, thoroughbred, an absolute dream…’ 

In June 2017, Miss Greville spoke in one message about how the couple grew older together, and that they’d still laugh when they turned 70.

Another time, he said that the “best place in all of the world” was not in Bali, the Caribbean, or playing golf with friends. He preferred to be in bed with Miss Greville, where he slept in the “little crevice underneath my chin, legs interlinked”. He replied, “That’s my favorite place in the whole world.” 

It comes after the court yesterday heard Giggs attempted to make himself out as the ‘victim’ after allegedly attacking his former girlfriend and her sister during a row at his £1.7million mansion.

An ex-Premier League star has been accused of attacking Ms Greville during an altercation at his residence in November 2020. He claims that Giggs headbutted and abused her.

Additionally, Ms Greville is charged with assaulting Emma Greville’s sister. Emma Greville was dog sitting that night and claims Giggs elbowed Emma when she tried to stop him.

Giggs, who denies all charges and used controlling and coercive behavior towards Kate over their six-year-long on-and off relationship is currently being tried at Manchester Crown Court.

This morning, the ex-footballer was subject to a second round of cross-examination by Peter Wright QC. Wright probed Giggs’s statement made the previous day about his assault on Ms Greville.

Chris Daw QC asked Giggs to clarify the meaning of “impetuous” and Giggs giggled. Giggs answered, “I’m not too certain.” Peter Wright, QC had asked Giggs if he felt impetuous the day before. 

One poem in which Giggs told Ms Greville: 'You are my soul... you makes me as hard as a totem pole,' was read out before the court

Giggs shared one poem with Ms Greville in the following: ‘You’re my soul…You make me as hard a totem pole.’ This was read aloud before the court.

Court receives the messages Kate Greville has sent Ryan Giggs — including her personal love poem

Giggs was also emailed by Kate Greville, who included the following line: “Everyday you make me proud because you are well-endowed.”

In one, she said that she had bruising on her knees from the carpeting and that it was proof of a great weekend.

One of them stated that she would continue to have intense, hot, and intense sex each day and be naughtier.

Another woman gushed, “You have the most beautiful bum that I’ve ever seen.”

Defense read out the messages yesterday to the jury. It was intended to convey how the couple had a loving relationship, how they loved ‘rough sex’ and how both were equally responsible for blocking each other and not listening to them.

Giggs was told by Ms Greville in a loving message that she loved the little crevice under her chin.

After he’d messaged her, he said he didn’t want to go to Bali to play golf with his mates. Instead, he wanted to stay in bed with Ms Greville in the “little crevice beneath my chin… legs interlinked.”

Ms Greville responded, “That’s where I love to be.”

Giggs described Ms Greville, in another message, as a painting, supermodel and thoroughbred. 

He said to her, “I love you more that all my Premier League appearances which is quite a bit,”

With Giggs due to meet Ms Greville in Dubai she told him she is looking forward to his ‘rock hard c***’

She stated that it would be wild and she was going to be roughest of all her life.


Mr Wright accused Giggs of lying to police over allegations he ‘flipped’ and headbutted his ex-girlfriend during an argument at his £1.7million home in Worsley, Manchester, on November 1, 2020, when she learned he had been cheating with at least eight women. 

Giggs was questioned by the prosecutor over discrepancies found in Giggs’ prepared statement, which he had given to police that day, and the live evidence heard by Emma Greville, Miss Greville’s sister. Also, the bodycam footage of officers who were sent to investigate the assault.

Wright was curious as to why Emma, 26 years old, did not call police about her alleged headbutt and Giggs listened. Giggs answered, “I don’t know.”

Mr Wright yesterday asked the former Wales midfielder why he had put in his statement to police that:  ‘On both occasions I was attacked.’ Giggs replied, speaking from the witness box: “I don’t understand.”

Mr Wright said: ‘It is because you had at this stage lost all sense of reason and you were seeking to turn the narrative of what happened into one in which you were the victim?’ Giggs said: ‘No.’

Giggs also denies using “emotional blackmail” to stop Emma Greville, Ms Greville’s older sister, calling the police in November 2020.

Emma made a 911 call to police. This was played earlier in the trial. She can be heard saying, ‘I don’t care if you have a 17-year-old daughter’. Under questioning by Mr Wright Giggs denied that he used his daughter, Libby as ’emotional Blackmail’.

However, he admitted that he had been trying to stop Emma calling the police. Wright said: “You wanted to use Emma as the lever,” ‘Yes,’ Giggs said again.

Giggs denies headbutting ex-partner yesterday after “completely losing control” during an argument.

Giggs was asked by Mr Wright about his prepared statement to police on the following incident. He stated that a “scuffle” broke out at Ms Greville’s cell phone and that her head had accidentally clashed with his.

