SAGE advisor says Europe Covid lockdown Riots are a “warning to Britain” and encourages Brits get booster jabs. This is as Austria reimposes all restrictions, and German ministers state they cannot rule out full lockdown

  • Professor John Edmund suggested that Europe’s current situation be used as a warning signal for the UK 
  • Yesterday’s Covid-19 restrictions have prompted riots in Rotterdam
  • Professor Edmund stated that it was clear that immunity does decrease and encouraged Brits to obtain boosters.

SAGE advisor has stated that Europe’s Covid-19 lockdown Riots are a warning to the UK and encouraged Brits to have their booster shots.  

Today Professor John Edmund stated that the opposition to the restrictions placed on Europe has demonstrated the need for vaccinations. Especially since ‘it’s pretty obvious immunity is waning’. 

Austria made mandatory vaccinations and announced yesterday that it will resume lockdown Monday. Germany seems poised to follow the lead of Austria after officials from Germany warned them they could not rule out a complete shutdown. 

The latest european restrictions reintroduced have been met with fierce resistance. This comes amid rising infections and governments seeking to raise vaccination rates for the winter.

Protests broke out across cities, including Rotterdam. Police were ordered to shoot warning shots at demonstrators who opposed the reinstatement of restrictions. 

Sky spoke to Edmund about the importance of vaccines, stating that “what you can see in Europe now with this rapid increase in cases is what you will see in central Europe.” 

Pictured: A scooter set on fire during a protest against the 2G policy in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Pictured is a Scooter set on fire by protestors in Rotterdam against the 2G policy.

However, Mr Edmund stated that the UK would not be affected by Christmas chaos as the UK is in a slightly different situation.

He said, “Frankly in the UK we have had high rates for many months so we are in a slightly different situation to Austria and Germany.

“I do not believe things will happen the same way here that they did there. However, it’s a caution to us. It is clear, I believe that immunity will wane.

“I believe you have some immunity to the vaccine, however it is not nearly as effective as in the days following vaccination. It is clear that booster doses can give you an immune boost.

Professor John Edmund said the situation in Europe should act as a warning to the UK

Professor John Edmund suggested that Europe’s current situation be used as a warning signal for the UK

Sky asked Mr Edmund if he thought the government should reinstate control measures. He replied that ‘Plan B’ measures could have been implemented at any time. This is a government decision.

“They need to evaluate the effectiveness of certain things and compare it with the cost.

WHO last week warned that Africa was the center of pandemic.

The Austrian government has announced that a nationwide lockdown will be in place to stop the rising number of coronavirus cases in Austria. Ten thousand people have already protested against Covid-19’s restrictions in Vienna.

Rotterdam police responded to anti-lockdown protests by opening fire on them. Five people were also injured and two others were killed in the incident.

Anti-virus demonstrations are planned in Italy, Croatia, Switzerland and Croatia as well. These protests come amid rising anger about the recent reintroductions of restriction in light of the high number of cases in Europe.  

These violent scenes occurred amid rising anger over coronavirus precautions across Europe. Austria put a complete lockdown in place on Monday and German ministers did not rule out following the lead of its neighbor.

Restrictions have also been placed on the unvaccinated in Germany – where they have been banned from restaurants – as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Dutch government has said it wants to introduce a law that would allow businesses to restrict the country’s coronavirus pass system to only people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from Covid-19 — that would exclude people who test negative. 

The southern city of Breda will host a musical protest by DJs against the current Covid-19 measures. This includes the closing of all bars and restaurants at 8 pm. According to organizers, they anticipate several thousand.

The Netherlands reinstated lockdown measures for the initial three weeks to try and slow the resurgence coronavirus contagion. Daily infections remain at the highest level since the beginning of the pandemic.