Ryanair Pilot facing job ruin following discovery of an amateur Top Gear film that showed him driving his Porsche at speed of 105mph down a country highway. 

Timur Khayrov (Ryanair captain), aged 30, uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, Vehicle Villains. It was viewed by police.

He was speeding along the wrong side 60 mph, before touching the tyres and feeling the heat.

Khayrov was told by his lawyer that being sentenced to prison could have an adverse impact on the future of Khayrov, one of Britain’s most promising young commercial pilots.

Ryanair captain Timur Khayrov, 30, posted a video onto his YouTube channel called Vehicle Villains which was seen by police

Timur Khayrov (Ryanair captain), aged 30, uploaded the video on his YouTube channel, Vehicle Villains. Police saw it.

However, a judge found that his driving was not within the acceptable custody limits and suspended him from prison.

Khayrov and David Murray (a friend of 30 years) drove to Scotland with their Porsches white and yellow on a trip pre-lockdown in March 2013.

They were supposed to go to a racetrack, but they arrived early so went to North Wales’ famous Evo Triangle.

They put up a drone and mounted cameras inside and outside their £80,000 Porsches to make the Top Gear-style video shown to Caernarfon Crown Court.

Khayrov (right) and friend David Murray (left), 30, drove from Scotland in their white and yellow Porsches on a pre-lockdown trip in March last year

Khayrov (right), along with his friend David Murray, 30, drove to Scotland in white and yellow Porsches during a pre-lockdown journey in March 2013. 

Film commentary described Snowdonia’s B4391 road as the ‘greatest driving road in the globe’. It also explained how men planned to get by average speed cameras.

Khayrov was caught doing 105mph in his £130,000 Porsche 911 while Murray hit speeds of 116mph in his yellow £45,000 Porsche 718.

In an earlier hearing, it was stated that the couple used Snowdonia’s B4391 as their private track. 

The footage of them driving on the B4501 shows that they used a portion of the EVO Triangle which is not visible by average speed cameras. They continued onwards into Snowdonia to visit beauty-spots, and then onto the B4391 which has 60mph speeds.

The pair were due to visit a racetrack but arrived a day early and went to a famous stretch of road in North Wales known as the Evo Triangle

Although they were scheduled to visit a racing track, the pair arrived at a day earlier and drove to the Evo Triangle in North Wales.

As they drove along the so-called “greatest driving road” in Britain, there was 17 minutes of film.

Counsel said that the judges commented upon how hot the vehicles’ brakes and tires were, to show how hard they had been driven.

Khayrov called this the ‘greatest route’, while Murray said: “That was absolutely unbelievable.”

Murray’s defense lawyer Ben Rich said that Murray should be ashamed. The car enthusiast said it was the most ridiculous thing they had done. They had been to Chester for an event at the track.

Rich claimed that the speed was only a short burst and that the cars occasionally crossed the center lines. Counsel said that there wasn’t any racing happening here.

Murray had been engaged to a woman and was involved in charitable work. His lawyer stated that Murray had been a good young man and held a job. 

'They comment upon the heat of the tyres and brakes of the vehicles, demonstrating how hard the vehicles had been driven,' counsel said. Khayrov called it the 'greatest road' and Murray declared: 'That was just unbelievable'

Counsel said that the judges commented upon how hot the brakes and tires were, showing just how hard they had driven. It was called the “greatest road” by Khayrov, while Murray said that it was “just unbelievable”.

The men didn’t have any previous convictions, and did not expect that their hobby would lead them to court.

Sophia Dower, who was defending Khayrov’s position, stated: “He is in an exceptional trust position as captain of an airplane carrying hundreds of people and crew every day.

It is difficult to imagine that he could be so dumb as to act in this manner, according the film.

“He runs a YouTube channel called Vehicle Villains, but it doesn’t promote unsafe driving, despite the name.

“It is an amateur Top Gear car reviews type platform.

Vehicle Villains was found to have over 6,000 followers according to court.

Ms Dower said that Mr. Dower was deeply ashamed of his actions and is extremely shocked.

He was 27 years old when he became a commercial pilot, and then a captain.

According to Ms Dower, Khayrov lived in a caravan on High Wycombe’s airfield for his pilot training and hours.

She said, “He isn’t a young man who has more sense than money – that couldn’t be farther from the truth.”

Ms Dower asked the judge for Khayrov to be given a community sentence of ‘high-level’ because he has already been convicted, but will not receive a sentence that is custodial.

“He doesn’t know if he’ll be able keep his job.”

Judge Nicola Saffman stated that both men drove at more than 100 mph on streets used by cyclists and walkers.

She stated that filming the dangerous driving would inspire others to go to the Evo Triangle, and follow the same route.

Khayrov of Glasgow and Murray of Aberdeen were found guilty of dangerous driving. Both received eight months suspended sentences and banned them from driving for 18 more months.

Judge said that she would confiscate the Porsches. However, both drivers had already sold the Porsches after their arrest.

Andrew Warman, senior Crown Prosecutor said that after the case was over: “The two men demonstrated a complete disregard of the safety and well-being of others on the road. That could have resulted in devastating consequences.”

They treated public roads as private racestracks, which is why it was so fortunate nobody got seriously hurt.

After reviewing evidence from the police, the CPS approved dangerous driving charges.

YouTube removed Vehicle Villains.