According to the prosecutor, “The truth is that you headbutted her.” Giggs said: ‘No.’ Giggs repeated: “No.” Giggs reiterated: “No.”

He denied also threatening Ms Greville’s sister Emma with headbutts. 

Giggs was also quizzed about the statement in which he said: ‘The worst thing I’d ever do to her (Ms Greville), physically or emotionally. Giggs answered Mr Wright’s question about whether that statement was true.

Wright stated: ‘Or, is it in truth that these were the two things your intended so far this woman is involved?’ Giggs responded: “No.

Ms Greville (pictured) previously told the court she had found evidence on an iPad that Giggs had engaged in 'full-on' relationships with eight other women during their six-year on and off relationship, and initially told police at the scene the number was as high as 12

Ms Greville (pictured), previously stated to the court that she found evidence on her iPad showing Giggs’ six-year-old relationship with eight women. She initially claimed the numbers were as high as 12, but later admitted it was more.

Wright agreed that he had been “chastising” Emma Greville after the scuffle and called the police. Wright replied: “You blamed her for the events, weren’t you?”  Giggs responded: “Yes.”

Ryan Giggs composed an acrostic poetry using first letters from Kate Greville’s surname 

A court heard that Ryan Giggs sent a loving note to Kate Greville, using letters from her second name.

Ex-footballer started with G for Georgie, R for Radicant, and E for Extraordinary.

He sent I is for ‘Idolised’, repeated ‘Legs’ for L and ‘Everything I ever wanted’ for E.

The court was informed that Giggs and Ms Greville had written an explicit love song in which Giggs called her a ‘totem pole-like’ person. 

Wright asked Mr Wright: “Why did you blame Emma?” Giggs replied: “I don’t know.”

Giggs also was asked by Wright whether he had heard Emma Greville tell the operator at 999: “He said he would headbutt me.”

Wright asked Wright: “Did that allegation come from her?” Giggs replied: “I am not too certain.”

Giggs was reminded by Mr Wright that he can be heard saying “Thanks” in the background of an emergency call.

Wright asked Wright: “Why are you saying this?” Giggs answered the court that he didn’t know.

Wright stated: “You weren’t saying it to show gratitude, were you?” Giggs said, ‘No.’

Wright replied, “It wasn’t said sarcastically was it?” Giggs replied: “I don’t know.”

Wright stated that Wright was “blaming” her. Giggs responded, “No,”

This comes just a week after Giggs broke down in court. He described being in a police station on the night Giggs was arrested for allegedly attacking his ex-girlfriend, as “the worst experience of all my lives”.

The former footballer said he was ‘so scared’ after being taken to Pendleton police station for allegedly headbutting Ms Greville during the row at his £1.7million mansion. He added that he got ‘hardly any’ sleep that night and spoke to a solicitor for the first time the next day. 

Giggs stated to the court that he believes Ms Greville, a PR executive. was trying to leave his home with their cocker spaniel puppy ‘Mac’ on the night of the alleged assault.

Ryan Giggs explains to the court that online’stalking was common in our relationship.

Yesterday, Ryan Giggs told court that online stalking was common with his relationship to Kate Greville.

Former footballer Ms Greville, 48, stated that he would like to check with Ms Greville when they were online last. However, he said it was just them “checking in on each other”.

The court learned that Giggs had sent Ms Greville an email threatening to’stalk her’ if he didn’t get his way following a dispute between them.

Ex-footballer, he had told court previously that there was “a smiley emoticon at the ending”.

Chris Daw QC was Giggs’s lawyer and asked him about the message Ms Greville sent to Giggs. She sent Giggs a screenshot of her Instagram account that showed he had been active for five minutes.

Giggs responds: “Haven’t. Check itinerary.’

Kate Greville said: “Have babes.” Are you talking to anyone?

Giggs says: ‘Huh?’

Kate Greville: You were on the internet before I stalked you. I was just checking to see who you were speaking with.

Giggs said that Mr Daw’s ‘itinerary’ referred to his day as the manager of Wales at the time. His ex-partner was aware of details.

“In this context of stalking, what does it mean?” Mr Daw stated.

Giggs stated that it was just a way of checking in on one another.

Giggs said to the court, “It was common in our relationship.” This meant that we checked up on one another.

According to him, Ms Greville was the one who fell on the floor with his hands trying to get her mobile phone.

Giggs stated that she kicked Giggs’six to seven times’ in his head. Then, when Giggs got up, the two engaged in a “tug of war” in which they clashed their heads.

Giggs confessed earlier this week to being a “love cheat” who cannot resist an attractive woman. He also admitted that he had cheated on Ms Greville, his first wife after a very public affair with his sister.

The ex-footballer confessed to the witness box that he was a flirty by nature and has never been loyal to his girlfriends. 

