Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et London restaurant has been criticized by a diner who claimed they were threatened with being kicked out of their dining room. 

OpenTable has given Knightsbridge customers a 95 minute window to enjoy their expensive, eye-wateringly-priced meals after weeks of criticism and mixed reviews.

Turkish butcher turned chef Nusret Gökce is the owner of this celebrity hotspot. Also known as Salt Bae, he is well-known for his unusual salt-sprinkling technique which falls down his elbow.

Trip Advisor reports that one diner complained about being interrupted during their meal by staff. They were then informed they only had 30 minutes to go, while they were still receiving their meals.

The time limit set out by the restaurant would mean it costs £725 per hour, or £12 per minute, to enjoy the infamous £1,450 gold-covered steak.

MailOnline reached Nusr Et to provide comment.  

The celebrity hotspot Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge is owned by Turkish butcher-turned-chef Nusret Gokce, better known as Salt Bae (pictured), whose theatrical season-sprinkling antics have earned him more than 38million followers on Instagram since he went viral in 2017

Turkish chef-turned-butcher Nusret Gkce owns the celebrity spot Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Knightsbridge. He is also known by Salt Bae (pictured) whose hilarious season-sprinkling routines have made him more popular than 38 million followers on Instagram.

A reviewer who ate at the London steakhouse was left less than impressed with the staff after being informed they would have to leave

After being told they were going to have to go, a reviewer who had eaten at London’s steakhouse wasn’t impressed.

Comparing Nusr-Et to a branch of IKEA, the reviewer said: ‘I went in after reading the headlines about the prices so was fully understanding of what I was getting into.

“I went with my friend to the restaurant for dinner. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Reviewer stated that side dishes had not been prepared for their table yet, and they asked a waiter to tell them when.

At this time, the customer complained that staff at his restaurant became “rude and blunt.”

Nusr-Et restaurant has come under fire for weeks by critics who label the brand as expensive and

Kritikers have been scathing about Nusr-Et’s restaurant for several weeks. They call it expensive.

“The staff came in mid-meal and told us we would have to wait for 30 minutes. He was putting our plates on the table at that time. We were able to allow other people to use our table since there’s a short turnover.

It’s kind of like Ikea. The food looks great but the quality is poor (service and food). Nusret wasn’t the right choice for me to cut our steak. Do not believe the hype.

This time limit claim is based on a comparison between staff wages and dishes at the restaurant. 

The celebrity hotspot Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge is owned by Turkish butcher-turned-chef Nusret Gokce

Nusr-Et Steakhouse, Knightsbridge’s celebrity hotspot is managed by Nusret Gokce (turkish butcher-turned-chef).

An online job advertisement by Nusr-Et stated that the restaurant was looking for a Chef de Partie who has experience in managing a specific area of production.

According to it, the successful applicant would work with the very best British and international ingredients in one the most iconic steakhouses of the world.

However, the chef will be paid just £12.00 to £13.50 per hour plus tips – despite the menu’s staggering prices.

Customer receipts (pictured) from Salt Bae's restaurant has proved too much to stomach for some Britons after they went viral for showing the staggering costs - with a single steak priced at £630 and just four Red Bulls costing £44

 Customer receipts (pictured) from Salt Bae’s restaurant has proved too much to stomach for some Britons after they went viral for showing the staggering costs – with a single steak priced at £630 and just four Red Bulls costing £44 advertises the vacancy as: “Amazing opportunity to join Nusret Team in New London Restaurant!

You will work with top ingredients in Britain and overseas as a chef de partie at one of our most well-known steakhouses.

“You’ll play an important part in a large group and support the Head chef during services.

“Nusret London provides a competitive salary, excellent career opportunities and a great opportunity to build a global career.

We are looking for a chef de partie to join our famous steakhouse. Send us your resume.

Nusret (38) currently owns 17 restaurants within his chain. He is also a celebrity fan, with Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, and DJ Khaled among others.

His London branch opened in October. It was populated by reality stars and other influencers who wanted to try the celebrity chef’s recipes.

But the restaurant has been widely slammed by critics and foodies, with the Guardian’s Jay Rayner taking a £8.50 kebab from Fulham’s Kebab Kid to eat outside the restaurant in protest.

Meanwhile, receipts posted online have shown a single steak priced at £630 and just four Red Bulls costing £44. The table of eight customers also had a £236.40 service charge added to their spend. 

Elsewhere, the customers paid £9 per glass of Coke, £12 on four pieces of sweetcorn and £200 on a rack of lamb. 

Jimi Famurewa of Evening Standard reviewed the restaurant’s food and described it as “categorically terrible” and called the clients “wealthy new parents, boring-looking children, wealthy kids who keep one AirPod, tanned fifty somethings with the air suburban hot tub owner and young aspirant influencer girl in swishy clothes.”

Since opening, there has been some controversy. Some bad reviews were reportedly deleted by Google.

Last month a customer’s receipt went viral after totalling a staggering £1,812.40, earning the restaurant an onslaught of backlash, however Google reviews currently show a 4.8 star rating – with the site stating it was ‘updated by the business a week ago.

My London News reports that a “flurry” of critics have since left reviews about the restaurant.

The restaurant has been awarded 4.8 star on Google and an additional 4.7 on Facebook. A client commented that the experience was simply WOW. The prices can be a bit high, but the quality and service are excellent.

“I had the opportunity to meet Nusret, and he is a charming, humble man. Nusret’s signature steak cutting and Baklava, performed by another gentleman were amazing.

There is one more negative review, which was left by a customer who described it as ‘too pricey’ and ‘not for children’.

Reviewed: See the full menu.