Ryanair Chief Michael O’Leary slammed anti-vaxxers as ‘idiots’ and stated that only passengers who are jabbed should be permitted to fly. 

A Ryanair passenger was accosted by an anti-vaxxer who escaped security. He yelled at the passengers on Wednesday about the Covid plan-demic.

The Ryanair boss said unvaccinated Britons should be banned from hospitals, planes and public transport to stop them spreading the virus, The Telegraph reports.  

Security had to confront a conspiracy theorist to get the plane from Stansted Airport to Dublin earlier in the week.

Footage captured the moment that the many (with a Dublin accent) exploded into an outburst regarding coronavirus, poisonous vaccines, and the “one world order”. 

A passenger captured video of the man at Ryanair’s front while it was still open.

You can see him shouting to the plane travelers and waving his arms.     

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary (pictured) has blasted 'idiot' anti-vaxxers and said only jabbed passengers should be allowed to fly

Ryanair Chief Michael O’Leary (pictured), has attacked anti-vaxxers as ‘idiots’ and stated that only passengers who are jabbed should be permitted to fly

Footage showed the moment the many, who had a Dublin accent, erupted into his bizarre outburst about coronavirus

He called on passengers to pray

Footage captured the moment that the many (with a Dublin accent) erupted in a strange outburst regarding coronavirus, the ‘poisonous vaccinas’ and the one world order.

Mister O’Leary stated that ‘if you’re not vaccinated then you shouldn’t go to the hospital.

You can stay at home, and get your food and medicines delivered to you. Except for a valid vaccine certificate, it is not advisable to go to work or take public transport.

While he stated it would be against civil liberty to make vaccines mandatory, he believed that people should have the option of not getting vaccinated.  

Mr O’Leary, 60, said Ryanair is expecting to fly one million fewer passengers during December because of fears around the Omicron variant. 

After a man got agitated, he boarded one of Mr O’Leary’s aircrafts.  

According to the man, every person on board has the right not take a test. They are who they claim to be. This amendment grants me constitutional rights.

“I do not have to accept something. You are being forced.” It is a forced thing to do, “take the vaccine”, you are told.

He stated that ‘it is all control’, and ‘the only agenda’ prior to claiming that vaccines are killing people. 

He stated, “It is all control. It’s all command. They control the entire world through the one order, one agenda”.

He said 'it's all control' and 'the one agenda' before claiming the vaccine is killing people

After claiming that vaccines are killing people, he stated “it’s all over” and “the one agenda”.

“You believe I lie?” Research, do the research. It’s not a pandemic, the vaccine. What number of professional and amateur footballers have it already killed?

“How many children has this maimed?” Is anyone willing to give poison to your children? It’s not a conspiracy, you are being deceived.

The man’s ranting and ravings can be heard by the other passengers laughing at him at various times.

Unidentified passenger shared video with TikTok Thursday. He captioned it: “It’s an epidemic.”

Although it has been viewed over 485,000 times, the video received no comment due to the passenger turning off the function.

Today, they stated that the man had managed to get past Ryanair passport control and boarded the plane.

“One of the flight attendants asked him to get off the plane because he hadn’t provided either a Covid passport nor a negative Covid screening.

“The situation escalated and he refused not to leave, security was ordered.

Ryanair spokesperson told MailOnline that a Ryanair passenger on the flight from London Stansted, to Dublin (15 December) was taken out by crew members after he or she breached airport security and became disruptive. 

Ryanair’s safety and security is our first priority. Passengers who are not in compliance with security regulations will be denied entry to Ryanair flight. 

No arrests were made. A spokesperson for Stansted said it was down to individual airlines to ensure Covid documentation is in order prior to departure and that the man did not by-pass any of the airport’s security checks.