Ex-Premier League player admitted in candidly describing his relationship life that he couldn’t resist attractive women – no matter if he’s with them. 

Jurors were also informed by him that he was unfaithful during a “very public affair” – which refers to the eight year affair that Stacey Giggs had with his sister in law.

However he strongly denied ever attacking Ms Greville, who has accused him of ‘headbutting’ her during a row at his £1.7million mansion. Giggs said no to being asked if he ever assaulted women.

In addition, the court was also informed that Giggs confessed to sending “flirtatious” messages to another woman in his relationship with Ms Greville. 

According to the ex-Premier League player, his partner accessed his phone and discovered his messages. She then sent them to his phone and confronted him.

Giggs claimed that Ms Greville showed him once a photo of a dress she bought him for a girl she was previously accusing him of ‘being together’. 

While he admitted Ms Greville’s allegations that he was flirting with several women were correct, he said to the court that there were times where she had incorrectly accused him.

Giggs, who was cross-examined by Mr Wright the prosecutor, admitted that he was “a man with many faults” and “flaws”. 

Giggs also shared with jurors that he made explicit videos and lived a healthy sex life, which occasionally became too rough for Ms Greville. 

He stated that he and Ms Greville had recorded X-rated video during their relationship. Giggs said that the videos were deleted from his phone when Ms Greville was going through an off period. 

He also stated that Ms Greville would be sending him back to Wales after he and the former Wales winger would have rekindled their love. 

Kate Greville and her sister, Emma. Giggs denies assaulting and using controlling and coercive behaviour against Kate (left) and Emma (pictured right)

Kate Greville with Emma Greville, her younger sister. Giggs claims that she did not assault Kate and Emma and used coercive and controlling behaviour.

Ms Greville (pictured) has told the court she returned to the UK from the Middle East thinking she would be in a relationship with Giggs, but he instead became more distant

Ms Greville (pictured) told the court that when she arrived in the UK after a trip to the Middle East, she thought she would find love with Giggs. However, he ended up being more distant.

The court heard last week from Ms Greville, that Giggs had ‘full-on affairs’ with eight women over their six-year-old on-off relationship.

According to police, the revelation was made by the PR officer after she accessed the iPhone of the football player.

She said how, during what she called a ‘cycle of abuse’, Giggs ‘dragged’ her out of the bedroom of a five-star hotel – leaving her naked in the corridor – after she accused him of ‘manically’ flirting with other women during a night out.

Manchester Crown Court heard that he then gave her a massive lump by throwing a bag with her laptop in her face.

Giggs bombarded her every hour with as many messages as 50 and threatened to endanger her career if she refused to let him go over his alleged affairs and ‘controlling behaviour’.

Eventually she got into his iPad as she ‘needed to know the truth’ – and the ‘reality’ of his cheating was ‘way worse than I could imagine’, she said.

After his arrest in June, Giggs resigned as Wales manager. 

The court heard from Ms Greville that she was working for PR firm Tangerine during the alleged period controlling behavior. Giggs also had GG Hospitality as a client.

Chris Daw QC was Giggs’ legal counsel. He said that Giggs encouraged her to pursue her career aspirations and helped her introduce clients.

He stated that Ms Greville was always financially self-sufficient and could travel to see friends and family.

After a leave period since November 2020, Giggs was appointed manager of Wales’ national team.

Manchester United was awarded 13 Premier League titles and two Champions League trophies during his tenure at Old Trafford. There were also four FA Cups, three League Cups, and five FA Cups.

He has won 64 caps for Wales, and is the co-owner of League Two side Salford City.

Giggs first met Ms Greville when she was helping to promote the Hotel Football restaurant, which he opened in collaboration with Gary Neville from United.

Stacey was his ex-wife when he split with him in December 2017.  Giggs was reunited with Zara Charles (33), a lingerie model who has “supported” him throughout the trial. 


Ryan Giggs’ assault of his ex-girlfriend, which led to his arrest, was only the result of many years of abuse.

Wright described some of Giggs’ coercive and controlling behavior and provided evidence to support his “much more sinister and ugly side”.

These incidents were:

  • She was adamant about blocking Ms Greville from going out on night with friends, and she also asked Giggs about her relationship to other people.
  • Threatening to send photos ‘of personal nature’ her friends.
  • When she asked him questions about his relationships with other women, he threw her stuff out of the house.
  • A London hotel guest was seen rowing in the suite, and then throwing her bag at him.
  • Appearing unwelcome in her gym or home, and calling her friends to ask her to talk to him.

These photos of Wright’s behavior provided Mr Wright with a “shaft of Light” on Ryan Giggs who, according to Wright, “stays in darkness, not his public persona”. 

According to the prosecution, it was an abusive, toxic, and harmful relationship that a man had with a woman who was vulnerable.